Tina Nelson is main character in 1900's + 2000's. She is the daughter of Walter Nelson and Madge Nelson.


She is a 11-years old, with brown eyes and has blonde hair that is tied in pigtails. She dresses in a white and red dress.


Tina survives the Car crash as Tina land very hard, but Tina is okay, she meet Cabbagey in Chapter 2.

Tina is now one of the Creators as because Cabbagey give her an Creator-necklace as an Soul & she is LEVEL 1, When she is been Trick by Cabbagey as Believing he/she is an Murder & Cabbagey was going to kill her, but Marzia save Tina, her Family Survive as well.

She was Going the Training as Where she met MasterTomboy25 in Chapter 7, she is an Character to her as she is an Half-Creator. she is still Unknown what happen to MasterTomboy25 as she told in 100 years ago, before the War begins & Pewdiepie kill her Friends as Characters.


  • She is an Minor Character in the Movie "Minions (Movie)". She is seen to be 9 in 2015, in 2017 she is 11.
  • She is a big fan of Scarlet Overkill. (back in 2015)