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Monokuma is an anti-hero from SuperMonokumaLogan.


Monokuma is an anti-hero as a monobear and he's a robot from SuperMonokumaLogan. Monokuma is a main Protagonist or maybe as a main Antagonist. Monokuma can swear and how can say bad word as censored too. Monokuma can friend Simon and he was good partners and he can play together too. Monokuma had a son named White Bear, and because he's a son of Monokuma's Son. Monokuma's son named Monokuma Junior and he's a son too. Monokuma and Simon are friends of brothers too. Monokuma is an animal is a species monobear from SuperMonokumaLogan.



  • Simon
  • White Bear
  • Playing Games
  • Youtube Channel
  • Eating Food
  • Beating people
  • Swearing
  • Cussing
  • Eggs


  • Simon (formerly)
  • Alligators
  • Lose Food
  • Tran


  • When Monokuma is a robot, It's called Monobear.
  • Monokuma is a main Protagonist from SuperMonokumaLogan.
Monokuma in THH cover

Monokuma appeared from SuperMonokumaLogan