Prince Azim
Vital statistics
Title Prince Azim
Gender Male
Race Humans
Faction Medieval Time Story
Health perfect
Level {{{level}}}
Status Alive
Location {{{location}}}

Prince Azim is one of the protagonist in the Tv serie Medieval Time Story.

In Princess Johanna

He's the son of Queen Cassandra, he want to be married to a beautiful youg girl, but his mother don't want him to be married, because she think he's not ready to be a king yet, azim is not convinced because since his father died he promised to him that he will become a good king.

More to his mother deception, so he heard about the arrival of Princess Johanna family, he was happy to see that the princess was lovely and beautyful, but his mother wan'st happy about it, she wanted to ger ride of the princess before she have to marry her son.

Azim knew his mother real intention, because she doesn't want any princesses to get him away from her, so she have to keep him with her, but Azim is smart and will defeated his mother in all way possible to finally married the girl he love.

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