Hyper Shadic Sage Mode pixel art 2
Sage Hyper Shadic is the sage form of Shadic the Hedgehog from fanfiction of Sonic Comics.


When Shadic is lock inside of Kurama, Knuckles makes a rap song, but Naruto and Tails vowing to stop Knuckles from making a rap, Shadic manages to break free from Kurama's chain, he multiplied himself and turns into his sage mode defeating Kurama and absorbs his chakra to become Chakra Shadic.

When Shadic in his sage mode saw his friends being beaten by Super Scourge, he gets mad and turns into 6 tailed Kyubi form and keeps Kurama in control.
Hyper Shadic Sage Mode Initial Kyuubi pixel art 2

Shadic's initial jinchūriki form in Sage Mode

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