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God of Darkness and Death

Other Aliases

The Noble Savior from the Shadows




Deity of Darkness and Death




Goldronian (Opposite twin brother)

Type of Hero

Dark Is Not Evil


Granjia's second heir

Many, many eons ago, in a galaxy that believed entirely in biased cliches based off of recurring patterns, many inhabitants of this galaxy believed that darkness is evil, and could only be evil. Granjia, the chaotic, third Primordial Deity, basically decided to turn all of their logic upside down with the creation of two entities; an evil lord of light, and an evil lord of darkness, the latter being known as the second twin known as Silvatron, the God of Darkness and Death. Together, with his twin brother Goldronian, they served as the heirs to Granjia's own throne, since eventually, sometime during the present, it would be made clear that Granjia is suffering from his own madness to the point he will become dangerously unstable...

Alongside his brother, he is among one of numerous Ultruraura present in Ultimoria's own universe.

Design Notes

Silvatron came to be when Shiramu-Kuromu became too bored of the prospect that a lot of media use in that "Light = Good" and "Dark = Evil". As a result, Shiramu-Kuromu designed two beings who would basically turn such a philosophic completely upside down and destroy said beliefs, due to the fact Silvatron is a heroic Dark Magic user, and Goldronian is a villainous Light Magic user.

Originally, Silvatron had more differences between himself and his brother, but as they were designed as twins, their current incarnations are nothing more than palette swaps as a direct result.

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