Punjab Governor Pakistano Durata Mandato (15 May 2008 -4 January 2011) PredecessoreTenente General Khalid MaqboolSuccessoreLatif KhosaDati generaliPartito politicoPartito Pakistan People ( PPP ) Salmaan Taseer ( Lahore , May 31, 1944 - Islamabad , January 4, 2011 ) was a Pakistani politician and entrepreneur . Linked to the Pakistan People's Party ( PPP ) and liberal , was governor of Punjab from 2008 until his assassination at the hands of an Islamic fundamentalist in 2011 , when he was 66 years [ 1 ] . Taseer had previously gone to visit in prison Asia Bibi , a Christian woman sentenced to death because he accused of having offended Maometto.L'assassino , who was part of the bodyguard of the governor , explained his action in the light of the opposition Salmaan Taseer to the blasphemy law .

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