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Raichu previously known as Pikachu is a recurring character that appears in 0770Caro's Bakugan the Movie as Pikachu, when he was Pikachu, he appeared in Dumb Ways to Die Plush version by me when he eats a illegal food that cause it to vomit in the toilet. In Raichu, Pikachu was sleeping when Drago evolves him into Raichu with a stone. In Alolan Raichu, he becomes an Alolan Raichu after surviving from an ghost car attack, he then defeats the Ghost Car Driver and the Ghost Car for trying to kill him.

As Pikachu

As Pikachu, he was yellow with red cheeks  that launchs lightning attacks to target the opponents.

As Raichu

When he evolved into Raichu with a stone, he becomes stronger than ever he is comedic with vain personality.

As Alolan Raichu

When Raichu was hit by a ghost car, he becomes Alolan Raichu, his alternate form and he has a cute smile with a heart of gold.