Patch (BOUT)


B.O.U.T. (Defunct MMO)

Combat Role





Construction Labor (Former)
Combat (Current)


To defend the net from various viruses.


Robotic Viruses

Type of Hero

Player Character

Patch is the name of a defensive based model of three playable robots in the now defunct MMO "B.O.U.T." (Bots Of Unlimited Transformation). Patch's design invokes that of a boxer, with it's weaponry in it's further upgrades being located in it's hands or torso. Formerly a robot used for construction, Patch was recycled for combat purposes to defend the net against a growing threat of viruses. Compared to Ram (Damage) and Surge (Speed), it's parts were based around defensive stats.


  • Several private servers of the original game exist, the most prominent to this very day being BoutCheetah. Thus, as a result, the game can technically still be played, although private servers may or may not modify the original game in many ways, such as how BoutCheetah makes many modifications to the original game it's based on.
  • Virtually identical models for Patch are sometimes used for specific enemies that appear in the game, possibly representing infected Patch models due to the plague of viruses.
  • To change the appearance of the transformed state, there are two options; upgrade the Body piece of the armor, or equip a Trans Pack. The latter will override the default transformation of Patch or any other bot into a predefined transformation.
  • The two pictures for Patch used on this Wiki are for the model of Patch that doesn't use any equipment, which is the very first version of Patch you will be playing as until you purchase or find upgraded parts to equip to change your appearance.