Ren versus portrait
Death or the Devil. Which invitation do you want?
~ Ren Onodera
Ren Onodera is a character of Crimson Alive series of Doujin 2D fighting game, debutted in the first game titled Genesis of The Heretic. She first appears as a villain but turned to be good.


Ren serves the globally large company "Onodera Corporation", which has her daughter Mana Onodera. Her social life is to be a cool, famous and intellectual lady in the field, but she manipulates the Blue Flame, and even there is the ruthless, pleasure murderer.

In addition to the brilliant brain and outstanding physical abilities, Ren has also a high social status, only drawback can be said that the fate was the "murder pleasure disease". Only in hunt with a lot of lives she was able to taste the mood filled. Otherwise, it is not only a preparatory stage for hunting.

However, it recently became dissatisfied with the quality of prey. Vulnerable prey, such as killing easily. Instead, she wanted more "strong" prey to cause lifting her. So she tried to choose the "irregular" to prey. It might be to add something. Shouldering the abyss becomes darkness, which also the activities of hunters begin today.


She has an ability to manipulate the blue flame. Her sister is the president of large companies such as Onodera Corporation. In the prodigy of Bunburyodo, the fact is a severe pleasure murderer. She feels joy if she has a young daughter named Mana Onodera, who thinks cherish.

Fighting style: Ability to manipulate the blue flame and martial surgery (by an ordinary people away from the motor nerve)

Age: 19 years old

Occupation: Student of certain famous university

Personality: Although always have a calm atmosphere in the cool state, her nature is ruthless sadistic.

Family/Relatives: Ho Saburo (parent), Mana Onodera (sister)

Hobbies: Hunting (of course animals, humans and the like)

Likes: Elation (when she's hunting prey), vivid crimson red, her sister Mana

Dislikes: All that does not fit her aesthetic, her father (it is looked down and accessories)

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