The Ultruraura are a group of heavenly Elemental beings who represent each of the elements in Ultimoria, and for the most part are unseen entities who are represented by crystals that encircle Ultima's inner cape structure as a belt. Ever since the beginning of Ultimoria, there had existed a single Elemental which controlled all of the Elements; however, a war between the two clans of Precursors caused chaos within the Elemental system, and forced the singular entity to split into many variable forms to handle the sheer power output of the Precursors's war. Later on, each of the split elementals eventually grew their own bodies and powers into fully fledged elementals that now function as Deities over each individual type of magic used in Ultimoria. They are notably the only Ultimorian native beings ever allowed to enter the Pokemon Multiverse, in which a similar group of them, in one alternate universe, serve as the personifications of Arceus's own plates.

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