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Mirror M
Mirror M


Experiment ID:Omega
The Most Powerful Bomberman
The Legendary Hero Reborn


Bomberman, Digimon, Dragonball Z, The X-Men, Star Fox, Code Lyoko, Bleach, among many others


Grandis (Not initially, though)


Shiramu Inc. Security Chief
Former MechaDoc Prisoner
Ultimorian Deity




Anybody not Grandis or Centauri.
Far less than who he originally hated later on.

Type of Hero

Former Villian
Sociopathic Hero
The Atoner
Lethal Heroes

(More information on Mirror M located on the Villains Fanon Wiki.)

These scientists... Do they really believe THEY can even attempt to control ME?!?!
~ Mirror M's establishing quote in his early birth.
You have no chance... Do you even realize the full extent of my own supremacy?! I am Mirror M! THE ABSOLUTE!!!
~ Mirror M's boast of power.
"Many legends depict a counterpart of myself as a Saint, don't they?"
"No, they know the truth. They see you as a God."
~ Mirror M's exchange with Ultima regarding the former's true nature.

Currently an idle passerby at Shiramu Inc., Mirror M simply stands on the sidelines without directly getting involved in the conflict that the story focuses on. He only generally shows himself to characters who are new to Shiramu Inc. and have no knowledge of him, and thus one of the first part of their jobs is to be introduced to Mirror M without freaking out. Mirror M's past is rather shady to those who are not aware of how he was created to begin with, and it's very difficult to pinpoint who originally created Mirror M within the logic of the story itself, and as a result, Mirror M is an enigma of a character with a past that cannot properly be explained.

In Bomberman associated works only, he is a creation of Bagura that had escaped from his command once he had quickly realized just how powerful he was. Bagura set out to create the most powerful Bomberman ever with Mirror M's design, and he had failed to realize that Mirror M's power far surpassed all expectations he had to the point Bagura tried to kill his experiment while it was still in development to disastrous results. Mirror M roams the entire universe in search of a purpose, and whenever Bagura sends other Bombermen to try and deal with Mirror M, they typically wish they had never encountered Mirror M at all if they actually manage to find him.

In-Game Stats

Phase 1 (Mirror M)

  • Heart: 120
  • Blast Power: 12
  • Movement Speed: 12
  • Blast Resist: 7
  • Abilities:
    • Atom Bomb: Instant kill if it hits, lengthy charge up time. Also destroys all destructible objects in range regardless of type.
    • Hyper Plasma Wave. Basically deals 25% less damage than Hyper Plasma Bomb, but is used like a shockwave attack.
    • Ultra Guard. When hit by a bomb, he takes damage as normal, but doesn't even flinch from the blast and continues his attack or movement(s).
    • Venom Claws. Strikes out repeatedly with his claws in different methods. 50% change of inflicting poison or another type of passive damage status effect. Has a very rare chance to inflict bleeding if the attack damage is critical.
    • Phase Transformations: As Mirror M's HP drops, Mirror M transforms into a new form with differing strategies and abilities, and increasing Blast Resist by 1 point until capping at 11 Blast Resist upon achieving Phase 4; triggering Phase 5 will not increase his Blast Resist.

Phase 2 (Dragozaur)

  • Heart: 90/120
  • Blast Power: 12
  • Movement Speed: 12
  • Blast Resist: 8
  • Abilities:
    • Ultra Bite: Performs a double biting attack in front of and towards the sides of his front range. Has a heavy chance of causing a Blast Resist debuff.
    • Hyper Plasma Breath: Breathes a steam of Hyper Plasma at a target and ignores 3 points worth of Blast Resist on any target hit by it.
    • Crusher Claw: Slashes at an opponent with his massive sized claws. Has an increased critical chance.
    • Phase Transformations: As Mirror M's HP drops, Mirror M transforms into a new form with differing strategies and abilities, and increasing Blast Resist by 1 point until capping at 11 Blast Resist upon achieving Phase 4; triggering Phase 5 will not increase his Blast Resist.

"Phase 3" (Skull Dragozaur)

  • Heart: 70+/120
  • Blast Power: 12
  • Movement Speed: 12
  • Blast Resist: 9
  • Abilities:
    • Dark Claw: Skull Dragozaur has a maximum chance to achieve Critical Damage.
    • Dark Form: Skull Dragozaur is only activated for a single minute if Mirror M is inflicted with a status that prevents actions from being used.
    • Dark Blast: Skull Dragozaur's only bomb attack is an explosive bite that also damages the user when used due to it's heavy damaging abilities.
    • Reversion: Once Skull Dragozaur wears off, Mirror M is restored to 90 or Max HP depending on whether it was Phase 2 or Phase 1 respectively that Mirror M was before this form was triggered.
    • Phase Transformations: As Mirror M's HP drops, Mirror M transforms into a new form with differing strategies and abilities, and increasing Blast Resist by 1 point until capping at 11 Blast Resist upon achieving Phase 4; triggering Phase 5 will not increase his Blast Resist.

Phase 3 (Platinum Dragozaur)

  • Heart: 70/120
  • Blast Power: 12
  • Movement Speed: 12
  • Blast Resist: 9
  • Abilities:
    • Hyper Plasma Burst: Fires an explosive beam of energy from his chest.
    • Sword Burst: Slams into the ground with his sword arm. If it misses, you will be stunned for part of the duration of Mirror M's recovery from using this move.
    • Sword Slash: Sweeps the field in a horizontal direction with his sword arm. It hit via a sweet spot, you will always take critical damage.
    • Phase Transformations: As Mirror M's HP drops, Mirror M transforms into a new form with differing strategies and abilities, and increasing Blast Resist by 1 point until capping at 11 Blast Resist upon achieving Phase 4; triggering Phase 5 will not increase his Blast Resist.

Phase 4 (Omega Platinum)

  • Heart: 60/120
  • Blast Power: 12
  • Movement Speed: 12
  • Blast Resist: 10
  • Abilities:
    • Ultra Shot: Fires a wave motion gun from his left arm's cannon attachment, being able to inflict at least three of any status effect in the game which does not deal passive damage.
    • Hyper Plasma Bomb Mk II: His right hand charges up a Hyper Plasma Bomb and launches it at the opponent. Compared to a normal Hyper Plasma Bomb, the attack is at max power immediately instead of having to charge it.
    • Crusader Sword: Dashes through a player with his left arm pointed outward and his clawed gauntlet activated. If it hits a sweet spot, you will always take critical damage.
    • Phase Transformations: As Mirror M's HP drops, Mirror M transforms into a new form with differing strategies and abilities, and increasing Blast Resist by 1 point until capping at 11 Blast Resist upon achieving Phase 4; triggering Phase 5 will not increase his Blast Resist.
    • Impossible Mode Phase Bypass: If the difficulty is set to Impossible Mode, upon transformation into Phase 4, Mirror M will immediately activate Phase 5 instead and recover 10 HP doing so. The BGM also changes as well.

Phase 5 (Infinity-grade Dragozaur)

  • Heart: 50/120
  • Blast Power: 12
  • Movement Speed: 12
  • Blast Resist: 10
  • Abilities:
    • Kagubot's Arrow: Flies up into the air and strikes the ground for an immense chance of fatal damage if not fully dodged. Costs 10 HP for Mirror M to use. Becomes unusable at 11 HP or lower.
    • Dogma's Massacre: His many wings withdraw back into their launcher modes as Mirror M fires between 3-12 shots of missile barrages depending on what his current HP is at the moment. Between 2-8 of the shots fired can heal Mirror M for 5 HP each.
    • Granjia's Tantrum: His shoulder cannons fire of a powerful burst of lasers, as Mirror M rampages around the field in a circle until he lets loose a final shockwave attack as he is forced to recharge immediately afterwards. A shout-out to Orga's Rage Mode attack in Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee.
    • Zenith's Wrath: Mirror M lets loose a roar which causes some tiles on the field to become damaging zones if stepped on, all of which capable of dropping your Blast Resist to 0 as a debuff in addition to slowing you down.
    • Ultima's Edge: Similar to Platinum Dragozaur's Sword Slash, Mirror M spins to perform a 360 degree tail swipe a total of 10 times, each time speeding up as he continues the combo.
    • Ancient's Demolition: Unleashes an omnidirectional blast of meteors that range from all of the elements present nearby to blast at nearby opponents. Covers almost all of the battlefield. Requires the Aether Badge to fully block.
    • Invincible: Only able to be used at 10 HP or lower. Mirror M's many wings begin to charge energy as he opens his mouth to charge up a beam of energy. If he is allowed to fully use the skill, he will instantly defeat you. You have 10 seconds to reduce Mirror M's HP to 0 before he finishes this attack's charge.
    • Final Form: Mirror M is unaffected by further transformations or status effects of any kind upon activating this form. This lasts until Mirror M's HP hits 0 or if the battle ends in defeat.


This form... why was I designed so differently from the others?!
~ Mirror M upon pondering the differences between his Phase Forms and local wildlife.

Mirror M, at first glance, appears to be a standard Bomberman related OC. However, there is much more to him than that. Mirror M's backstory involves him being a genetic chimera of several Bomberman characters, mixed in with the DNA of several characters from Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, The X-Men, Star Fox, and possibly several others mixed into his genetic structure as well. Mirror M, as a result, has no actual parent from which he was birthed from, and was created entirely in a test tube laboratory, where the intentions of Mirror M's design was to create the absolute strongest lifeform physically possible. The creators did not know of how well they had horrifyingly succeeded, for an omnidirectional explosion emitted by Mirror M upon his awakening from the finished development allowed for Mirror M to completely demolish the laboratory he came from, and escape completely undetected into the depths of space.

Within his chest, there exists a unique organ in his body that disintegrates all matter surrounding Mirror M for a good 10 miles, and converts it into pure energy, from which Mirror M absorbs and then unleashes as an omnidirectional explosion with a blast radius so massive it can be seen from clear orbit of any planet it occurs on.

Mirror M also has access to a human form which, due to a Voice Actor Meme regarding Mirror M's past incarnation, bears a passing resemblance to Edward Elric due to the fact Mirror M would share the same English Voice Actor as him if Mirror M ever had the chance to appear in a series where he's voiced. Although, instead of braids, Mirror M instead has lengthy hair which is only kept in braids if it grows too long, and Mirror M's eyes are the exact same as those of his normal form, in contrast to Ed's yellow eyes compared to Mirror M's violet. It is worth noting, though, that Mirror M's current artstyle makes it impossible to see anything but simplified eyes; his human form is drawn with normal eyes, and it also showcases that Mirror M DOES in fact have Ultimorian Insignias for his irises, and that it's his irises that glow orange whenever Mirror M is enraged or scanning something as opposed to Mirror M's entire eye when Mirror M is in his normal form.

Mirror M is often described as being a robotic character, but what isn't made clear nearly as often is the fact that Mirror M is actually a mix between metallic and organic; Mirror M simply loves to believe he's more robotic initially as he feels it makes him seem stronger than what he really is, regardless of how tough Mirror M already is. Mirror M, if asked about it, will allow blood samples to be taken of him if he allows it since Mirror M tends to notice his companions tend to get nervous a lot over Mirror M's physical health due to his chimeric nature. Blood tests reveal that almost every single strand of DNA is either 51% Bomberman in origin, 43% Digimon in origin, 1% X-Men in origin, and whatever else composes his physical structure is equal or less than 1% for the remaining %5 of DNA composing Mirror M's body.

Human Form

A little known fact is that Mirror M, alongside Centauri, Darigus, and any of the beings created with the appearance of a Bomberman in their default form, have human forms as a disguise that hide their Bomberman details entirely. Mirror M, in this case, actually is much more calm and willing to go by his name "Marty" that he doesn't like to bring up, if only because Mirror M is an odd name as a human. However, Mirror M, alongside the other male Bomberman OCs, have a unique distinction that prevents their human form from being entirely human. Mirror M's distinction is that he completely maintains the tail of his original form, and his eyes are drawn similarly to an older incarnation of his character; his left eye, in this case, clearly showcases that his left eye is blinded in this form.

As a human, his Bomberman hands and feet are modified, although the only obvious notion are that his hands became fingered gloves, whereas his original feet become simple shoes. His claws, when they appear from his hands, transform his fingers into the original design of what his clawed hands look like. Not only that, but when Mirror M becomes hostile, his eyes are much more indicative of this than his true form; his eyes, due to the noticeable detail in the drawn form, are very cat-like with Ultimorian insignia irises, which, for his right eye, turns a fiery orange in a state of rage in addition to becoming mere slits instead of their more circular, natural stoic look.

When his hair is braided, many characters from Shiramu Inc. or Ultimoria tend to joke that he looks like Edward Elric.


I've been created with all of this power and capability... but for what? The creators knew their homeworld was doomed from the start, so what was their purpose with creating me?
~ Mirror M musing to himself about his dubious origins.

Not much is known about Mirror M's personality aside from what he showcases in the first panels he's made appearances in for Bomberman Classic; the first time he's seen, he's simply lounging against a pillar in Grandis's office, but does nothing else. In the next page, Mirror M's evolved form is used as a temporary disguise as one of the many beastly statues and artwork that Grandis owns, and Kurobon's own curiosity has him staring too much at Mirror M, triggering a rather hostile response from Mirror M. However, Mirror M is shown to have a sarcastic and fun side when he remarks about Centauri's playful nature, but never shows this around anybody else. In the next page to be uploaded for Bomberman Classic, Mirror M is briefly seen showcasing some of his powers by forcing a rampaging Kaiju seen outside of Grandis's window into retreat from the city, though this is blissfully ignored by Grandis and the other main characters, and is treated more as a background event. However, it does appear that if any of Grandis's forces are idle or outside of their shifts, Mirror M will sometimes take their places if necessary; this is apparently common on days in which Mirror M hires new employees, since the normal employees are informed to take the day off during the introduction chapter of Bomberman Classic.

In regards to his multiple genetic heritages, Mirror M has the ability to create bombs from his hands of differing varieties, and has the overall appearance of a White Bomberman class of Bomberman. His ability to evolve into higher forms is based off of Agumon's evolution line, with Dragozaur being a parallel to Greymon, Platinum Dragozaur being a parallel to MetalGreymon, and Omega Platinum being a parallel to WarGreymon. Their abilities, on the other hand, much more resemble the Digimon from Veemon's evolutionary line, such as Magnamon, UlforceV-dramon, Imperialdramon, and others. His Dragon Ball Z heritage comes from DNA from both Goku and Vegeta, with a mixture of Frieza, Cell, and Buu's DNA, which is more than likely where Mirror M's personality came from. His five, massive claws are more than likely inherited from Wolverine, since both of their clawed weaponry can hide within their hands at any time, and be unsheathed. Also like Wolverine, some of Mirror M's taints involve flipping the bird to someone with his claws similar to how Wolverine sometimes does. His Star Fox genetic coding isn't much, but it gives him immense knowledge of the Star Fox universe and how their technology works.

Although he did not inherit any genetic code from the following few universes, it should be noted he does apparently have some kind of knowledge about the Smash Bros., Code Lyoko, Sword Art Online, Madoka Magica, and several other universes from which Mirror M knows about to a great degree, and the knowledge he has, according to Grandis, is the ability to immediately know how to flawlessly defeat any character from those universes in battles, which is to say whatever genetic coding Mirror M did get from those universes were memory instructions on how to tactically outclass several key characters from those universes. He seems to have the genetic memory of strategies to eliminate Tabuu, X.A.N.A., all NPC bosses in SAO, and every character known to exist in the Madoka Magica universe. Similarly, he has battle strategies to utilize against all of the characters from which formed a vital part in his genetic blueprints as well, as his evolved forms play a role in making sure Mirror M has the power necessary to KO these characters with minimal difficulties.

Also to note, prior to meeting Centauri and having a more proper meeting with Grandis, it is believed that Mirror M was behaving on near animalistic instinct the entire time from his own escape from the lab he was born in, until meeting Centauri and claiming her as his mate. Ever since, Mirror M had become truly sapient in mindset, although even Centauri, for all that she allows Mirror M to be like near her, is sometimes awkward about some of Mirror M's advances, mainly because she's afraid of whether or not they could both safely have sex without destroying either each other, or angering their boss Grandis, since Grandis has been keeping a careful eye on Mirror M to the point he resembles an overprotective relative for Centauri. Another note about Mirror M regarding romantic relationships is that he hates "love triangles", and usually if he's ever seeing competition for Centauri's affection, he's outright brutal to the one who dares try to take Centauri from him. Grandis apparently neglects to moderate Mirror M's violent yandere tendencies, since apparently Grandis himself wasn't much different before he gave up on love altogether. Apparently, though, two of Grandis's past relationships had all ended thanks to a third party stealing his date, which is apparently translated over into Mirror M since, in fact, some of Mirror M's personality is a clone of Grandis's own personality genes.

Mirror M, after his defeat at the hands of Grandis, was very angered in regards to his emotions, since he was basically stuck on a low tier rank of an alternate Earth (soon revealed to be from the Code Lyoko Verse), in which Mirror M takes up to hiding only to end up engaging in several hostile encounters with Mirror M, but it is made clear that Mirror M's eyes may initially read as a feral being, he outright refuses to attack Aelita and visibly cringes when she enters his line of sight, which allows him to be beaten and restrained by Ulrich and William, with Mirror M deciding to flat out reveal his alien origins and apologizes for his own hostility, since during this entire scenario, Mirror M believes he is still nothing but a killing machine from what he used to be prior to being defeated by Grandis, and requests that he can kindly leave. However, while most of the group is keen on letting Mirror M free, Yumi protests considering she's not too keen on the possible accidents that could occur if Mirror M's uncontrollable temper ends up targeting somebody else, which is what further continues the story of Mirror M's time here. As a special mention, in practically every instance Mirror M does something hostile when he shouldn't, he's always called out on for whatever he does, unless Mirror M has his own reasons for doing what he did (although that can vary depending on the reason he gives in question).

In addition to what else is revealed in the above mentioned story, the same story reveals that Mirror M is a Big Eater that can't seem to get enough food a lot of the times, but this could possibly be due to differing reasons, such as inheriting very tiny traces of Goku's DNA (another Big Eater character), or possibly due to the fact the instability of Mirror M's own genetics make it a requirement for him to eat vast amounts of food at a time, or it could be the fact that due to the normal appearance of Phase 1 Mirror M not having a visible mouth, that whenever Mirror M takes on a human form for a disguise, he takes full advantage of the fact he has a visible mouth and eats til whenever he has to return back to his normal looks. However, it seems to be a combination of all of the speculated reasons that causes this; Mirror M's personality regarding having an actual mouth as a human leads to him directly inheriting Goku's Big Eater trait, and Mirror M's own unstable genes can in fact be stabilized if plenty of food is eaten by Mirror M, and it surprisingly enough manages to help Mirror M calm himself down if he eats plenty, which may also explain why Mirror M's temper functions the way it does; Mirror M, despite actively doing so every now and then, does not actually have a physical NEED to eat to keep himself alive.

In his relationship with Centauri, Centauri is worried that Mirror M may end up cheating on her like he had done in their past incarnations, to which Mirror M reassures her that he won't allow that to happen in this current life of theirs. In recent events, when Centauri had been unable to spill out her desire to have a child with Mirror M, Mirror M had apparently been hitting on other female characters that were known to be single. Centauri, feeling hurt, asks to speak with Mirror M privately, and Mirror M begins to tell her why; he is batshit afraid of his own genes being incompatible with anyone else's when it comes to having a kid to where he was asking Grandis and several close friends that in case Centauri would be unable to have a child with him, that for Grandis to arrange having Centauri artificially made pregnant from Mirror M's seed and an egg cell with Centauri's DNA modified to be able to breed with Mirror M's chromosomes; the whole conversations he was having with the other females was him being tasked by Grandis to see if they would be willing to be donors for Centauri's artificial egg cell, since neither of them combined had the chromosomes to match Mirror M's own.

When interacting with other Bomberman OCs, Mirror M can be seen pondering about his own existence and what exactly the true nature of his own creation is.


Mirror M's weaknesses are not often seen exploited, since for the most part, Mirror M's differing ways of entering a battle can leave an opponent confused as to how to properly strike him down, and not helping is that Mirror M has a lot of a surprise factor to his strategies, to the point some of them can be considered improvised tactics in some cases. However, Mirror M actually does have a weakness that isn't obvious at first; the longer Mirror M is in battle, the more damage he takes. The reason this isn't so obvious? It's because Mirror M ALSO becomes stronger the longer he is in battle, meaning to be able to take out Mirror M with efficiency, one must be on the evasive for the first several minutes of a confrontation, and then when enough time has passed, go in against Mirror M with sudden strength and accuracy, which will in turn catch Mirror M off guard. While Mirror M is known to adapt to strategies, this type of tactic is difficult for him to properly pull off preparing for since it requires too much risk factor on Mirror M's overall stamina to properly counter right off of the bat.

Personality wise, Mirror M has inherited a rather infamous aspect of his original, allegedly good and holy self; he would often try and sometimes socialize with women that isn't the one he's supposed to be officially hooked up with, and while not as extreme as his past self, he often never bothered to inform Centauri of these interactions with other females, making it seem to Centauri that he was having an affair with other women and temporarily making Centauri believe she was not good enough for Mirror M. However, whereas this was a definite problem with his past self, Mirror M, as his current self, actually did this because he was scared shitless that having sex with Centauri outright would endanger her because of the insanely high amount of chromosomes that Mirror M naturally had. Mirror M's overall unstable genetics outright required his mate and mother of his offspring have the exact same number of chromosomes as Mirror M himself or the mere fertilization process itself during sex would be lethal to Centauri at best or both at worst.

When Centauri asks about Mirror M "cheating" on her, Grandis and Ultima explain the truth behind this behavior in Mirror M, and also in his past incarnation; he was of such a rare variation of his species in both incarnations that both incarnations were known to be highly hesitant of having sex with their official spouse because they feared that their genetic structural differences would prove harmful and cause extreme pain or death as a result. As a result, both incarnations of Mirror M had partaken in such actions to ensure they could safely have sex, and thus have children with, whomever their true romantic partner is.



In ancient times of Ultimoria several eras ago, Mirror M's past incarnation, known as "Legendary Paladin Bomberman Marty", was worshiped as a God due to the insane level of power that Marty showcased during his original lifetime. Marty, in his original lifetime, aligns with Alpha Beginnings rather than Omega Ends, since Marty's own birth signaled the beginning of the first golden age of peace in Ultimoria, as Marty would personally vanquish the evil demons that had plagued Ultimoria for eons from prior to this event. However, he becomes secretly possessed by that demon that would later be known as Darigus, and then later as Zenith, but is unaware of it until much further time passes on to allow him to realize his overconfidence will soon begin to pose a serious problem if Darigus/Zenith was not expelled from his body...

His genetic hybrid status is often covered up in modern times where he's working alongside Grandis rather than opposing him. In Bomberman Classic, he is simply stated to be a genetic fusion of a Bomberman and a Charabom as to explain how his abilities work the way they do. However, as mentioned, this is just a cover-up to keep Mirror M's true genetic hybrid status a secret given the fact a hybrid such as Mirror M is by all means illegal in Ultimoria if they involve more than one universe as to the genetic sources, but at the same time, Ultima is only allowing him to live because Mirror M not only is more stable than every other attempt to create such a hybrid, but also his extreme levels of power can prove him to be a versatile ally. In turn, this also makes it to where even if Ultima went through with the idea of killing Mirror M due to his technical illegal status, Mirror M is powerful enough to actually put up a big fight on his own; the fact he survived his lose against Grandis was by no means a miracle.

How powerful Mirror M remains a mystery, but the scientists who had done simulations of his growth seem to, thus far, consider him the strongest Bomberman to have ever existed in terms of fighting prowess.

Birth and Descent into Chaos

You know nothing of the pain I endured during my own creation... The splicing of various worlds, knit into a singular being, was nowhere near as painless as you would think...
~ Mirror M.

How they were obtained and why the genetic samples from the characters used to create Mirror M remains a mystery, but the intention of what to do with them were simplistic to understand; gene splice all of the materials into the most powerful entity to exist. The results were horrifying to say the least, and it led to the destruction of an entire multiverse, with Dogma and Kagubot having bared witness to Mirror M's destructive explosion attack that it used to escape the laboratory it was born in, but neither primordial deity even bothered with Mirror M, and both forces of Good and Evil itself fled from the vicinity Mirror M was located in, giving the impression to witnessing multiverses that whoever or whatever caused the explosion is fully capable of killing off Dogma and Kagubot, which led to Grandis seeking out this monstrosity first so that no other being could acquire it. As implied later by Mirror M himself, the events that led to his own creation were painful even for what standards normally applied for genetic splicing, since Mirror M's DNA came from so many vastly different universes that it was a miracle that each individual gene was able to be compatible into Mirror M's final resulting form.

At the beginning of Mirror M's introduction story, he is shown waking up in a laboratory within a giant testing tube, cloned to life in a similar fashion to Mewtwo from the first movie of Pokemon Anime. In fact, a lot of Mirror M's introduction plays out in a similar fashion, but different in that Mirror M is hostile long before he breaks free from the tube he's being grown in. He gives thoughts to what he knows the scientists around him are thinking, and he opens his eyes to reveal blank black voids for a brief moment before his eyes become "online" and turn into his default violet, before changing to a glowing orange in a robotic sense to scan around the laboratory. As he uncurls from his fetal position, Mirror M gazes at the scientists in front of him, who are all taking a group photograph together, as Mirror M doesn't waste much other time and unleashes a powerful, omnidirectional shockwave from his body which completely levels nearly everything in the room, as the scientists all scatter for safety.

The lead scientist, having been knocked back into a wall as he gazes upon Mirror M's hazy silhouette from the flames that are quickly spreading, as four different elemental cores circle around Mirror M at once, silently gazes in horror as he mutters that "Bagura should've known better than to allow this..." as Mirror M destroys the entire facility utilizing thepowers of four different bomb types, before completely leveling everything else in range with an Atom Bomb Charge, as he flies off into the horizon where he will eventually encounter Grandis as noted above, which will lead to Mirror M being temporarily banished to another universe before he is allowed entry into Ultimoria. Where he was banished, Mirror M would begin to learn more of his true nature as a hybrid monstrosity created in a laboratory, and during his stay in another world while in a heavily fatigued state, Mirror M will learn to control his own aggressive emotions.

Code Lyoko: Code M

Mirror M, upon being banished to this universe, falls to the Earth below and crashes into solid ground, leaving a moderately sized crater as he crashed. Getting back up like the impact was nothing to him, he is greeted by the staring glances of the Lyoko Warriors as they were investigating the Hermitage. Mirror M's first reaction is to pounce wildly at the strongest individual, Ulrich, and only winds up pinned to the ground after a difficult struggle thanks to Yumi and Odd tackling Mirror M and restraining him, but even Jeremie and Aelita have to pitch in to keep him down and out due to how strong physically Mirror M is. Mirror M, in response to these actions, asks the following;

What have you to gain by restraining somebody who had fallen from the sky and attacked you? Fools... You know nothing of my true power...
~ Mirror M's first words to the Lyoko Warriors.

Mirror M, having enough of their shenanigans, unleashes a small shockwave from his body to force the others off of his back, as Mirror M stands himself back up, ready to attack at all of them, but notices Aelita trembling in fright as to Mirror M's shockwave having knocked Jeremie out cold, and Mirror M's hostile nature was present to Aelita very easily, but when Mirror M moved to strike, he found several visions suddenly appear in his sight as he trembles from the visions attacking his mind, and ends up forcefully retreating from the vicinity for a good while.

Eventually, Mirror M is found around the Cadic campus, and during a XANA Attack which causes several Tarantulas to be materialized into the real world, Mirror M ends up tackling a Tarantula head on and begins slashing at it's face to destroy it, as he jumped off and charged up a Wind Energy Bomb and tosses it towards the other Tarantulas attacking to blow several of them away, only to not realize an invisible Tarantula that hides while continuously firing upon Mirror M, as Mirror M lets out a horrifying shriek of some kind of Draconid nature, as Mirror M nearly falls to the ground dying before a return to the past saves him.

Later on, Mirror M, in a human disguise, befriends Yumi's younger brother without even realizing who he is or who he is related to. In another XANA Attack that reveals that XANA had stolen some of Mirror M's DNA from the prior attack, XANA creates a Phase 1 Level Demonoid to enter the real world and begin it's attack. However, what is unexpected by all parties is for the Demonoid to suddenly gain a mind of it's own and Charge Evolve into a higher form that resembles a Gryphon, as it flies across town just as Mirror M and two younger kids (one of which being Yumi's brother) ends up crossing paths with the Gryphon, as the Gryphon suddenly begins to open fire upon them, as Mirror M's own instincts react to the Gryphon and allows him to also Charge Evolve into Dragozaur and save the lives of the two kids. However, Mirror M's instability causes Mirror M to Dark Charge into Hollow Dragozaur, a corrupted Phase 3 form in which Mirror M is only to transform into if his body is possessed in one way or another, or his mind is filled with too much negative emotions, which in this case, the latter is the cause, and Skull Dragozaur goes absolutely berserk and demolishes through several buildings in a fit of rage while using it's superior size to grab the Gryphon and begin using it like a rag doll during his rampage.

When a return to the past is triggered, Mirror M, upon realizing the destruction he unintentionally caused did not reverse, begins shouting into the sky late at night in the forest in hopes that Ultima is listening to the entire situation.

What do you expect from me, Creator?!?! You want me to become tame and controlled, but actions are thrown at me that force me into hostility!! How the hell do you expect me to learn to control my own emotions if this world keeps throwing obstacles at me?!?!
~ Mirror M, shouting into the night sky to try and get an answer from Ultima.

When the next day arrives, Mirror M is greeted with his ultimate answer to whether he'll become tame or not; Zenith has emerged in this world utilizing his aged humanoid form. Mirror M, based on Zenith's arrival, has to choose saving innocents over becoming his powerful self again if he is to truly become controllable and self restrained, or else Mirror M will be forever cursed into a being of madness no different from Zenith. While the Lyoko Warriors are fighting XANA's attempts to hijack the fight to prevent Mirror M from coming out victorious, Zenith puts up an impressive fight nevertheless in his humanoid form, and Mirror M is nearly pushed to his limits and nearly goes berserk. Some taunting from Zenith, however, allows Mirror M to realize what the visions from earlier was about; his past life from before he was reborn as nothing but a genetic experiment, and Mirror M gets back up on his feet as he grabs Zenith by the neck all the while an intense surge of energy surrounds them both as Mirror M Charge Evolves directly into his Phase 4 form; Omega Platinum.

As Zenith continues to taunt about how he is unbeatable in his current incarnation, Mirror M, without saying a word, blasted a controlled beam of energy into Zenith's chest wound several times before Zenith's blackened soul is forced to retreat back into the Infernal Void and escape. As Mirror M's bout with Zenith resulted in not a single bit of destruction from Mirror M, the former is freed from his lack of power and finally manages to control his own hostile nature. Upon coming to his true senses for the first time, he leaves a farewell message to the Lyoko Warriors in that, while they did not interact with each other many times or even on good terms, he believes it is ultimately because of them and everyone else that he gained self control, and thus, as Omega Platinum, flies off into space and leaves the universe at be, returning to Ultimoria as a much less hostile individual.

Bomberman Classic

Aside from his snapping at Kurobon, and his witty remark towards Max after his entire costume got forcefully retconned back into his original design due to his original suit having been damaged, Mirror M is almost dead silent throughout most of the story, and outside of the pilot arc's few exceptions, almost never leaves his post at a pillar in Grandis's office room. In the upcoming page, in a slight off-panel background event, Mirror M quickly disposes of a rampaging Kaiju while Grandis is re-informing the new employees of the rules of what they'll be doing, with Grandis's final note being to not piss off Mirror M.

In the second half of the arc, when Bagura arrives late with four robotic Bombermen at his side, Mirror M is a passerby as due to the timing of Bagura's arrival, the Shiramu Inc. employee Ultima is just about to depart for the day, but not before getting into an argument with Bagura that is only interrupted by Mirror M from Grandis's own orders so that the latter can speak with Bagura similar to how he spoke with the four primary protagonists of the comic, and inform Bagura of what his job at Shiramu Inc. will be. After this arc, with a few, rare exceptions, Mirror M is completely stationed at Grandis's pillar where he leans against almost all day. However, he DOES make a brief exit out of the building to send an attacking Kaiju fleeing as Omega Platinum, but this happens (mostly) off-screen and isn't the subject of the page.

In a future arc, where the protagonists are facing Bagura, Bagura ends up breaking one of the major rules of Shiramu Inc.; trying to steal and utilize hidden weaponry that Shiramu Inc. owns. As a result, Mirror M arrives and forcefully reclaims the stolen weaponry from Bagura, evolving to his first evolutionary advancement known as "Dragozaur", and completely trashing Bagura's war machine device. However, Mirror M only stays around long enough to ensure Bagura no longer has access to the Shiramu Inc. technology, and thus he doesn't solve the conflict as a whole, and leaves Shirobon and his friends to end Bagura's current plans for evil while Mirror M leaves back to Grandis's office, where an angry Grandis happily awaits Bagura's report for the day...

In a later arc, Bagura attempts to get revenge against Mirror M because he believes Mirror M had given him bad luck since losing that piece of tech Bagura had stolen, whereas he has nobody to blame but himself. However, instead of blaming himself, he proceeds to create Dark Force Bomber based off of blood samples of Mirror M from some of Mirror M's more difficult battles, and sends the experiment to abduct Centauri by poisoning her. Since no indication that Bagura sent Dark Force Bomber exists to Mirror M's view, he takes his rage out against Grandis since Dark Force Bomber was a clone of his own DNA, and he was promised no experiments would be done on his own genes, and thus Mirror M and Grandis get into a short-lived brawl where Grandis once again asserts his authority over all of the characters in the comic, and locks up Mirror M for his attack in the medical rooms, since Grandis believes Mirror M will calm himself better in Centauri's presence, leaving Grandis to personally deal with Bagura.

At the end of it, Centauri is cured thanks to Grandis, and Dark Force Bomber is personally dismantled by Mirror M while Grandis holds the bastard with his hand. Bagura is on a thin line here for the remainder of the next arc, as this is the second time he's interfered with Shiramu Inc., and if Bagura attempts to steal from them again, Grandis will personally throw him into the Infernal Void where nothing ever survives. Before that even has a chance to happen, Christmas Eve soon comes around the corner, and the arc that plays out is a parody of A Christmas Carol, in which Centauri takes the role of the Ghost of Christmas Past, Grandis taking the role of the Ghost of Christmas Present, and Mirror M taking on a much more vile role as the Ghost of Christmas Future, in which during the entire dream sequence, he attempts numerous times to drag Bagura to the Infernal Void, but Bagura soon founds out the Ghost of Christmas Future in this story ISN'T Mirror M, but actually DARIGUS.

However, when the arc ends and Bagura questions Mirror M personally during Bagura's day off, Mirror M insists that neither he nor Darigus were filling the role for the Ghost of Christmas Future, and that somebody else was supposed to fill the role instead of either of them. Mirror M personally thought the entire time that it was his old colleague named Fenrir, the Blake Wolfen Soldier, who nobody had ever seen report into work or even mentioned by name until this particular arc, due to the fact Grandis had always personally believed Fenrir to had been dead LONG before Dogma's awakening 7 trillion years ago, and that nobody can confirm what the hell happened to Fenrir's soul.

During Mirror M's first vacation time under Grandis's orders since Mirror M had been neglecting to give himself a break, Mirror M and Centauri both leave for two arcs in which the main heroes have to assume both of their normal roles. Shirobon, Kurobon, and Max team up to fulfill Mirror M's role, whereas Pretty Bomber deals with Centauri's role all on her own. By this point, Grandis shows that he trusts both of them enough to actually leave Shiramu Inc. long enough to take a vacation away from their jobs' primary location. Before this, all of their vacations were simply within range of Shiramu Inc., but that was more because tensions were still incredibly high between Dogma and the entire Ultimorian Universe.

In a later arc (although it's existence is revealed as early as Arc 0), Mirror M demonstrates just how lethal it is to be a burglar at Shiramu Inc., and what happens for those who stick around long enough to be the unfortunate victims who have to deal with an out of control Mirror M as he experiments with his own genetics to give him access to his infamous Phase Modes, and here showcases how easily Phase 2 Mirror M can set up quick a dangerous show as a horror genre arc, with Mirror M's "Dragozaur" form being the antagonist of the arc even if Mirror M's true purpose is to simply keep burglars out of the building and not much else. However, it's the unfortunate timing that the burglars stumble upon HIM instead of Shiramu Inc.'s other guards that leads to Mirror M being all brutal and psychotic towards them.

Notably, this version of Dragozaur looks different from the version seen in the first arc. Primary differences include sheer size alone, in that the version seen here is MUCH larger than the original debut appearance, and the overall aesthetics of this particular appearance is much more intimidating in design than his original revised concepts for Bomberman Classic. Not only that, but this particular instance of Dragozaur is much more powerful than shown before and after this, to the point he pretty much exceeds Phase 4's power limit while maintaining the overall look of Phase 2. In addition, it's possible that Phase 2's differing looks are a direct result of Mirror M performing inhumane experiments against himself to increase his combat capabilities.

Bomberman Classic: Revelations Arc

(Note: The below information takes into account Mirror M's actions regardless of his current alignment at the time of these events in question. As such, this section will be maintained for Mirror M's Villain's Fanon Wiki Article once it is finished.)

I began as the Alpha, bringing Light to the land to vanquish Darigus... Now, I am the Omega, because my purpose is no longer valid as it once was, and thus all must come to an end.
~ Mirror M, expressing his own guilt about his two conflicting personalities based on his original memories.

Many trillions of years ago, long before modern history even remotely existed, very few of the Ultimorian Deities that are known today were around back then. Ultima was present, but he as nothing more than a holy mage in regards to how much power he lacked in comparison to his modern form. Ultima, reacquiring his memories in the present day about his past self, frequently hears voices in his mind about how it was entirely his fault as to what mess they're currently in; Ultima was the very being ages ago that caused Mirror M's original incarnation to take such a destructive path in his reborn form, and yet Ultima had only just now realized how horrifying of a jerk he was back all those eras ago and wants to find a way to apologize for it since he feels the emotions he's experiencing will interfere with keeping Grandis safe and sound, as Mirror M enters the room as Ultima slowly turns towards Mirror M with a somewhat anxious attitude, as Ultima actually stops floating for once and is showcasing how much Ultima hugely regrets what he did. When Mirror M asks what's wrong, Ultima begins to reveal the true nature of Mirror M's own existence; his ORIGINAL existence.

Mirror M was created by a child's rampant daydream who had immense desire to be a superhero, not caring what kind of powers he had so long as he was considered the ultimate hero. From this child's daydream, Mirror M's past form is created as a divine Demigod, given the name "Marty" for reasons unknown at the time, but is later revealed that the same child is who Grandis once used to be. Marty (Mirror M) had many adventures at his young age, and became engaged to a female Bomberman named Sophia. However, one day, the much older child, now in his teens, became very depressed and unleashed Darigus into leading him into an actual victory against Marty, and Sophia is stolen by Darigus until she later becomes Darigus's wife permanently from her own will. As the infamous Oblivion Burst occurred that ended this era, Ultima tanks the entire blast, but Mirror M is encased in glass and stuck even with what Ultima could do in response to such a situation. Ultima, feeling uncertain of what to do and fearing Darigus's wrath due to how suddenly Darigus gained power, freed Dragora Galaxia from his chains in the Infernal Void and allowed for Dragora to reshape the universe after it was destroyed by the Oblivion Burst. However, Ultima did not like living through the first several hundred eons of restoration...

Meanwhile, at the end of this new era, the Oblivion Burst is triggered again, and Mirror M's glass prison is slowly beginning to break, and Mirror M, in an extreme amount of emotional trauma from knowing Darigus has done who knows what with Sophia during how long he's been imprisoned, suddenly begins to rapidly acquire power to a scale no other Ultimorian would soon match; the teenager who created him when he was younger decided Darigus must truly die, and thus Mirror M acquired an incredible amount of power to pull off just that. Ultima, desperately attempting to try and speak with the unknown being who's controlling the actions of Mirror M and Darigus, is too late to stop Mirror M from breaking free of his glass prison all on his own, seeking out Darigus immediately, and completely shattering Darigus's body like glass due to Mirror M's newfound ability to manually trigger his OWN Oblivion Bursts, and Mirror M became increasingly hostile as Darigus's death did not satisfy his eons worth of rage. Mirror M, in an attempt to curb his anger, took his rage out on Ultima since he had no other possible target, as Mirror M is only prevented from mauling Ultima by the sudden arrival of Grandis, who during this era, rarely appeared unless it was urgent.

At any point after this, Ultima could've easily told Mirror M about his true nature of nothing but a puppet for Grandis to play out his own dreams with, but Ultima doesn't know if this is the case anymore since Grandis himself had decided to create his own physical body. However, as Ultima tries to confront Grandis, as Ultima himself is rather ticked off at Grandis only choosing now to finally show up, is startled to notice how... broken... Grandis was. Grandis, upon noticing Ultima, effectively tells him to get out and openly admits what he's been doing for so long was selfish and unnecessary, and Grandis's own tone was suggesting he was hiding another motive behind what selfishness he had shown. Ultima, not daring to bother Grandis any further, leaves, as later as another Era passes, with Darigus possessing Grandis every now and then to exploit other multiverses outside of Ultimoria's normal range to cause insane destruction, Ultima began performing a very, VERY risky ritual that if it succeeded, would eventually put all of them on equal ground, but at the cost of possibly turning evil. As a result, this leads up to the next era, in which Oblivion forces every other Deity into hiding, and Mirror M is allegedly destroyed directly by Oblivion himself. However, it is here Grandis showcases he absorbed a lot of remnant energies from characters who were destroyed by Oblivion, and became an evil tyrant who later succeeded in killing Oblivion for good and showcasing to all of Ultimoria that they no longer needed to fear Oblivion any further, and that they would decide their own fates from that day forward.

However, not much longer after this, Ultima, due to his own rampancy, failed to see the severe temporal error in Grandis's current plan to send an AI back in time to destroy certain worlds so that Grandis would never need to interfere with them on his own; the same exact AI that would transcend into the highly notorious Omnicron. Mirror M's consciousness, however, seemed to still be somewhat alive, and as a direct result, caused such a huge temporal shockwave to invoke the presence of the previously unknown Primordial Deity; Dogma, the Overseer of Existence. Dogma's awoken presence causes it to suddenly swarm Ultimoria with it's outlandish physical size, and in the direct result of this, it outright obliterates every Ultimorian being it could physically destroy if it had the ability to do so. Due to Omnicron being stuck in the virtual winds of existence, Omnicron was not able to be targeted by Dogma and was thus unnoticed. Dogma, once it had destroyed Ultimoria in vengeance for all of the wrong that Ultima's own chaotic nature caused, spited Ultima by rigging the system so that when Ultimoria finally got it's second chance, Grandis would be far more powerful than Ultima in comparison.

Back in the present, Mirror M asks why Ultima is telling him all of this, as Ultima responds that he isn't aware for certain, but from what he's seen, Mirror M's entire life was basically rigged by Grandis's inner manchild just for kicks, and Grandis is emotionally scarred as a result since he feels like he only does things to ruin peoples lives despite all of the good intentions Grandis has. Mirror M, feeling the shock to know his life was pretty much all a lie, tries to cope with the situation, and very calmly confronts Grandis to talk with him. Grandis, upon feeling as if he was threatened, de-activates his armor entirely and outright states his real name of Marty, the same name Mirror M originally went by many eras ago. Mirror M, wondering what Grandis is trying to do, is even more startled by how suicidal Grandis is acting, as Grandis is pleading for Mirror M to kill him. Mirror M, even after what Grandis had made his life into, does not want to see Grandis die because it's because of Grandis he even exists at all. As a result, Mirror M asks why Grandis is so depressed, and Grandis responds by horrifying nightmares he experiences each passing day ever since Mirror M began to figure out the truth.

Grandis admits the very reason why he controlled Mirror M's life the way he did; Grandis, prior to becoming a Deity, was an absolute failure of a human being who was suffering from severe depression due to how isolated he was from any other human he once knew. As a result, Grandis wanted to make every moment of Mirror M's life into something that Grandis would never be; the journey of the ultimate hero. Mirror M, confused as to why Grandis never did this with his own form, is taken aback when Grandis, the one who had solo'd Kagugora with heavily upgraded armor when the environment was far too lethal for anyone else, was actually nothing but a coward who only acts brave because of his own armor and nothing else. Mirror M, suddenly smacking Grandis to where his own claws shatter a bit due to Grandis's insane durability while staying still, clutches his hand in pain and begins to shout at Grandis that he has no reason to feel as down as he is considering how Mirror M did not hold back whatsoever in trying to attack Grandis, and not only did Grandis not have a single scratch on him, but he never even reacted to getting hit.

A few days passed, and Centauri is temporarily checking on Mirror M due to how hard he hurt his hand from trying to scratch Grandis's near invulnerable skin, as Mirror M was soothed heavily by Centauri more than he ever allowed himself to be. Until this point, Mirror M knew of some of his past memories regarding Sophia, and vowed to never let himself get the same level of closeness to Centauri in fear of harming her. Centauri, apparently hearing his thoughts, asks for Mirror M to close his eyes as she moves to apply some skin treatment to Mirror M's hand; she's actually bluffing and when Mirror M closes his eyes, she kisses him out of the blue, causing Mirror M to near panic until he breaks and finally allows Centauri to enter his life as Grandis and Ultima had intended her to do to begin with. Centauri, vowing to never let Mirror M harm her, as Mirror M removes some loose cloth on his signature scarf, and wraps it around Centauri's left wrist, as Centauri is confused, until Mirror M basically says he's choosing her as his future wife, and the scarf she now has on her wrist is to showcase to everyone how much he cares for her safety, as he slowly be reassuringly hugs her, all the while properly proposing to her as Centauri agrees to it, feeling completely at bliss that Mirror M is finally opening up to her. After this point, Mirror M is noticeably far less hostile than he ever was prior to this, and although his is still noted for having a temper, it is mainly because Mirror M does have a fondness for trash-talking his opponents if they happen to be utterly defenseless against him, or to outright taunt them into trying to make a wrong move at him.

Bomberman Classic: Defiance Arc

Mirror M, due to his emotional connection with Centauri, decided to propose to her, unaware of the emotional train wreck both of them would soon suffer. Centauri, noting the type of ring Mirror M had to propose to her, begins suddenly expositting about some of her past abilities, and offers a spar against Mirror M since she'll finally be powerful enough to match Mirror M in her old form... unaware both of them would battle for a near full week before Centauri seemingly dies of severe fatigue, and Mirror M's left eye is blinded. Mirror M is sent into despair about her death, to the point he mercilessly thrashed Darigus without provocation, knowing full well if Centauri dies, he'll make sure Darigus suffers til the end of time, something Darigus so heavily believes due to how sudden Mirror M's aggression rose to levels he had never seen before, and does everything he can to prevent Centauri from dying, even when Centauri is trying to commit suicide because of the revelation of what she actually is finally taking hold of her.

Mirror M, attempting to comfort her as best as he can, finally realizes the problem to the solution; Dogma, since if wasn't for Dogma having been so overly paranoid of her past self, this never would've happened. With that in mind, Mirror M transforms into Phase 4 (Omega Platinum) and immediately bum rushes the entire Primordial Ocean the moment he leaves orbit from his insane flight speed, to the point the various Angels that try and stop Mirror M are drilled through due to how insanely quick Mirror M is in trying to reach Dogma's location. Upon finding Dogma, Dogma doesn't even try to put up a fight against Mirror M on purpose until Mirror M ends up going so far as to nearly succeed in killing him. When Dogma's self defense instincts kick in, though, it's already too late; Mirror M suddenly and abruptly reveals his originally long dormant Phase 5 Form (Infinity-Grade Dragozaur) and outright kills Dogma in a bright explosion that lights up the entire Primordial Ocean due to how immensely huge Dogma's halo was when it shattered upon the fatal blow.

The Winds of Existence, suddenly revealing itself to be the true master of Dogma, is outright impressed by Mirror M's ascension to such an extreme level of power, and considers Mirror M as a replacement for Dogma. Mirror M, disgusted by the idea, flips off the Winds of Existence and tells the entity to simply bring back Dogma and have the bastard stay out of his and Centauri's life if any of them know what is good for them, since otherwise Mirror M threatens he'll do this again if he ultimately has to. The Winds of Existence, legitimately believing Mirror M's intentions, revives Dogma as Mirror M departs in a hurry back to his own homeworld, as the various Angels of the Primordial Ocean now fear Mirror M as he is considered an equal to Alpha was, and nickname him "Omega" in response to Mirror M's sheer rage and power.

When Mirror M arrives back at HQ, he finds an awakening Centauri seeking his comfort, having finally settled on her mind that even though she was programmed to love Mirror M, she now truly does love him since now that the programming she originally had was gone, she can now state her own will. Mirror M is simply glad Centauri is healthy again, and calls himself out for his own arrogance, only for Centauri to promise Mirror M that everything will be alright for them now. As Mirror M calms himself, the two of them kiss after Centauri finally answers Mirror M as to whether or not she'll marry him as he originally proposed to her, and later that day, Ultima personally ascends Mirror M and Centauri into a place among the Ultimorian Deities due to both of their histories with Dogma, and the fact given that Mirror M had accomplished what no other being had even dared attempted to do, Mirror M's sheer anger and recklessness came off more as bravery and determination to seek one's own true path rather than letting somebody else decide it for them. After joking thinking about possibly killing the Ultimorian Deities here and now between Mirror M and Centauri, they both agree to the position of Ultimorian Deity status and Grandis is more than relieved to note he no longer has to put either of the two on the Black List after deliberately stalling to make sure the two remained unharmed due to the trauma they had both went through.

After a long trip through the comic proving to be more than troublesome for both of them, Mirror M and Centauri's wedding is among the many happy moments that Bomberman Classic ends on. However, while this is the end of the story for Bomberman Classic, the story that Grandis has in mind next will involve a highly vital mission that Grandis and Ultima have come to learn about now that Mirror M and Centauri are both just like them; killing an unidentified AI that is believed to be older than the Neo Ultimorian Era itself. The events that follow lead into the events of The Blue Tri as a direct result, due to Omnicron serving as the final antagonist for that particular series over the other options.


The Blue Tri

Mirror M is scheduled to appear in Season 3 of The Blue Tri, which also will depict a brief summary of Mirror M's creation in the opening pages of his chapter. Like Tyrannox Mk II, Mirror M completely bypasses Omnicron's 900M phase due to his Omnidirectional Nuke that he can create, which not only destroyed all seven of Omnicron's cores in this phase, but completely rendered an entire planet to mere fragments in the process. However, it was clear from Mirror M's intentions that he had a very valid reason for destroying this particular planet outright when given the chance.

Mirror M, although he showcases a Phase 5 Form in Bomberman Classic's last few arcs, doesn't ultimately wind up using it at all until the final confrontation against Omnicron, but is demolished by Omnicron almost immediately before his transformation into Infinity-Grade Dragozaur can properly finish. However, by the time KeraKing arrives in the final most chapter, and all of the Ultimorian Deities had been revived by KeraKing's powers, Mirror M explicitly uses his Phase 5 Form in the final 13 strikes against Omnicron's soul, as Omnicron's body is destroyed by Dogma.

Although not depicted in the actual comic's end, there is planned to be a final artwork of Mirror M, Centauri, Darigus, and the other four members of the Trinity Five (Zenith/Darigus Sr., Sophia, Shade, Metal M) all being united together in their final phase forms, as they all gaze into the sunset of what is implied to be their original, true homeworld of origin from many trillions of years ago during Old Ultimoria's existence; the Trinity Era version of Ultimoria.

Chapter 38: Divine Light
Alright then... what is the most dangerous being currently alive in this very universe?
~ Plio as he browses through the computers in Shiramu Inc.'s office, which results in Mirror M being displayed.

When Plio breaks into the Shiramu Inc. office building out of sheer desperation to find something to kill off Chimera with, Plio searches up the most dangerous asset the company has, and ends up getting Mirror M as a result. After "summoning" Mirror M, Plio rushes out of the building as Mirror M chases him due to him mistaking Plio for an intruder. Once Mirror M confronts Chimera, Mirror M and Chimera clash to the point Chimera's true level of power is revealed by the fact Chimera can actually withstand a lot of Mirror M's attacks, but ultimately it ends with Mirror M tearing apart Chimera in the end.

Crossover Material

Mirror M's true origins are to be revealed in a Star Fox comic made by Shiramu-Kuromu in which Mirror M takes the role of a Mewtwo-esque Bio-Weapon engineered by the Venomian Empire and becomes far too powerful to properly control. Despite being a hero in his later appearances, Mirror M is considered the main antagonist of this particular comic. The comic's current working title is "Through the Mirror", and Mirror M's portrayal does pave the path for how he's later portrayed in Neo-Ultimorian Canon. However, in this particular story featuring Mirror M as a main star, there's much, MUCH more about Mirror M's meta-concepts that are explained here that were ultimately abandoned for his Neo Canon incarnation. Not to mention, this is thus far the ONLY role Mirror M has in which his real name will be spoken.

In an alternate canon of Bomberman Classic (AKA the actual canon), Mirror M is treated more or less as a flat out villain when he debuts, and actually lacks his transformation abilities. In fact, his abilities are different from his usual fighting style during his temporary time as an antagonist.

In an RP called "New Paradox", Mirror M's origins take an alternate route to the corrupting influence that The Burning Legion has on a special scenario that the rest of Shiramu Inc. is forced to be completely absent for. Due to the nature of the RP, it is considered non-canon for Mirror M's overall story.

Another story involves Mirror M just after his defeat at the hands of Grandis, and involves Mirror M getting temporarily stranded in the Code Lyoko universe as a result. Mirror M's transition from a villain to hero are meant to be showcased in this story in particular.

Design Notes

The biggest problem I always had with Mirror M was the fact he didn't have anything "unique" going for him for the longest time, and that when I originally designed him, he was a blatant self insert. Then again, considering the types of situations he was involved in, I do in fact believe it was deliberate and intentional that he was like that. Regardless, I still consider Grandis to be the Author Avatar due to the fact Grandis better expresses my own beliefs than Mirror M does.
~ Shiramu-Kuromu's thoughts on Mirror M.
The fact he has so many donors in his genetic makeup is not just his greatest strength, but also his greatest weakness; he has to be extremely cautious or else his own genetic instability will be what ultimately does him in more than anything else would in comparison. He has much more to fear from being torn apart by his own overly conflicting DNA than he does any other type of opponent.
~ Shiramu-Kuromu on Mirror M's greatest weakness but also defining strength.

Originally, Mirror M started off as a character known as "Marty", and blatantly ripped off Bomberman, DBZ, and later, Digimon. His reign in the Author's mind lasted until 2008, where he was decommissioned in favor of the "first" true OC named "Ghost Raptor", and in term, Xilatealeon and Dragora followed suit. Marty, however, was later brought back when the Author decided to merge the three separate continuities into one singular universe, with each continuity being a different period of time, all of which later expanded upon. When the identity of Marty was killed off, the reason was because too many characters went by the name of Marty that the Author decided to either alter or remove said characters. Currently, the only character to use the name Marty anymore is the main protagonist of the Author's Nuzlocke Series. The Author goes by whatever username he goes by, and Grandis goes by the alternate spelling of Martin when in human form. This Marty was then changed to Mirror M as a result.

How Mirror M gained his abilities as he's known for them today depends on whether or not Mirror M is either OOC or In-Character. In his OOC origins, Mirror M's powers were obtained the same way described further up on this same page. In his In-Character origins, Mirror M acquired his transformed states due to genetic infusions with various Charaboms (Pokemon-like creatures from Bomberman), and the robotic or genetic material of past evil Bomberman used by Bagura in an attempt to create the ultimate soldier. Due to some canons depicting Charaboms as having evolution lines, Mirror M acquired more than one form by simply evolving the default form into a higher phase just like a typical Charabom would. Most of Mirror M's genetic DNA on his Charabom half comes from the Charabom known as "Dorako", a Ceratosaurus-like Charabom that gives most of Phase 2 and 3's abilities to Mirror M. Mirror M's robotic half, however, are heavy influences on Phase 3 and 4, to the point Phase 4 looks more like a fully armored version of Phase 1 (default form), but is physically unstable to properly function when Mirror M is treated In-Character.

In the Neo Canon, all Bomberman type Ultimorians (Mirror M, Centauri, and Darigus) have an OOC mode (their identities as Ultimorians), and an In-Character mode (their identities as typical Bomberman OCs), and each mode has a differing personality, origin, and ability set from the other. For example, Mirror M is one of the most dreaded Ultimorians when OOC, but when In-Character, he's not that hard to beat (although he is still a Super-Boss type of enemy due to his massive amount of HP). Centauri's characterization and origins are completely different when In-Character, as In-Character, she's basically an actual Goddess, whereas her OOC self is just an overly powerful Angel in ranking. Darigus's differences are minimal, but that's solely because of the fact Darigus lacks most of the odd design choices of Mirror M and Centauri, as Darigus, in both OOC and In-Character, is supposed to be a shapeless wraith of the Infernal Void who takes on the form of whoever is his eternal rival, but in his own rendition instead (as in, more demonic or evil looking than who he copies).

In comparison, the villain Chronicle King has two separate designs for his OOC and In-Character mode. In OOC, he's an Imp and not much else. When In-Character, he's an Imp who masquerades (pathetically) as the villain Bowser due to worshiping the guy.

Design notes have existed for a Phase 5 Mirror M form for a long time. In the original concepts, when Mirror M was much more blatantly ripping off other media, the design looked a lot like Omegamon of Digimon, who ironically influenced Mirror M having the letter "Omega" reference in either some of his forms or for the name of Phase 4 (Omega Platinum). In the most recent (yet not final) design for Phase 5 Mirror M, called "Infinity-Grade Dragozaur", Mirror M transforms directly from Phase 4 into a more Eastern Dragon variation of Dragozaur mixing in all aspects of Mirror M, giving Mirror M a blond mane, and overall having Mirror M shine a very intense gold to the point Mirror M's only known attack used in this form, against Dogma, caused an explosion so bright that the entirety of the Primordial Ocean was lit up by the impact between Infinity-Grade Dragozaur and Dogma's physical body.

To date, Infinity-Grade Dragozaur is currently the only known being who has ever succeeded in killing Dogma, to the point the true nature of Dogma's existence is revealed as a direct consequence, with another consequence being that defying Dogma's strict will is considered a very brave action in the eyes of Ultima, to the point that is the reason why Ultima wanted Mirror M, alongside Centauri, to be promoted to Ultimorian Deities near the end of Bomberman Classic. In The Blue Tri, Mirror M returns in Chapter 38, a bit later than when Centauri makes her debut oddly enough, but the reason for Mirror M being late being that Omnicron had strayed dangerously close to Shiramu Inc.'s HQ and thus Mirror M stayed behind to aid in keeping Omnicron from finding the location. In Chapter 38, Mirror M doesn't utilize Phase 5, but instead sticks to Phase 4. Apparently, according to Chimera's "thoughts" in this chapter, Chimera and Mirror M apparently had some... unusual history with each other...

You and I are no different from each other, hybrid... Look at who we are compared to everyone else! We are both unique! A combination of the best of all beasts from various worlds! Why do you side with a doomed species when yours can be reborn back to what it once was in the glory days of Ultimoria?!
~ Chimera's thoughts to Mirror M as translated by William Kenson.

Mirror M, alongside Darigus's father known as Zenith, is among a group of five Bomberman OCs with Digimon-like aspects known as the group called "The Trinity Five". Each of them were based off of a specific Digimon in regards to how each of them got their powers; Mirror M is specifically based off of Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, whereas Zenith is based specifically off of Lucemon Satan Mode. Centauri, due to being separate from Sophia of the Trinity Five, has Ofanimon as a basis for her powers, whereas Sophia focuses more on Holydramon. The other two are based off of MetalGarurumon (Shade) and ShineGreymon (Metal M), but the latter two (currently) do not have access to any kind of transformation. In addition, Sophia no longer has access to her transformed mode either. Only Mirror M, Darigus (Zenith's son), and Centauri have access to any kind of transformation in the current time.

It is also noted that Omega Platinum is actually more closely based on Digimon's Magnamon, but Shiramu-Kuromu deemed the comparison too sensitive of a subject to outright talk about, be it meta-wise or in-universe, since the latter involves how Omega Platinum's final gambit attack, which is a near copy of Magnamon's Extreme Jihad attack, is called "Oblivion Burst", which is named after a very, VERY notorious villain from the older eras of Ultimoria in particular. For the same reason, this is also why Phase 5 Mirror M exists, since otherwise, the attack used to kill Dogma would be this one in particular.

Mirror M, as stated numerous times above, is a Bomberman analog to the Pokemon Mewtwo, although his actual power level sometimes borders into that of Rayquaza's in addition to Mewtwo. Both Pokemon in particular are noted as having Mega Evolutions which make both of them, as of writing, tie for the highest BST of any Pokemon. While Arceus has the highest BST of any non-transformed Pokemon, it is noted that Mirror M is not influenced by Arceus since while Mirror M is considered a deity due to his sheer power, he is unable to be compared to Arceus solely because he is a completely different type of deity than Arceus's Creator Deity status, and also lacks many of Arceus's exclusive traits.

The subplot after The Blue Tri and several other stories which involves Mirror M "cheating" on Centauri are a reference to Mirror M's original incarnation of having cheated on his original love interest and had sex with women without her knowing about it, even having kids with other women while he was still married to who was supposed to be his "true love". In hindsight, it became viewed as highly unsympathetic of Mirror M's old self to had done so, and even more unsympathetic with how his so called true love was able to just be okay with it.

In the Post-Series content relating to Bomberman Classic, the scenario is similar but heavily altered to keep both protagonists as sympathetic and give each a reason for their behavior; Mirror M was scared shitless of accidentally killing Centauri via sex if his genes were unstable to the point mere fertilization with her to try and have a kid could kill her or not, and Centauri, while upset at first, asked Grandis and Ultima not only what her problem was in her timidness to ask for sex, but also asked if Mirror M was also having a genetic reason for allegedly cheating on her. Due to her question in general, they told her the truth entirely about what Mirror M was actually doing; he was trying to find a way to allow them to give a modification to Centauri's own genes so that Mirror M's high chromosome count will equal whatever they alter her own chromosome count to have, because Mirror M is correct about his fears of his genes being unstable to where fertilization would've killed her otherwise, and thus Mirror M became desperate to find a way to make sure Centauri's own genes could handle sexual reproduction with him.


  • Mirror M shares the record with Kerason and KeraMaster for the oldest characters from which the author has created, but for obvious reasons, it wasn't until a more outlandish backstory as to why Mirror M looks the way he does and have the powers he has came to be that allowed Mirror M to properly appear in any actual series made by the author.
  • Mirror M's designs as Platinum Dragozaur kept frequently changing between a clawed hand, a gun hand, until finally a sword hand as the final design.
  • Mirror M's origins can be interpreted as a reference to both Mewtwo and Chimeramon. Chimeramon was a genetic fusion of many different Digimon to create it, similar to how Mugendramon is a more technological version of Chimeramon. In regards to his similarity to Mewtwo, both Mewtwo and Mirror M left a complete wreck of the original location they were cloned to life at, and were never seen again until the main protagonist of their own plot lines encountered them and battled them, where they joined the protagonist's side immediately afterwards (Potentially for Mewtwo's case, though).
  • It is unknown which traits from Goku and Vegeta Mirror M inherited from both of them from his own cloning.
  • When evolving into a higher form, Mirror M uses the same roll call as Plio Kenson for transformations, in which he will announce the name of the form and say the phrase "Charge Up!" immediately afterwards, as follows:
Omega Platinum! Charge Up!
~ Mirror M activating his transformed state.
Kerason! Charge Up!
~ Plio Kenson before transforming into Kerason.
  • Mirror M's official art features him in a slightly more detailed version of his Bomberman Classic design. In other words, his eyes actually have much more detail to them, but are drawn just as they are in his Bomberman Classic appearance because this particular depiction looked better, so future appearances will depict him with the same eyes seen on his official art.
  • Mirror M, Grandis, and one other character used to all share the same name as "Marty" in their true forms. However, to lessen who had the name, Mirror M's name was changed to it's current form, Grandis's name became the name of both the individual and the armor, and the third Marty had his name unchanged.
  • Mirror M's canon self actually doesn't speak and has a different personality altogether from his non-canon self seen in the introduction of Bomberman Classic.
  • Although it's never used as such, Omega Platinum's "HYPER CANNON" attachment is capable of completely disintegrating a target if a finisher summon type of attack is used against him.
  • Similar to the lines above, Phase 5 Mirror M has a command to transform into that form. However, since Phase 4 is required as the current form to utilize it, the command is as follows:
Omega Platinum! Infinity Charge!!
~ Mirror M Phase 4 calling out his transformation into Phase 5 Mirror M.
  • While most of Mirror M's Phase Forms are either based on the Greymon line or the Imperialdramon line, Phase 5 Mirror M is based specifically off of Fanglongmon in regards to sheer power alone, in addition to the overall motif even though Infinity-Grade Dragozaur isn't entirely gold in color like Fanglongmon, and is much more serpent-like as an Eastern Dragon based design. Due to such, Phase 5 incorporates elements from Fanglongmon and the Pokemon Rayquaza, which in turn makes Phase 5 a reference to a Rayquaza expy Charabom from which Dragozaur is distantly related to, and is revered as a Deity from the ancient past.
  • The version of Dragozaur seen in the latest pic is not going to be how Dragozaur's look in Bomberman Classic is going to look... permanently, that is...


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