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Thug Cat, also known as Todd, is the main character of the popular series of the same name, He is also the leader of The Bloods. Todd has been in every single episode of the series. He is also the arch-rival of Sylvester Cash from the popular web series, "Talking Kitty Cat".

He has a bad addiction with weed and alcohol. Even though at first glance he seems like a truly sarcastic and badass cat, Todd has in the past shown he has some compassion for his family by helping out at times, despite the fact it's all hidden too well by his almost unapproachable nature. Todd's 'head on' strategies typically involved massive amounts of bloodshed and extensive property damage. He claims to be planning to get rid of Donald Trump. He is an young adult cat who has tie-ins with some gangsters. His first appearance was a Chipmunk version of 2pac's "Fuck The Police", edited by Zachary Byrum. A good reason why Todd is extremely a smartass and dislikes everyone because he was not only a gangster, but also possibly because he is the victim of Police Brutality. He likes money more than he does humanity. In the video "Better Safe Than Sorry", Todd told several lies to Zachary Byrum about locking Briana outside and not telling the truth to him, and Zachary didn't believe him, much to Todd's disappointment. Contrary to belief, Todd's original birthday is April 29th, 1992, meaning he has lived for 26 years as of April 2018.


Todd's drug trip