Numbuh 6 (Penny Baker) is a 10-year-old clumsy but lovley Russian girl, she is the active Spy and Master of Disguise of Sector V. She has crush on Numbuh 1 and is closest to Numbuh 2. She has a purple shade that Mr. Fizz have. Numbuh 6 wears a yellow shirt and blue shorts. She had a sister name Pam Baker who is angry and a tomboy. Numbuh 6 is not just clumsy but also she is smart and kind. She has sanguivoriphobia (a fear of vampires) and myrmecophobia (a fear of ants). Numbuh 6 uses her candy swords to fight adults and teenagers and also uses her G.U,M.Z.O.O.K.A. to shoots the bad guys.

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