Mustafa Demir was a contestant on the reality show Total Drama Nations. He was from the nation of Turkey, and he placed eighteenth in the competition.


Mustafa was one of the purest and nicest of all the contestants on Total Drama Nations. While virtually everybody else had at least a little bit (or a lot) or gray in their morality, Mustafa was the most "white-dimensioned" of anyone there. He was a walking arsenal of weapons, a controversial stereotype some people put on the Turkish, and yet, he used them all "for niceness, instead of evil." He knew how to properly use every one of them, and felt that many of the other contestants could not handle them as well as he could.

Mustafa was also the positive love interest type of guy, being similar to previous contestants like Trent of TDI and Mike of TDRI. As a result, he won the heart of Lacey, one of the other heroic contestants on TDN. Unfortunately, on one occasion, Thema, the resident bully, got her hands on one of Mustafa's weapons which Carmen stole and tried to use it on Carmen. He had to stop such things from happening again by quitting the game, sacrificing his chance at the grand prize.

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