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Maya Deyanira



Sophia Summerdust

Other Aliases

Shadow Angel of Kindness, Respect, and Romance


Zenith (Husband, protector)
Darigus (Biological Son)
Dakuredi (Biological daughter)
Mirror M (Reincarnation of her former lover)
Centauri "Nurse-chan" (secret student)
Silvatron (Close friend)


Replacement Local School Principal (The Blue Tri)
High Queen of Shadow Angels (Hidden identity)


To ensure those who are innocent are safe.
To unearth and place bounties on criminals who abuse the innocent and/or young.


The Dinoids, any Elder who isn't Zenith, Dogma/Aesir, Kagubot, Granjia, Omnicron

Type of Hero

Contradicting being


No less than 90 years old in human form (physical)
No less than 100 years old in true form (physical)
Many, many, many eons old (actual age)

Maya Deyanira, also known as Sophia Summerdust in her true form, is an Ultimorian being of many contradictions as to her existence. She is a Fallen Angel, and while she lives in an place filled with evil beings, and her husband is the High King of Evil himself known as Zenith, she herself is not actually evil. As a result, her two children, Darigus and Dakuredi, both represent at least part of herself in addition to part of Zenith's own being, meaning they are a hybrid of the most powerful villain, and among the most powerful angels from her former dominion. She did not actually serve Dogma, since her former sect actually opposed Dogma in secret. Her true nature, in comparison to both her human and true forms, is that her actual physical body is rather alien in nature in comparison to her two primary forms, which her actual true form is never able to be seen at all. In her human form, she serves as the highest ranking agent of the Infernal Void in the physical realm, and she immediately alerts local authorities in secret about criminals due to her ability to near immediately detect evil or negative emotions meant to be used in criminal activity. Once she replaced the former principal of Plio's school permanently, she laid off a good chunk of teachers solely because of the fact she quickly detected their true, vile natures, and put bounties on them since she did not want these humans alive anymore due to how harmful they were being to minors.


As an Angel, her appearance in regards to her divine attributes outrank Centauri in every way despite being a different category of angel. Her powers, though, is what makes her look so different. She is noted as having no less than 12 wings, each of which black in coloration, and her eyes of violet are near identical to Mirror M's eyes, just not as colorful in look. Also like Mirror M, her eyes can glow an intense red whenever she scans the area and becomes hostile towards something, due to the fact she originates from the same timeline as Mirror M's past incarnation to be able to do so.

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