Webby Vanderquack is support character in the Character What franchise, She play her role as the support protagonist in Character What: New Hope, when she become Shadow Joe's new friend since Twilight Sparkle and Dawn temporarily break up with him.

Character What: Hero Force

Webby first appear in New Friend, Webby told Scrooge Mcduck and Mrs. Beakley that she was going to see Daisy Duck and they say she was fine to go, Webby then ride on her bike through town and then meet up with Dawn and Twilight Sparkle, Webby told them about Shadow Joe, but Dawn and Twilight Sparkle say they didn't want to talk about him and walk away, It made Webby wonder why they didn't want to talk about Shadow Joe.


Shadow Joe

Bill Cipher

Webby has rivalry toward Bill Cipher since New Friend, When she squirted mayonnaise into his eye for trying to harm her, causing Bill to be extreme angry and trying to take revenge against her since then.

Webby doesn't always think Bill was her rival, she sometime think Bill was her friend since Never Be Friends with Bill, When Bill and her have a good time together, He also gave her everything she ever wanted, She have feeling for Bill when he tell her how his life was in the Second Dimension. After realize that Bill was being friendly and tricking her making her think their where friends so he can take revenge on her for squirted mayonnaise into his eye, Webby feel sad and betrayed.


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