Born to a Swiss mother (Joanne Carole Schieble) and Syrian father (Abdulfattah "John" Jandali عبدالفتاح جندلي, a student who would later become a professor of political science), Steve was not raised by his biological parents, but was given up for adoption soon born. He was adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, residents in Mountain View, in the county of Santa Clara, Calif. The adoptive father at the time was a mechanic for cars and the adoptive mother was an accountant. Steve has a biological sister Mona Simpson younger, successful writer [6]. Adoptive parents christened Steve and educated in the Christian faith Lutheran [7] .In 1972 Jobs graduated from Homestead Institute of Cupertino, California. Later he enrolled at Reed College in Portland (Oregon), but left the university after just one semester.


In 1974 it was the Atari and with his friend Steve Wozniak, the time employed by the Hewlett-Packard, he worked on the first version of the circuitry of the video game Breakout. Subsequently, the two decided to start his own, founding Apple Computer on April 1, 1976. To finance, Jobs sold his Volkswagen van and Wozniak his calculator. Apple was founded together aRonald Wayne, that Jobs had known at Atari: Wayne left the company, however, almost immediately, as soon as Apple received the first order (giving up a shareholding of 10% and that today would have a value of more than 2.6 billion dollars [8]). The first headquarters of the new company was the parents' garage of Jobs [9]: here they worked on their first computer, the Apple I, initially sold to members of the Homebrew Computer Club. Then they obtained a loan from an industrial Mike Markkula, who poured into the coffers of the company the sum of $ 250,000, in exchange for a third of Apple.Nel 1977 Jobs and Wozniak launched the Apple II. Sales touched the million dollars. On 12 December 1980 Apple was listed on the Stock Exchange and after a few days was worth $ 256 million. At the end of December was assessed $ 1.79 billion. [8] Jobs with the help of Bill Atkinson was able to convince, in exchange for a stake in Apple, PARC (Palo Alto Research Center) to show the interface graphic designed by them. Atkinson and his engineers introduced significant improvements to the project, as well as to the hardware such as the mouse, which were used in the development of the Apple Lisa (world's first computer in supermarkets comes standard graphical interface and mouse), and later the 24 Apple in January 1984 produced a personal computer equipped with a compact and nuovosistema operating GUI: the Apple Macintosh. Equipped with icons, windows and pull-down menu, the Mac kindled the interest of pubblico.Nonostante the undoubted superiority over other computers on offer on the market, sales of the Macintosh not reached expected levels. Jobs pointed at John Sculley, the CEO, called Apple to the year before by himself. Nell'aprile1985, after the publication of the official data of sales in the first year of the Macintosh (the store had stopped at a tenth than budgeted), Jobs and Sculley came to the clash, giving each other the responsibility for the lack of success. Sculley poses the board faced with the alternative "either me or him." The board sided with him parte.Il May 31, following a management reorganization powers Jobs were greatly reduced: the were taken from the office of vice president and general manager of the Mac. Considering of "having nothing to do "[10], Jobs undertaken several trips to Europe and the Soviet Union to promote Apple computers. In September, the board announced his irrevocable resignation. [11] Released from Apple, Jobs decided, at the age of thirty years, to start again: he founded a new company, NeXT Computer, with the aim to start a new technological revolution. Apple filed a lawsuit the former founder to try to block his initiative. The two sides reached a settlement agreement: Jobs accepted a downsizing of its objectives (pledged not to hire staff from Apple) and granted to his former company the right to test any new product Next before the release on the market. [12] Steve Jobs with Bill GatesNel 1986 bought Pixar from Lucasfilm, a film production company with the ambition to achieve only computer animations. The NeXT computer produced the best and most technologically advanced competitors, but with higher prices and failed to gain competitive advantage, also because of the appearance on the market of cheap computers "clones" of the PC IBM.La Pixar focused on the production of feature films to the computer, managing to break through in 1995. with the production of the animated film Toy Story - The world of toys, the first animated film made entirely in 3D computer graphics. There was another worldwide success with the film A Bug's Life.Nel 1996, Apple Computer was in crisis; the Mac OS operating system, mounted on Apple machines, was outdated and the company had the need to change and offer something new on the market. The company therefore decided to buy a software company that was served with a modern operating system, are adapted to machines with PowerPC architecture. At first the company thought the acquisition of Be Inc., a company founded by two defectors from Apple: the greatest candidate to become the new Apple operating system seemed then to be the BeOS, which was already underway for the portability ' PowerPC architecture. Later, Apple Computer contacted Steve Jobs. Jobs in return asked that Apple acquires NeXT - in serious crisis - and the deal fell through. IlNeXTSTEP, the NeXT operating system, became the basis of what was the future OS from Apple, the Mac OS X, while the development delvecchio ended with the Mac OS version 9.2.Nel 1997 after erratic trading results, the CEO of Apple Gil Amelio was removed and Jobs again took the post of interim CEO, but without pay (jokingly was called iCEO; receiving a symbolic 1dollaro year). His job, however, resulted in several rewards including a private jet from $ 90 million (1999), and a little less than $ 30 million in shares (2000-2002) .Steve Jobs with an iPhone 4 biancoNel under the program with which he intended to revive the fortunes of the company, Jobs negotiated a landmark agreement with historic rival Microsoft [13]. The main purpose was the company of Bill Gatescontinuasse development for the operating system of Apple Microsoft applications Word and Microsoft Excel. These programs in their first GUI version were born on the Mac in 1984-'85 with an exclusive Apple for two years, but then were developed for Windowssolo in 1989. The grant to Microsoft of the elements of the graphical interface of the Mac for the development , signed by John Sculley, had been at the origin of the lawsuits, still in progress, filed by Apple to Microsoft for stealing the look and feel of Mac OS. Jobs put an end to them getting that Gates underwrite $ 150 million in AAPL shares without voting rights at the meeting. In return for five years Apple had to equip the Mac's default browser Microsoft Explorer Macintosh Edition.Jobs imposed a corporate revolution by deciding the cancellation of dozens of projects produced (it remained essentially four) and the dismissal of about three thousand employees in a year. The situation of Apple, which at the end of 1997 recorded a billion and forty million dollars in losses improved significantly at the end of 1998 with a profit of over $ 309 million. [8] While the development of Mac OS X was still in progress, Jobs launched the iMac, a highly successful model of personal computer all-in-one, that is, including the screen and the other components in the same computer chassis, dramatically reducing desktop clutter, re-entering the market for mass products. Until then, Apple had been content to dominate two niche markets, that of graphic design and music, isolating himself from the world IBM.Il 2001 was the year of the official launch of the operating system Mac OS X, based on NeXTSTEP, which as This uses a Unix kernel. With Mac OS X, Apple consolidated its market share. Mac OSX has since been constantly updated and improved and has been marketed in several later each presented with significant innovazioni.Nello same year, Jobs opened the first Apple Store, a store designed exclusively to the sale of Apple products. The experiment, greeted with skepticism, was a success and at the end of 2011, the stores open around the world were well 317. [8] Almost simultaneously with the launch of the new operating system and new computer, Jobs also decided to launch into digital music industry with the iPod, a digital music player Advanced submitted on 21 October 2001 and iTunes, a software through which you can listen to music and buy it through the online service iTunes Music Store, which established soon a record of sales and was later rewritten for the Microsoft Windows operating system to further increase the spread. In 2011l'iPod is the world's best selling multimedia player, with a market share of over 80%, while the iTunes Store is the "market" more used to the digital world, with 10 billion tracks sold. [14] To signify the displacement of the main line of business (core business) from the computer market to the more general multimedia, Jobs decided to rename the Apple Computer Inc., calling it simply Apple Inc. (January 2007) .After a hype lasted several months , June 29, 2007 Apple began marketing a new product, the iPhone, untelefono phone (smartphone) with a single key and with whom you interact via the multi-touch screen, which also includes the functions of Internet surfing via Wi-Fi ( as a notebook PC), camera, media player (audio, video, images). With the introduction of this product, Steve Jobs laid the foundation for Apple's entry into the mobile phone industry. In the first 200 days of sale, the iPhone won 19% of the smartphone market with 4 million units sold. [15] According to a survey by comScore in January 2014, Apple in 2013 is the first producer of smartphones in the US, although the most popular operating system is Android. [16] At the European level, according to a survey conducted by Kantar April 2014 on sales of smartphones Apple has a market share of 17.5%, which is second only to Android which has a share of 72.4%. [17] On 27 January 2010 Jobs, the Apple conference at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, after waiting claimed many voices from the fans and media, introduced the first tablet computer from Apple: iPad, collecting the success of the iPhone, introducing the iBookstore and proposing in fact the iPad as manager and viewer of books and content cartacei.Con the leadership of Jobs, Apple has continued to produce and market the Mac OS X, Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, products that led the company to become a landmark in the field of consumer electronics.

Early Life

The first daughter of Jobs, Lisa Brennan-Jobs, born in 1978 from the relationship with the partner Chris Ann Brennan, a painter of the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco. He refused to recognize it, saying that he could not be the father as sterile and recognized it as the only daughter 1986.Nel March 1991 he married Laurene Powell, in a ceremony officiated by a Buddhist Monaco. From the marriage were born Reed, in September 1991, Erin in 1995 and Eve in 1998.

Illness and death

Steve Jobs accepts the award "Entrepreneur of the Year" After discovering in 2003 that he suffers from a rare form of malignant tumor in the pancreas, less aggressive form of the most common [18] developed in the last 9 months with no apparent symptoms, was subjected to duodenocefalopancreatectomia for the removal of the cancer. Because of the disease, Jobs developed the type one diabetes. He then left temporarily in charge of Apple chief executive Tim Cook (for two months, and then for another 6 months in 2009) .In 2009 were disclosed conflicting reports on the health of Steve Jobs, partly because of his absence announced at Macworld Conference & Expo in January. 20 June 2009 came out an article on the website of the Wall Street Journal in which he explained that during the month of April 2009, had undergone a liver transplant in Tennessee and that his health was good. Apple Inc. confirmed his return to the end of June 2009. [19] During this time, Steve Jobs did not go up on stage at the Moscone Center in San Francisco to present new products twice. The first January 6 at the last participation of Apple at MacWorld Trade Show Publisher IDG, the second for the WWDC on June 8, 2009. In both cases went up on stage Phil Schiller, vice president for product marketing at worldwide, to present among other new packages iLife and iWork, the new iPhone 3Gs and the renewal of the line MacBook Pro. The September 9, 2009 Steve Jobs returned to the stage to present the renewal of the entire range of iPod.Il January 17 2011 Apple announced that Steve Jobs had requested a new medical leave, stating that Jobs left Apple's CEO, continuing to address key strategic issues but replaced for issues everyday by Tim Cook, COO of Apple. [20] March 2, 2011, on the occasion of the presentation of the iPad second generation appeared on stage to sorpresa.Il August 24, 2011 resigned as CEO of Apple announcing that you want to ask the Board of Directors the confirmation of Tim Cook as his successor and Apple's new CEO. [21] [22] The news of his death at his home in Palo Alto, California October 5, 2011, at 56 years, due to a resurgence of cancer resulting in respiratory arrest, was given by Apple with a heartfelt dichiarazione.È buried the High Mesa Memorial Park in Palo Alto, along with other entrepreneurs in technology, such as the co-founder David Packard HP and engineer Lewis Terman, with which Jobs worked for a few summer months as an employee at 'age of 13 anni.Molte people known in the United States have issued statements on the death of Steve Jobs, including US President Barack Obama, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Bob Iger of Walt Disney Company, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brine Larry Page, Google's founders, Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, Meg Whitman, HP president and CEO, Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO Choi Gee-Sung, CEO of Samsung, Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Co ., Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO of Adobe Systems Inc. and Jong-Seok Park, President and CEO of LG Electronics.Steve Jobs - BudapestDi other content declarations of Richard Stallman who said that "no one deserves to die [.. .] but all we deserve the end of Jobs' malign influence on computing "and called Jobs" the pioneer of the computer intended as quiet prison, designed to separate fools from their freedom. "[23] [24] On February 12 2012, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, at the ceremony of the Grammy Awards, Steve Jobs has awarded a posthumous award "for helping to create products and technology that transformed the way we consume music, television , the movies and the books "[25] .The city council of Jundiaí has ​​confirmed that he dedicated a street to Jobs [26].


Steve Jobs drove a Mercedes SL55 AMG with no license plates, as exploited a California law that allows owners of new vehicles to move without, for a maximum of six months, waiting to receive it and mount it; Jobs, in agreement with the leasing company, took a new SL55 AMG every six months [27].

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