Slimey.avi, referred to as .avi for short, is a major character in the Slimey & SMJ4 series. He is the "Creepypasta" counterpart of Slimey.


.avi has the same color, shape and size as the normal Slimey. However, he is a lot hairier and has wide bloodshot eyes that bulge with wrinkly lower eyelids and an almost insane look, realistic human teeth that barely crack a smile and insects crawling all over him, easily noticeable are a black widow spider, a caterpillar, an earwig and an earthworm.


.avi was originally designed by .blend1 to help him destroy Justin and Slimey. But instead of being an actual villain, .avi turned out to be helping Slimey and Justin stay safe from .blend1. By the time the third season hit, .avi now lived with .blend1. He is a lot more polite, grateful and understanding than .blend1 has ever been. He doesn't share a rivalry with Slimey.



During the earlier seasons, .avi protected Slimey and Justin from .blend1, even though he was originally created by him. He is currently .blend1's roommate. .avi cares about him deeply, even though he is often picked on by him.


Slimey and .avi didn't really seem to care for each other that much, but developed a close bond as the seasons went on.


Despite not being friends, Justin and .avi actually seem to get along very well with each other.

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