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Patiga and Katara

Patiga Sukinahito And Katara Liama Are On and Off Anti-Heroines, Anti-Villainesses, Supporting Characters in Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten and its spinoff, The Punkettes.

Patiga is A Foul-mouthed, Sex-Crazed, Mischievous, Wild, and Crazy Demon who cares more about Parties, Joy-Rides, And Gambles than Doing work for her Boss, Pepper Satanica.

Katara is a Shy, Kind, Mysterious, Quiet, Clumsy, Sensitive, Sweet, Honest, Friendly, Generous, and Benevolent Demon Who goes to a abandoned planet to work on musical inventions she made herself every night. And is the nicest one out of all.

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