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Miggi is the titular main protagonist of the Miggi-series.She is a beautiful,attractive,cute and naive Miggiling and the only female one of her species.She has to deal everyday with the dangers of the world.
Miggi (3)
File:Miggi's Boobs Bare.jpg
File:Miggi's Boobs Bare.jpg
Torturer Death
Miggi Kombat Z-Make a Fatality!
Miggi in Wax
Miggi is kidnapped
Mysterios Mass Death
Worm Death
Tentacle Death
Miggis first kiss...
Piranha Death
Tentacle Death
Miggi verwandelt sich von innen nach außen
Die Mörderpuppe
Miggis Ways to Die Cover
Airplane Death
Horror-Slime-Mass Death
Water Swirl Death
Ghost Death
Der perverse Schleimzombie

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