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Full Name

Spyro Haruhi Despair Tsukino Doomfire II


Spi, Spy, SpySpy, Spyro-chan, Ultimate Friendship Creature, Baka, Alien, little Alien, The Last Friendship Creature, The Last of her Kind, etc,


Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten


Plukettes Academy Student, Leader of the Punkettes Club, President of Plunkettes Academy's Student Council, Queen of the Dead


  • Gems
  • Flight
  • Blue Buster Sword
  • High Martial Arts
  • Great Leadership Skills
  • Exorcism
  • Levitation
  • Magical Wand of Heroism
  • Immortality
  • Great Intelligence and Wisdom
  • Great Strength
  • Great Speed
  • Great Hearing


Telling Stories to the Children, Being with friends, training Margra Batto, Pranking Snotty Boy, Convincing People that she's A Normal, Human School Girl


Warn everyone about Pepper's plan, Kill Pepper and reunite with her family (all succeeded)

Type Of Hero

Anti-Villainess Turned to The Good Side / Vengeful Alien / Wrathful Tragic Genius


Junko Enoshima, Clumsy Smurf, Luka PepperJunkCure, Celestia PepperJunkCure, Yandere-chan, Kiota Angelica, Leakianmishi, Jeno Saido, Patiga Sukinahito, Katara Liama, Shira Matsuri, etc.


Pepper Satanica, Boss Demon, InJustice, Dark Kendra, etc.

I will not forgive anyone who doesn't care about who destroyed my home planet. But someone who destroyed my home planet will never EVER be forgiven one bit!
~ Spyro Doomfire
Facing this stuff in real life... is not like school. In school, if you make a mistake, you can just try again tomorrow to fix it, but out there... when your a second away from being murdered in a massacre and/or destruction, or watching your best friend die right before your eyes and tears... you don't know what that's like.
~ Spyro Doomfire
Spyro Doomfire (スパイロ・ドゥーム火災 Supairo do~ūmu kasai) is A Mysterious Friendship Creature. She is the titular anti-heroic protagonist 2001 video game franchise.

She is The Secondary Antagonist With a Personality of an Anti-Villainess, later Deuteragonist of the Horror Comedy Drama YouTube Anime, Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten, The Main Protagonist of its spinoff, The Punkettes, And a Supporting Protagonist of its other spinoff, The Minu Krab.

She is current the Leader of The Punkettes Club. She Is Also The President of Yami Angel High School's Student Council.

She is Voiced By Michaela Laws, Who Also Voiced Ayano Aishi/Yandere-chan, Ryoba Aishi, And Ritsuko Haruka.


Spyro Looks like Stocking Anarchy, but with blue headphones with a mic and scouter, a green pack, red gloves, a brooch, Sonic the Hedgehog shoes, gems and wings.

On her school Days, She wears A Black Blazer with A Spiked Ponytail and a Vest.

Spyro Sometimes Wears her Bikini Outfit whenever out at the pool.


Spyro's aura contains her mood, green when content, blue when saddened, red when angry, and black when insane/Ballistic.

However, Spyro has a Friendly, Heroic, Shy, Cute, Honest, Wise, Benign, caring, Kind, Selfless, Sexy, Smart, Generous, And Playful

side, yet Stoic, Wrathful, Insecure, Serious, and Strict.

Spyro Suffers from A Disease That makes her Go Insane, Cruel, Sadistic, And Brutal Called The Boboku Syndrome.

Spyro Switches to her Mysterious, Blunt, Psychotic, Dangerous, Vengeful, Merciless, And Murderous Side Whenever faced with a personal subject. Spyro Can Spot Lies Very Easily. When she feels backed into a corner, she will often reveal disturbing information about other characters or past events to scare the person into submission. Spyro Is Seen as The Most Serious Leader yet.

Spyro lives in the past and wants nothing more than to see her best friend again, even though she has been gone for a long time. She reiterates the same phrase in her diary every day, perhaps in denial that life has changed since Shira Matsuri's presumed demise, until finally learning she's alive.



500 Quintillion Millenniums Ago, Spyro Began Her Life As A Mysterious Friendship Creature, Alongside Her Sisters, Murkana Doomfire, And Hellfire Doomfire. When Spyro Was Young, She was an Average Girl, But was also Usually Shy and is Mainly in a Forest with Animals while Meditating.

However, Spyro is Bullied for being a Klutz By a Group of Cruel, Sadistic, And Greedy Bullies. Spyro is sometimes quiet. Spyro Is also next in line for The Friendship Throne. Spyro Studied And Learned The arts Of Alchemy, Sorcery, Exorcism, And Wizardry.

She was close with Koromi Saranita, One particular moment between the two when they were children was when Spyro and Murkana spent many days building a sand castle. One day, the sand castle was found destroyed. Koromi went around angrily looking for the perpetrator, until finally Spyro approached him that it was actually her that destroyed her own sand castle in order to feel despair for Monokuma, The Friendship Creatures' God Of Despair And Guidance.

Her Home Planet's Destruction

Pepper in Spyro's Vision

Millions of Years Later, When the Demon Princess Pepper Satanica Used The Planet Destoyer to Destroy Spyro's Home Planet, Some Friendship Creatures Evacuate, A Lot Accepted Death As their Fate and Faced With Dignity. Pep per's right hand, Boss Demon took a savage part in the event, as he tried to kill Spyro. But then her Father,  gave him a hard blow to his right eye with his rake, giving Boss Demon a scarred eye (Which is the reason Boss Demon now wears an eye patch).

Spyro Doomfire, along with her sisters was Put in A Rocket, She Was Given her Monokuma Necklace, And her Main Weapon, The Blue Buster Sword, Spyro Watches Tragically As her Mother is murdered by Pepper and her demon followers and then watches her Home Gets Destroyed. After this, Spyro now became Serious, Insecure, Wrathful, And Vengeful.

Because of this Crime, Spyro Wishes for Revenge She Will Find And Kill The Demonic Mastermind of the Event of Terrorism and Tragedy, Even if she has to Kill Every Demon Disguised As Human, Starting the Events of Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten: The Punkettes.

Meeting Lisako Tokyo

After The Event, Spyro Met Lisako who Also Witnessed The Tragic Event. Lisako gave Spyro The Information Of The Ones who Done it. Spyro Asks Why Is She Telling Spyro All of this, And Lisako Responds That She Would Be Happy If Something Bad Happened to them. And Lisako Thinks Spyro Is The Right Person What They Deserve.

Spyro Accepts this for Vengeance, But Lisako Said She Can't Do this Alone, Lisako said She needs to Find The Mastermind Of Despair, A Klutzy Smurf Who Likes Collecting Rocks and is Very Friendly. Lisako Also Said Spyro Might run to A Shy Ghost. Lisako said If Spyro Needs a Favor, Spyro Can Text her a Panty Shot and Lisako will Give Spyro any Support she Could, And If she needs Information About Anyone, Spyro Can Send Lisako A Photograph of Their Face.

​Time on Earth

Spyro arrived to Earth at the school as a "foriegn exchange" Student As she arrived, Spyro is once again, bullied there. The worst of her tormentors is Kirashi Magasi who called her an animal. After yet, another attack from the bullies, Spyro later befriended a depressed Diclonius named "Orendia Kokoro Jamshianyo".


Margra Batto

Margra Batto Is Spyro's Friendly Rival And Team Rival, And Spyro was A Former Member of the Magicettes, And She (Spyro) made the Punkettes Team.

Junko Enoshima

Junko Enoshima is one of Spyro's Two Best Friends And One of her Classmates. Enoshima once revealed that both her And Doomfire are Connected one time. However, Doomfire Spyro likes discussing Personal matters with Enoshima Junko. Spyro Doomfire is also Junko Enoshima's Roommate.

Twilight Sparkle

Twilight Seems to Have A Good Friendship With Spyro. Spyro Reads With Twilight Sparkle, And Choromatsu Matsuno Under The Tree.

Clumsy Smurf

Clumsy Trusts Spyro Doomfire And is Good Friends with Spyro. Spyro Rescues Clumsy.

Kyra Verbeten


Leaki is Spyro's Ghost Friend. Spyro Found Leaki When She Fell from the Cliff, While Running late to School (Although Spyro Survived the Fall, But her Wrist was Injured.)


Diffy seems to like Spyro Doomfire. Spyro, however does not seem to have patience for Diffy, just like Makoto Naegi. Spyro Doomfire was annoyed with Diffy when She and Makoto were trying to get Diffy to eat her green beans.

Midori Gurin

Spyro Somehow Seems to Dislike Midori, Despite Being Protective for her, Midori Usually Calls Spyro "Spyro Dev!" While Spyro is trying to her She is NOT A Developer. Like Junko Enoshima Annoying Spyro Doomfire By Changing her Personas, Midori also Annoys Spyro by Asking Questions and Sending E-mails to her.

Feesuka Minudaka

She was at first enemies with Feesuka, but after going through a breakdown, they put their differences aside. The most bonded moment between them was during The Minu Krab episode "Feesuka and the Molehog" When after Scott/Spot and Kashi get kidnapped, Spyro tells Feesuka to face facts that she would have to suffer trying to be queen on her own.

Shadow Joe

When Spyro first encounter with Shadow Joe, She mistakes him as a villain due to his appearance. Shadow Joe looks a bit surprised for a second before quickly reverting back to his smug style and teases her. This sets Spyro off and the two have a small stand out before Spyro Doomfire charges and attacks him with her claws. Sonic easily dodges back from them and looks annoyed. Spyro continues her assault with Shadow Joe dodging and kicking back at her. More punches eventually lead them to the Boboku Forest where Shadow Joe proceeds to run up a cliff from there and onto a tree. He makes a comment about the great view right before Spyro slices the tree down with her sword and grabs the tree and tosses him away. He lands and runs off to escape numerous other trees that are being sliced down by Spyro.

Shira Matsuri

Lisako Tokyo

Pepper Satanica

Pepper is the responsible for Destroying Spyro's Planet, As well the Death of Spyro's mother, later Spyro's best friend, Shira Matsuri's death. Spyro had believed her bully Fukyu and the humans had committed these crimes until learning it was Pepper this Whole time.

Shadow Aaron

After Shadow Joe escape from her, Shadow Aaron say that he can help her defeat Shadow Joe, Spyro then started to trust him.

Powers and Abilities


  1. Electrokinesis
  2. Technopathy
  3. Magic Crystal Creation
  4. Teleportation
  5. Levitation
  6. Telekinesis
  7. Super IntelligenceI
  8. Shape-shifting
  9. Size-shifting
  10. Pyrokinesis
  11. Hydrokinesis
  12. Aerokinesis
  13. Cyrokinesis
  14. Super Strength
  15. Super Flexibility
  16. Super Dexterity
  17. Super Durability
  18. Super Endurance
  19. Super Agility
  20. Super Reflexes
  21. Super Speed
  22. Super Hearing
  23. Super Jump
  24. Super Touch
  25. Super Smelling
  26. Training Regimen
  27. Power Headbutt
  28. Superhuman Dancing
  29. Super Stamina
  30. Super Balance
  31. Speed Swimming
  32. Fire Breath
  33. Force-Fields
  34. Invisibility
  35. Size Alteration
  36. Prehensile Tongue
  37. Eye Generation
  38. 360-Degree Vision
  39. Animal Imitation
  40. Sharp Claws
  41. Quill Projection
  42. Rocket Flight
  43. Tentacle Extension
  44. Portal Creation
  45. Omnilingualism
  46. Tail Formation
  47. Memory Manipulation
  48. Camouflage
  49. Space Survivability
  50. Superpower Manipulation
  51. Time Travel
  52. Reality Warping
  53. Training Regimen
  54. Geokinesis
  55. Geo-Thermokinesis
  56. Xylokinesis
  57. Elemental Transmutation
  58. Psammokinesis
  59. Power Kicking
  60. Chlorokinesis
  61. Super Balance
  62. Speed Swimming
  63. Elasticity
  64. Toxikinesis
  65. Acid Manipulation
  66. Goo Manipulation
  67. Blade Retraction
  68. Astral Projection
  69. Weapon Creation
  70. Object Creation
  71. Melting
  72. Gyrokinesis
  73. Anatomical Liberation
  74. Rope Manipulation
  75. Empathy
  76. Deoxygenation
  77. Deflection
  78. Power Headbutt
  79. Electrical Immunity
  80. Transmutation
  81. Ferrokinesis
  82. Regenerative Healing Factor
  83. Psionic Blast
  84. Age Manipulation
  85. Activation & Deactivation
  86. Blood Transformation
  87. Immobilization
  88. Fire Immunity
  89. Cold Immunity
  90. Acid Immunity
  91. Curse Immunity
  92. Magic Immunity
  93. Air Immunity
  94. Lava Immunity
  95. Erasure Immunity
  96. Mana Immunity
  97. Reality Warping Immunity
  98. Possession Immunity
  99. Power Negation Immunity
  100. Power Mimicry Immunity
  101. Electrical Immunity
  102. Sand Immunity
  103. Time Immunity
  104. Darkness Immunity
  105. Light Immunity
  106. Precognitive Immunity
  107. Sensory Attacks Immunity
  108. Decay Immunity
  109. Conversion Immunity
  110. Seduction Immunity
  111. Bulletproof Durability
  112. Pressure Resistance
  113. Mimicry Resistance
  114. Molecular Resistance
  115. Time Protection
  116. Weather Adaptation
  117. Desert Adaption
  118. Gravitation Adaptation
  119. Mountain Adaptation
  120. Wetland Adaptation
  121. Arctic Adaptation
  122. Wetland Adaptation
  123. Volcanic Adaptation
  124. Valley Adaptation
  125. Badass Adaptation
  126. Oxygen Independence
  127. Underground Survivability
  128. Psychic Shield
  129. Regenerative Healing Factor
  130. Matter Ingestion
  131. Anatomical Liberation
  132. Adoptive Muscle Memory
  133. Body Part Substiitution
  134. Duplication
  135. Amalgamation
  136. Cyclone Spinning
  137. Spinning Attack
  138. Matter Builder
  139. Adhesion
  140. Echolocation
  141. Elecroreception
  142. Body Manipulation
  143. Osteokinesis
  144. Onychokinesis
  145. Hair Manipulation
  146. Bodily Gas Manipulation
  147. Bodily Fluid Manipulation
  148. Snot Manipulation
  149. Hibernation
  150. 50 Hearts
  151. Multiple Organs
  152. Heart Construct
  153. Teeth Construct
  154. Energy Metabolization
  155. Super Form
  156. Combination Form
  157. Rage Form
  158. Dimension Transformation
  159. Chi Manipulation
  160. Flight
  161. Nanokinesis
  162. Photokinesis
  163. Data Manipulation
  164. Reflection Manipulation
  165. DNA Manipulation
  166. Wall-Walking
  167. Cyclone Spinning
  168. Conversion
  169. Malware Manipulation
  170. Spyware Manipulation
  171. Telepathic Communication
  172. Umbrakinesis
  173. Hypnosis
  174. Dream-Waliking
  175. Dream Manipulation
  176. Illusion Manipulation
  177. Astrokinesis
  178. Color Manipulation
  179. Sonoki
  180. Werewolf Form
  181. Friendship Form
  182. Summoning
  183. Resurrection
  184. Life Creation
  185. Soul Creation
  186. Dungeon Creation
  187. Passageway Creation
  188. Weakness Creation
  189. Surreal Dimensional Creation
  190. Temporal Barrier Creation
  191. Identity Creation
  192. Lifeless Body Creation
  193. Fantasy World Creation
  194. Universe Creation
  195. Universal Utopia Creation
  196. Emotion Manipulation
  197. Animation
  198. Self Spawn
  199. Mana Manipulation
  200. Mind Control
  201. Possession
  202. Soul Removal
  203. Haemokinesis
  204. Season Manipulation
  205. Fairy Dust Manipulation
  206. Despair Manipulation
  207. Chaos Manipulation
  208. Petrifaction
  209. Havoc Manipulation
  210. Super Scream
  211. Atmokinesis
  212. Fear Manifestation
  213. Physics Manipulation
  214. Logic Manipulation
  215. Science Manipulation
  216. Nature Manipulation
  217. Paradox Manipulation
  218. Dimension Creation
  219. Convective Ingestion
  220. Cloud Manipulation
  221. Tickling Inducement
  222. Magic
  223. Papyrokinesis
  224. Heliokinesis
  225. Koniokinesis
  226. Deity Drarining
  227. Deity Lightning Manipulation
  228. Miracte Manipulation
  229. Oleumkinesis
  230. Milk Manipulation
  231. Ladyrinth Manipulation
  232. Crystallokinesis
  233. Mathematics Manipulation
  234. Biokinesis
  235. Chronokinesis
  236. Any Type of Physiology
  237. Any Type of Mimicry
  238. Spatiokinesis
  239. Ultimate Form
  240. Werewolf Form
  241. Super Form
  242. Dragon Form
  243. Goddess Form
  244. Past Viewing
  245. Life and Death Manipulation
  246. Soul Summoning
  247. Exorcism
    • As Seen Where Spyro And Junko Remove Pepper Satanica from Clumsy Smurf's Body Using Exorcism.
  248. Soul Manipulation
  249. Mediumship
  250. Voice Manipulation
  251. Vectors
  252. Ecological Empathy
  253. Scary Face
  254. Soul Splitting
  255. Soul Trapping
  256. Cyberlingualism
  257. Technology Augmentation
  258. Computer Virus Manipulation
  259. Space-Time Manipulation
  260. Digital Manipulation
  261. Chemistry Manipulation
  262. Astrological Objects Manipulation
  263. Subatomic Manipulation
  264. Soul Sealing
  265. Body Switching
  266. Persusaion
  267. Inner Jaw
  268. Supernatural Cells
  269. Mystical Dancing
  270. Supernatural Blood
  271. Mystical Martial Arts
  272. Mythic Manipulation
  273. Gender Transformation
  274. Siren Song
  275. Kiss Projection
  276. Mental Manipulation
  277. Telepathy
  278. Ring Creation
  279. Soul Creation
  280. Precognition
  281. Necrokinesis
  282. Music Manipulation
  283. Cybernetic Enhancement Form
  284. Gold Manipulation
  285. Jet Pack
  286. Eclipse Manipulation
  287. Disaster Manipulation
  288. Weirdmageddon Manipulation
  289. Earthquake Manipulation
  290. Plasma Manipulation
  291. Yin & Yang Manipulation
  292. Ice-Fire Manipulation
  293. Rainbow Fire Manipulation
  294. Science-Magic Mixture
  295. Cryo-Phasing
  296. Thermal Resistance
  297. Electronic Eyes
  298. Scanner Vision
  299. Cyber Mind
  300. Ectokinesis
  301. Enhanced Squeezing
  302. Poisonous Fangs
  303. Slithering
  304. Alien Mind
  305. Snake Hair
  306. Pincer Claws
  307. Clubbed Tail
  308. Lure Protrusion
  309. Antenna Protrusion
  310. Cold-proof Skin
  311. Quantum Lock
  312. Phone Signal Transmission
  313. Wing Blades
  314. Scissor Protrusion
  315. Parasitic Assimilation
  316. Unsupported Motion
  317. Retractable Limbs
  318. Blue Pyrokinesis
  319. Flame Head
  320. Trunk Protrusion
  321. Thick Tail
  322. Drill Protrusion
  323. Infinite Jump
  324. Missile Generation
  325. Sharp Legs
  326. Infernokinesis
  327. Blood Consumption
  328. Fear Projection
  329. The Force
  330. Alchemy
  331. Wizardry
  332. Sorcery
  333. Omnipotence
  334. Omniscience
  335. Omnipresence
  336. 4th Wall Awareness
  337. Friendship Embodiment
  338. Mental Image Projection
  339. Elemental Transmutation
  340. Immortality


  1. Apathy
  2. Bravery
  3. Indomitable Will
  4. Enhanced Memory
  5. Martial Arts
  6. Blindsight
  7. Weapon Proficiency
  8. Intuitive Aptitude
  9. Enhanced Cannon Skill
  10. Enhanced Concentration Capacity
  11. Enhanced Musicianship
  12. Scissor Proficiency
  13. Grappling Proficiency
  14. Giant Weapon Proficiency
  15. Conceal Weapon Proficiency
  16. Gauntlet Proficiency
  17. Lock-Picking
  18. Stealth Tactics
  19. Enhanced Charisma
  20. Enhanced Trickery
  21. Enhanced Healing
  22. Enhanced Thievery
  23. Enhanced Craftmanship
  24. Enhanced Inventing
  25. Equipment Usage
  26. One-Man Army


  1. Blue Buster Sword
  2. Magical Wand of Heroism
  3. The Despair Blaster
  4. The Ultimate Weapon
  5. Friendship Armor
  6. Soul-Bound Electric Swords
  7. Trick Weaponry
  8. Scientific Weaponry
  9. Divine Weaponry



  • Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten: The Movie
  • Chaotic Villainy
  • The Punkettes Movie
  • Partners in Crime
  • The Minu Krab: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
  • Operation: To Junko Mountain

Video Games

  • Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten: Ultimate Heroes
  • Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten 2: New Friends
  • Super Smash Bros. 5
  • Character What: The Video Game (Cameo)
  • Mortal Kombat XI


  • Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten: The Manga (Chapter 3)
  • Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten: Cyberkinetic Album (Chapter 2)


  • Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten: Eternal Plagues (Chapter 2)

Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten

  • The Student Council (first Appearance in the anime)
  • New Hope
  • Playing with Fire
  • Doomfire Framed

Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten X

  • Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Depressed Simba
  • Mirai Nikki
  • Megalomania (mentioned)
  • The Lion King II (flashback)

Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten Kai

  • Never Ever Be Friends with Menarissa Deadshot
  • Undertale Bad Time (dream)

Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten: A Fight for Protection

  • Sisterhood

Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten: The Punkettes

  • Pilot
  • The Adventure Begins
  • New Love
  • The Bully
  • The Good, The Bad, And the Friendship Creature
  • New Evil
  • Fullmetal Exorcist
  • New Friends
  • Junkoland
  • The⭐️All⭐️Star
  • BFG
  • Survival Lust
  • Celestia PepperJunkCure's Unquenchable Blood Lust ("Death")
  • The Purge
  • The Unfriended Movie Problem
  • The Camping Episode
  • Spying Over
  • Spyro, Junko, And Death the Kid vs. The Impossible Quiz
  • Operation: Return To Junko Mountain
  • Undead Friendship
  • Power of the Friendship Creature
  • Spyro's Secret
  • Spyro And Junko Rue the Day
  • Annoyance of Midori GURINUUUUUU
  • The Adventures of Bat Creature and Blue Jay The Smurf Wonder
  • Six Behavin'
  • Spyro and The Shy Ghost Girl (The Recent Life Of Leakianmishi-chan in Europe)
  • Steal This Episode
  • Spyro Doomfire goes to Las Vegas
  • Spyro Doomfire goes to Egypt
  • Spyro Doomfire meets Shadow Joe

Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten: The Minu Krab


Both this Article and the character(s) Spyro Doomfire documented in it contain strong language that may be considered offensive to some users.

  • The Arrival (Both Parts)
  • School Makeover
  • It Ain't Over till the Ghost sings
  • Love Sucks (Cameo)
  • Psychos in the Attic
  • But Doesn't that make my Blue skin look Pink?
  • Lie and Die
  • All About Evesdropping
  • Fucking Weak Bitches.
  • Something Smells
  • I Dee Double Dare You!
  • The Mirror
  • The Battle Royale
  • Feesuka and the Molehog
  • The Butterfly Effect
  • Chibi Feesuka Hunters (cameo and picture)

Kisekae Code



~ Spyro Doomfire's famous quote
Alright, Put the Bleach in the bag! PUT IT IN!!
~ Spyro Doomfire when she sees porn
I am Spyro Haruhi Despair Tsukino Doomfire II, But my Friends Call Me "Spy".
~ Spyro Doomfire's Current Introduction
No... My home....
~ Spyro Doomfire
Do I know you?

Do you have a Problem with that?

The Myth that... If all of them get killed and or captured..... They will rule the world...?

Why Are you Telling Me this?

Who Are you?

I heard Rumors about you. You encourage people to their home planets and after that you take the picture of the girls panties and send them to your siblings.


Yeah, And...?



You're Disgusting.



~ Spyro Doomfire's Talk with Lisako Tokyo.
You know who is Inhuman?

You know Who is Inhuman?!



~ Spyro Doomfire to the Bullies and Kasai before She Kills and Dismembers them.
In June of 2008, I gave a warning about a video called 2 girls 1 cup. I made it perfectly clear: DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO. But from what I understand... people have watched it! They didn't listen. But it wasn't their fault... I only showed about ten seconds of footage from the video, and even though I talked about it at great length, it didn't do any good... I called it a piece of shit. I called it an awful pile of steaming horse shit. But... that was honoring it. I could have said anything, it wouldn't have mattered. I could have put it in a litter box, but the cat's shit would have been offended to lay on or be buried with this loathsome piece of FILTH! Just the thought of covering this thing in crap is like encasing it in gold! I curse the day I first watched it. I curse the camera that filmed this abomination. My words are insufficient in describing the total insult to humanity that this "Video" has provided! Everything that I've ever said and anything that anybody else has ever said is NOT enough! It MUST be shown.
~ Spyro Doomfire talking about her failure warning people of 2 girls 1 cup and a parody to AVGN's Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Revisited.





  • Spyro is the Most Powerful Character in the Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten franchise. Her power also rivals Shadow Aaron's powers. It is unknown if her powers rivals Shadow Joe's powers.
  • Spyro's Electrokinetic Aura is Cyan.

Theme Music

Thanatos ~ If I Can't Be Yours ~ ( Neon Genesis Evangelion )【Jayn (+ 8!)】06:32

Thanatos ~ If I Can't Be Yours ~ ( Neon Genesis Evangelion )【Jayn (+ 8!)】

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