Sm1 sam ramsen
Space Monsters artwork of Sam Ramsen.


Sam Alexandra Ramsen (full name)

Other Aliases

Amazon, Sam, Sammy


Billmore Hawkins, Josh Celton, General Baxter


Detective, I.F. special agent


Investigate and survive the incident involving alien invasion


Roki and his army of aliens, Syrax

Type of Hero

Detective, Gunman, Amazon, Military Hero

Sam Ramsen is one of the playable heroes in Space Monsters series along with other operatives. She is a young, kind-hearted detective of Investigative Force who investigates several incidents she experienced in order to survive from an extinction, but she can perform her important obligations harder as she thought in her schooling life.

In the first game of the series, Sam's roles are to investigate the alien-infested Long Passage incident and defeat the evil mastermind who is capable of controlling its minions to take anywhere, along with the other operatives: Billmore Hawkins and Josh Celton.

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