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The Undertaker is a antihero-turned-main protagonist from WWE Zombies series.


The Undertaker was bitten by a zombie that slowly turns him into a undead zombie, The Undertaker was later infected by a virus that causes his rage to be out of control, he later bitten almost everyone, Kane supplies to his brother to not hurt anymore, The Undertaker discovers that his brother was tricking him. The Undertaker's rage disappears and this one recognizes Kane, as a zombie, The Undertaker admits to Kane for attacking him because of his rage, Taker later becomes a good zombie starts to be calm and kills all zombies that threaten his brother, The Undertaker uses a antidote to return the zombies to their gravestone and turns all infected wrestlers back to normal and The Phenom went injected by Kane with a antidote, thus returns him back to normal.


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