Slappy the Squirrel0001

Slappy the Squirrel is a supported character in the Character What franchise, She often play her role as a anti-heroine in the series.


Much like the original canon version of the character, Slappy is grumpy, bitter and cranky and often solve problems by using cartoon violents, Slappy gets extreme selfish at times such as refusing to help Shadow Joe in dangerous situations or saving him. Despise this, Slappy does have a passionate side when she fell sorry for Shadow Joe losing Twilight Sparkle.

Deep down, Slappy does care about Shadow Joe and she also like him.

Slappy dislikes Shadow Joe's Victreebel due to the amount times it try to eat her.


  • Slappy is the only character beside Shadow Joe to be attack by Shadow Joe's Victreebel more than once, In this case it happen eight times with her.
  • Slappy is one of the few characters to stand up to Shadow Aaron.


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