Reese is one of the four main protagonists of the Hudock's Pets series. She is an anthropomorphic female Siberian Husky living with Mr. Hudock, along with Uncle, Queek and Baxter.


Reese is very intelligent and technically the most logical of the pets. She often hangs around with the other pets. She is very motherly and protective of Uncle, since they have a close relationship. Reese obeys every rule given out by Mr. Hudock, making her an extremely obedient dog. Since she acts like a mother figure to Uncle, she does not like Baxter very much due to his pesky behavior towards him, but she still considers him a friend much like the other pets do. She too has a love-hate relationship with Baxter. Reese's favorite hobbies around running around in the snow and watching sled dog sports on TV, since her kind of dog breed is originally built for pulling sleds. Like Uncle, she is easily offended by Fifi's insulting remarks. She displays extreme hatred towards her because of the way she acts towards her and her friends. Reese is also very good friends with Queek, because they are both very smart.



Baxter is not well-liked by Reese, because she gets tired of him getting on Uncle's nerves. But even though she shares a love-hate relationship with him like Uncle, they consider each other friends.


Reese and Fifi hate each other. They get into fights over what's best to do and Reese always wins the arguments.

Mr. Hudock

Reese always obeys every command given to her by him. She also cares about him more than the other pets do, but they still like him.


Queek shares a smart relationship with Reese. They both like to talk about logical and intelligent-themed things. They also like to give Uncle helpful advice.

Senior Chubbs

Reese doesn't have much in common with Senior Chubbs, but she is occasionally seen saving him from trouble.


Reese shares a parent-like relationship with Uncle. She always protects him, tells him what's right or wrong and stops Baxter from tormenting him.

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