Toru versus portrait
Hopefully , the opportunity to meet each other following

that it is not a place of battle.

~ Toru Kugami
Toru Kugami is a true heroine who originally serves as the main protagonist of Crimson Alive series.


Toru is the operative of the secret organization "Ouroboros" to main pairs irregular deal with Kuni-jo far. She has a unique ability among different function 's that manipulate the ice elemnt, in the entourage of the leader of Ouroboros. Her mission is to annihilation the special irregular that seems to have entered the country from abroad. With a regard to the irregular, Toru rumors that she is not even very good when ear had arrived. If rumors are true, that would require immediate action inevitable. If it is faithful to the duties, she went into action immediately.


She has an ability to manipulate the ice element.

Fighting style: Ability manipulate ice + Ouroboros equation funeral soldiers fighting surgery

Age: 18 years old

Occupation: Ouroboros combat operative

Personality: Her polite nature , but serious and inflexible personality . Instructions and mission is the first , and have pride in their own work .

Family/Relatives: Her parents are in insulating state

Hobbies: Hot spring tour (which is to mind is forever said to be old stinking), indoor cultivation

Likes: Warm place, hot spring

Dislikes: Low-temperature location (such as a cooling Kiki in the room ), morning (extremely low blood pressure)


If there Also personality If "Toru Kugami" ...

  • By adding the ice attributes based on the "Hadoken" of "Ryu," "Blizzard Surge Fist" is I can use.
  • By adding the ice attributes based on the "Shoryuken" of "Ryu," "Blizzard Rising Dragon" is I can use.
  • By adding the ice attributes based on the "Tatsumaki Senpukyaku" "Blizzard Hurricane Kick" is I use of "Ryu".
  • I use is based on the "Spinning Bird Kick" in the "Chun-Li" was added to ice attribute "Freezing Bird Spin".
  • I use is based on the "Tenshokyaku" of "Chun-Li" was added to ice attribute "Ice Heaven Rising".


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