Towa versus portrait
No such sparks will pay principle that befall but bad!
~ Towa Yuhazaki
Towa Yuhazaki is a true heroine who originally serves as the main protagonist of Crimson Alive series. She's also cute and sexy and became an adorable friend of Axl Jet.


Towa Yuhazaki is a High school girl living somewhere in Tokyo. She is a girl of unusual talent that Mochiawaseru is born a unique ability that manipulate fire. Together with her best friend Himeno Anekouji and classmate who is also unusual talent, she had sent their days to resolve the "irregular" incident by receiving from the government since. Yo seems to have entered the country from abroad one day, from the government, the tracking of special irregular named Lai. The capture in strict confidence, this irregular that seems to have been hiding in Tokyo, or to destroy everything. In order to investigate things before the victim out, women are about to start the action.


She has an ability to manipulate the fire element. She has two family members including her twin brothers, Kazuma and Futarigurashi. There is a secret to the birth, but details are unknown for parents. She has been perpetuated the ability for the flame, there seems to be a secret about this.

Fighting style: Ability to manipulate fire + self-taught martial surgery (based Ouroboros expressions funeral soldiers fighting surgery)

Age: 17 years old

Occupation: High school student

Personality: Sociable and cheerful. The Ri somewhat simple ownership.

Family/Relatives: Kazuma, Futarigurashi (both are twin brothers), Nitsu (parent)

Hobbies: Earrings collection, cuisine (Japanese and Western in on all-round, prowess Ironman class)

Likes: Tea (and annoying taste), Burari traveling alone (mainly by train)

Dislikes: Ship (because of seasickness. Otherwise rides calm)


She meets her friendly rival Toru of Hip in the middle of a battle, it is yelled that she said "I've been where touching or!", and that was hit by Hip Attack.

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