Shifuto is the main protagonist of The Dreamcrosser Squad (an upcoming series by WooperLooper194.) He is the leader of his squad and does his best to do good.


Shifuto is arrogant, heroic and has a free spirit. He will do anything to do good; however, he tends to destroy a thing or two whenever he tries to, but is good for one of those "save the world" plots. He packs quite the amount of power despite being small.


  • Defeated an army of robots
  • Defeated the demigod guardian of the Legendary Stars
  • His UV form has enough thunder power to cause a thunderstorm
  • He can also has thermal vision in this form, and can also teleport, fly and go invisible in this form
    Uv fuck by wooperthememe-dbbs0kk

    Shifuto's UV form

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