Harry Potter is a breakout antagonist-turned (uncertain) secondary main protagonist of the Duo-Franchise.


After a few minutes of antagonism, he turned against Karla Hicks (the main antagonist of the episode) and managed to escape the burning blimp. However, the pilot inadvertenly crashes the blimp into a bridge and it explodes killing them both. But luckily, Zachary survived and managed to help him pass a test of his which drove him into becoming his successor.


  • He has appeared in Massive Movie Mondays and returned in Duo-Franchise: Carnaval Style although his return in the Bomb involved his taking up Zachary's hero role after his redemption.
  • As he became less arrogant as the 11th Grade Arc progressed, Maui took his place as he had a more self-absorbed ego than him.

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