SaphiraRappresentazione artistic SaphiraUniversoCiclo dell'EreditàEpitetoSquamediluce1ª app . inEragonUltima app . inInheritanceVoce orig.Rachel WeiszVoce italianaIlaria D' AmicoSpecieDrago " In clear sky its scales gleamed like a myriad of blue diamonds . Eragon thought it was magnificent : proud , noble , more beautiful than any other living creature . No deer or lion could compete with the majesty of a dragon in flight . "( Brisingr ) Saphira Bjartskular (which in the ancient language means Squamediluce ) is a character in the cycle of the inheritance , the tetralogiafantasy written by Christopher Paolini.Saphira is the virago of Eragon and his greatest friend. Three elves ( Arya , Faölin and Glenwing ) were carrying her egg when Durza with a small contingent of Urgals attacked them . Arya was forced to send the egg with the magic to Brommandandolo But on Spine . It was there that he found Eragon convinced it was a precious jewel that you can resell to earn enough money to feed his family all inverno.Saphira has a strong and determined character but feels very lonely . Lives in a position to be the only example of its species remained apart eggs that preserves Galbatorix and remains stunned when he meets Glaedr , the dragon of Oromis , adEllesméra . While training in the city of the elves is often carried away by his feelings for the other dragon lacking , on some occasions , of respect , something that does not like the old dragon molto.Delle three eggs in the hands of Galbatorix is the only female , therefore Murtagh 's task is to capture her and Eragon alive in order to reconstruct the Knights . The situation changes dramatically when she , Eragon and Eldunarí of Glaedr enter the Vault of Souls where you will find hundreds located between Eldunarí uova.Compare and on the cover of Eragon .

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