Rainbow Dash, also known as Princess Rainbow Dash is a secondary supporting hero in My Little Pony: The Book of Golden Oak and My Little Pony: Every Pony Hates Flash Sentry. She made her first debut in the season 1 episode 3 "An Undercover Bride", where she is shown working and spying for the Shredder (Kevin Michael Richardson) and his men, but it turns out she isn't. She is voiced by Ashleigh Ball, who also voiced Applejack, Nurse Red Heart, Upper Crust, and Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man: Armored Adventures. She is the daughter of Rainbow Blaze and also the wife of Soarin' (Matthew Hill). Most importantly, she is also not to be confused with a background Pegasus stallion named Rainbow Swoop. In season 1 episode 7, "Kunoichi in Peril", she, along with Applejack, Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong), Fluttershy (Andrea Libman), Spike (Cathy Weseluck), Rarity (Tabitha St. Germain), and Shining Armor (Andrew Francis) tracked down Tiger Claw (Eric Bauza), believing it'll lead her and her friends to Flash Sentry (Vincent Tong), who himself pursues Tiger Claw. She and her friends continued on their searches for Flash Sentry in season 2 episode 1 "Death of Splinter". She bears an uncanny resemblance to that of Daring Do (Chiara Zanni). Most importantly, she is also known as the Princess of Loyalty. Her champion form is Firefly while her ultimate form is Princess Rainbow Dash.

Character relationships

  • Rival of Flash Sentry.
  • Daughter of Bow Hot Hoof and Windy Whistles.
  • Childhood friend of Fluttershy.
  • Was the original incarnation of Firefly.
  • Wife of Soarin.
  • Was once deceived, manipulated, and brainwashed by Discord (John de Lancie) in My Little Pony: The Return of Harmony.
  • Kidnapped by Queen Chrysalis (Kathleen Barr) in My Little Pony: To Where and Back Again.
  • Best friend of Daring Do and Scootaloo.
  • Kidnapped by Dr. Caballeron (Brian Dobson) and his men in My Little Pony: Stranger Than Fan Fiction.
  • Was sent by the Shredder (Kevin Michael Richardson), Tiger Claw, Rahzar (Clancy Brown), and Fish Face (Christian Lanz) to kill Thunder Lane (Trevor Devall) before the events of My Little Pony: The Book of Golden Oak, but chose not to do so.


  • Suspicious character. Are you Dr. Caballeron's servant? (spoken to Flash Sentry)
  • Flash Sentry, you want this to happen, you son of a witch. (spoken to Flash Sentry in My Little Pony: Bloody Image)
  • Why do you raise your weapon against me? (spoken to Tiger Claw)
  • You again? I thought I've had enough of you. (spoken to Dr. Caballeron in My Little Pony: Stranger Than Fan Fiction)
  • I'm ready to fight you.
  • Why does a sadistic Japanese male ninja like you want with me? (spoken to the Shredder in My Little Pony: Tears to Magic)
  • Suspicious character. Are you the Shredder's servant? (spoken to Karai)
  • Daring Do, why have you come? (spoken after defeating Daring Do)
  • You are merciful, Flash. You have my thanks. (spoken to Flash Sentry in My Little Pony: The Book of Golden Oak)
  • I have no business with both of you! Get lost! (spoken to Wind Rider and Lightning Dust in My Little Pony: Tears to Magic)
  • Well said. Then show me your blade! (spoken to Leonardo in My Little Pony: Magic Art Online)
  • Sky Stinger, how can you be so foolish? (spoken after defeating Sky Stinger)
  • Vapor Trail, why have you come? (spoken after defeating Vapor Trail)
  • You're no longer human, are you? (spoken to Fish Face)
  • You shouldn't judge people by their appearances. (spoken after defeating Fancy Pants)
  • After what you did to Fluttershy and the others, you called yourself the protector of humanity? Get serious!
  • Well, shall we begin? (spoken to Applejack in My Little Pony: The Hunt for the Orange Roses)