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Misty W. Dreamweaver
Misty (TAI)


The Tomboyish Mermaid






Kanto's Water Type Gym Leader
Other Unknown Role


Currently Unknown


Currently Unknown

Type of Hero

Cute Mute
Friendly Rival
Walking Spoiler (Initially)


16 (cameo debut)
18 (official debut)

(Note: Official description will be held off until more information is given of Misty within the context of the currently uploaded chapters of Truth and Ideals. The current description is based off of her currently known details within the context of the uploaded chapters)

Many years ago, when Ash was very young, he had seen a girl on television during a Pokemon tournament that had caught his interest. Her appearance consisted of fiery, orange hair with green eyes and a specialty over Water Type Pokemon. For years, Ash would not end up meeting her... until one fateful day during Ash's Pokemon journey in which the Dark Stone reveals to Ash something had did not know about before. During one of a handful of visions about future subjects, the Dark Stone brought up to Ash the possibility of Ash meeting this mysterious girl, who to Ash has truly caught his attention. During this illusion, though, it had appeared much more was going on than a simple illusion. Regulus, having seen part of what the Dark Stone was asking of Ash, detected a very powerful presence within the small series of visions... and it was not Zekrom, but rather, the mysterious, orange haired girl whom Ash has now seen twice by now.


Having reddish orange hair, spiked up in appearance and cut to a short length, Misty has the appearance of a beautiful, growing woman. Her eyes are a dark green color in appearance, and her skin is very pale in tone. Wearing tight-fitting, fighting based clothing, she also possesses a scarf for an unknown purpose, in addition to a Mega Ring equipped to her right wrist. Her figure, meanwhile, is very toned, strongly built, but also slim where she is expected to be. Lastly, she also possesses a relatively medium bordering on large sized bust. On her shirt, in addition to her boots, the letters for a stylized Delta (Δ), an uppercase Omega (Ω), and a lowercase Alpha (α) are present.


From what little has been shown of her thus far in Truth and Ideals, she gives the impression of a silent, calm individual who's surprised to meet Ash during Ash's visions experienced from the Dark Stone. It is heavily implied that Misty was actually seeing Ash on her end around the exact same time, but the meeting was cut short when Zekrom (from within the Dark Stone) began to appear in place of Misty to continue questioning Ash. As revealed much, much later on, Misty is actually a mute.

Pokemon owned


  • Gyarados (Shiny/Mega)
  • Starmie
  • Golduck
  • Politoad
  • Azumarill
  • Kingdra


  • Togetic (Togekiss)

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