Ritchie Blackmore Ritchie in 1970 , during a concert with Deep PurpleNazionalità United UnitoGenereHard rock [ 2 ] Heavy metal [ 2 ] Folk rock [ 2 ] Celtic Music [ 2 ] Music Renaissance [ 3 ] Period attività1960 - in attivitàStrumentoChitarraGruppo attualeBlackmore 's NightGruppi precedentiDeep PurpleRainbowRitchie Blackmore , full name Richard Hugh Blackmore ( Weston - super - Mare , April 14, 1945 ) , is a British guitarist , one of the most celebrated and influential rock history , considered among the most important for helping in many ways and / or musical genres the definition of the guitar hard rock and heavy metal . He played in Deep Purple and Rainbow , the group he founded ; since 1997 is engaged in the project Blackmore 's Night , together with his wife Candice Night.

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