Rubette versus portrait
If you have Need help of something, go to Folnarc detective office.
~ Rubette Folnarc
Rubette Folnarc is one of the playable characters in Crimson Alive series. She's also sexy and cute as Axl Jet's interest just like Towa.


She plays a role that flashes the heresy molecule, historic can be used in the Vatican church "agent" Rubette-follower Growl. She is able to manipulate almost all of the timer for Mage armed of choosing the consumer, to heaven one of the best in the church. And she's an owner of talent talent, but the disaster is the personality that does not care about the status and position, the Far East of the earth. It had been dispatched and relegated to do better than that to Japan. However, she is carefree, since she came to Japan of a cover "agent". Setting the hobby of detective office as Stand. She was sent the day-to-day that she is chilling. But one day, she goes down a command from Mariabelle Garnet, the boss of the church headquarters. For special irregular has entered the information that invades Japan, on the confirmation of authenticity, she needs to store. That is the case annihilation. While she thinks that man, she began to prepare.


She is the consumer of burial Firearms and Swords Control martial arts and agent that belongs to the organization called the Burial Institution. In the internal If she has been maverick handled, came up in Japan is the end of the world in most relegation state. Usually she has an office as a private detective.

Fighting style: Burial Firearms and Swords Control martial arts

Age: 19 years old

Occupation: Private detective (Vatican church affiliation "burial agent")

Personality: It is self-paced a leisurely shop in optimist, but intuition is sharp.

Family/Relatives: Parents are already died (the person who was in the high church position both)

Hobbies: Reading (mostly mystery) , eat walk (actually quite a big eater . Bottomless stomach)

Likes: Yusaku Matsuda, coffee (black can not drink by bitter), car of Vespa

Dislikes: Etiquette

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