Shiny versus portrait
As long as it become a failure of mission, a force is eliminated ... I'm sorry.
~ Shiny F. Demeter
Shiny F. Demeter is an anime character who originally appears in Crimson Alive series.


In the laboratory of " Onodera Corporation " , the birth by the hands of genius scientist Dr. Demeter,  Android Shiny F. Demeter issued . Powerful charge has been completed as a pair irregular for a combatant with a discharge capacity, the first successful example of that. Example of that is she can establish human equivalent of intelligence level as artificial life versus the other without seeing Louis in the world, people brought it great hope to the progress of science classes. But despite the birth as warrior, it is gentle. If it is not for conflicting personality, she breaks in the development of the future for suggesting room for good. Her instructions are still absolute ones. In response to the life of a top secret mission from Dr. Demeter, her role is to pay out to the city in order to play.


Confidential to Android, which was developed in the research department of Onodera Corporation. Only it was a complete start-up successful example for the first issue, but there is a little problem with the mental, higher and special combat capability of the discharge capacity combat she has to measure the force.

Fighting style: Her own fighting style that makes ​​full use of the band discharge capacity

Age: 16 years old

Occupation: Onodera Corporation ​​F-type artificial soldier

Personality: Quiet understatement. There is somewhat emotionally unstable parts.

Family/Relatives: None (or F type of artificial soldiers are all sisters)

Hobbies: Looking around various things, swimming

Likes: Peaceful time, rainy sound (she speaks and settles her mind)

Dislikes: Institutional people (there were thinking many), hostilities

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