ModificaSegui this page Disambiguation - If you are looking for other meanings , see Theseus ( disambiguation) .Teseo kills the Minotaur ( mosaic ) Theseus ( in greek Θησεύς in Latin Theseus ) in Greek mythology was a legendary king of Athens , son of Aethra and Aegeus, or of Poseidon which Etra a night had giaciuto.Teseo was a hero - founder , like Perseus , Cadmus or Heracles , who fought all , resulting in winners against opponents (which , allegorically , perhaps representing ancient religions and social institutions ) [ citation needed ] . As Heracles was the hero of the Dorians , Theseus was the founding hero of the Ionians , and was considered by the Athenians as their great reformer , father of the country and democracy in Occidente.Il his name shares the root with the word " Thesmos " ( θεσμός ) , the greek word which stands for establishment . Was the architect delsinecismo ( synoikismos , live together) - the political unification of Attica represented by his travels and from his labors - under the leadership of Athens . Once recognized as a unifying king , Theseus built a palace on the Acropolis similar to that of Mycenae . Pausanias says that , following the synoikismos , Theseus instituted the worship of Aphrodite Pandemos (Aphrodite of all the people ) and Peito , which was celebrated on the southern side of the Acropolis . Several parties Athenians were linked to Theseus : lePanatenee , the Oschophoria , the TeSeE , the Ecalesie , the Metageitnia , the Sinecie.Nella his work Frogs , Aristophanes refers to it as the inventor of many of the best known traditions Athenians . If the theory that supports the presence of a domino ancient Minoan Aegean area is correct, then the figure of Theseus may have been inspired by the events related to the liberation from this foreign presence , rather than by a single leader actually existed . [ 1 ]

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