Sonny Bonds was a veteran police officer in the Lytton Police Department. He was famous for being the catalyst to the downfall of Jessie Hiram Bains and his drug/gambling business. He defeated criminals such as Jason Taselli, a.k.a. Marvin Hoffman, Bains' hit man, Donald Colby, a drug dealer, and Woody Roberts, the contact man for back room gambling. He also stopped Bains' subsequent revenge spree, killing him in the process, and saved the life of his girlfriend, Marie Wilkans, whom he loved more than anything in the world.

After a couple of assailants tried to murder Marie to avenge Bains (after Sonny and Marie got married), Sonny's work became personal and he had to crack another drug dealing case, while going after Bains' insane brother, Michael, and deal with a corrupt cop named Pat Morales. Marie survived her near-fatal ordeal with Michael Bains, and later Sonny and Marie moved to Los Angeles, and later still, Fairview, New York, so Sonny could work with the "big boys" in the SWAT team.

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