Full Name

Nines Sundry

Other Aliases

Scaredy Crow Leader 5XG




General of the Scaredy Crows


To avenge his mother, defeat Reginald, Perry and his father and aid his best friend any way he can


Zachary Delightful, Aerospace


Perry the Platypus, Reginald (formerly), Captain Demetri Sundry


Demetri Sundry (father), Agatha Sundry (mother)

Type of Hero

Leaders, Hyperactive Heroes

Nines is the best friend of Zachary Delightful, the hidden but true main protagonist of G:ZERO In Too Deep, Reginald and Squarg's arch-enemy and Aerospace's owner. He also serves as the main protagonist of the Myles Bots series and is the potential leader of the team.

Early Life

Demetri and Agatha Sundry, autistic sea crows, were seen in a banana boat on a stormy night on sea. Nines was born while Demetri was washed away into the storm and disappeared. Agatha retired from the sea crow business and currently works at a poisonous dog spa which holds a scent that puts them to sleep and traps them in vines. Unfortunately, she died in a car crash while leaving her work. Nines decided to honor his parents memory by recuiting an army of crows and put their heads together to form Ranger Tabes which led up to their assualt on Reginald Krabs, a grizzled poacher who despises Nines with all of the blood in his veins.

Meeting Zachary

The duo manage to kill off Nines's entire army and left him to get away. In the process, he meets Zachary Delightful, a legendary super, Lucius Tabes, his disguise's brother, and Shoko, a cunning mercenary. Despite minor setbacks (such as Perry turning evil and Zachary getting almost severely injured by Darrell), he manages to become the first member and leader of the Myles-Bots.

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