Milton Trannerisk
Trannerisk 45
Milton and his pet dog, Barkley



Full Name

Milton Trannerisk


The Alchemist
The Exalted Dr. Trannerisk




Ember Alchemist


Charm, Heal All, Heal Self, Identify, Ember Bolt, Ember Shield, Thorned Minions, Pet Mastery, Can summon a pack of Nether Imps, Can construct Alchemical and Beam Golems, Expert dual wielder


Researching ember, bartering, appraising magical items


Brink, Syl, Trista Vale, H'tarvius, Banksy Koiner


Master Alric, Brink the Corrupted


Barkley (pet dog)

Milton Trannerisk is an ember alchemist who traveled to the mountain town of Torchlight to investigate the ember to be found there. Upon arrival he got wrapped up in the struggle between Ordrak and Master Alric's forces and those of Syl and the citizens of the town itself.

Background history

Early life

Milton was apprenticed under an unnamed alchemical master early on in his life, although his master let him return home often to visit with his parents. At the age of 13, his parents gave him a dog which he named Barkley. His master was at first apprehensive to let the animal in his quarters but quickly took notice of the growing bond between the two, and Milton trained his companion to aid him, able to carry supplies and fetch objects for him.

Saving Torchlight

Milton had been in town mere moments before he heard a commotion emanating from the mine shaft entrance. Running over to see what was happening, he found two other adventurers fighting off an invasion of monsters. Another two travelers also joined the fight, and one of them - a female - created a forcefield to protect the rest. As she struggled to keep it open one of the other fighters, a bearded man, chased after the invasion force's leader. The group joined together and the weakened mage - a seer named Syl - returned to the middle of town to rest. The remaining four adventurers - Brink, a mercenary; Trista, a vanquisher; and H'tarvius, a barbaric destroyer of the Order of Strongth - continued on to attempt to rescue Syl's master, a man named Alric.

He was there to watch as Alric sacrificed his own life to awaken the great dragon, Ordrak, who controlled the corrupted ember veins. He took it upon himself to prevent Ordrak from moving beyond the mountain now that he was freed, aided by Trisha and H'tarvius. Ordrak was successfully slain, though Trannerisk continued to hear the whispering of the ember. Trying to ignore the voice, he continued into the Shadow Vault...

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