Dreams save us. Dreams lift us up and transform us. And on my soul I swear: until my dream where dignity, honor, and justice becomes the reality we all share I'll never stop fighting. Ever.
~ Maturin
You will give the people of all universes an ideal to strive towards! They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Maturin. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.
~ Aslan about Maturin
See the Turtle of Enormous Girth"

"On his shell he holds the Earth." "His thought is slow, but always kind." "He holds us all within his mind." "On his back all vows are made;" "He sees the truth but mayn't aid." "He loves the land and loves the sea," "And even loves a child like me.

~ A poem about Maturin and the poem that is en-carved in his statue.

Maturin is the main deuteragonist of the Disney/Cartoon Network/Adult Swim crossover universe. He is a omnipotent turtle who created the universe and must assist our heroes in taking down his evil brother, Gan.


It is a remarkable dichotomy. In many ways, Maturin is the most human of us all. Then...he shoots fire from the skies, and it is difficult not to think of him as a god. And how fortunate we all are that it does not occur to him.
~ Brian Griffin

Maturin is an extremely moral person, believing it immoral to kill anyone under any circumstances, and will do whatever he can to avoid it. Maturin often tries to see the best in people, even his brother Gan. Maturin's upbringing in the Tirabidan largely contributes to this, as his brothers raised him to do the right thing.


Maturin, along with his other 12 brothers, was created by the One, an absolute omnipotent, unseen entity to protect and create the Macroverse. Maturin was given the status of God of Creation, which gave him the ability to create life out nothing, and was given the body of a box turtle. 


Although Maturin does not appear in the movie, he can be seen on a mural inside the Naturalist Club. 

Maturin (the movie)

At the beginning of the film, Maturin was attending the creation of Tatoonie, a planet he created with the permission of his brothers. 

Maturin and Aslan

Maturin was a lively and playful Guardian, being the most social of the Guardians and often trying to be the mortal's hero, but had difficulty due to his inexperience. Maturin was sparring with his brother Saramic the Hare, a fight Maturin just barely won. Saramic congratulates Maturin, but then states that he was holding back to not hurt him too much, a comment Maturin shrugs off. When he finds his brother Aslan the God of Peace asleep, he starts to wake them up. He recalls that Aslan had promised to show him the Macroverse. Finally, Aslan gets up. Maturin happily flies ahead of his brother. 

Aslan and Maturin fly up into deep space, gazing at the Macroverse. Aslan goes on to say if he was to ever die, Maturin will become the new leader of the Guardians. As they go flying through the Macroverse, Aslan tells Maturin about the ways of being a Guardian, explaining that they protect every living thing "from the crawling ant to the giant octopus" and be the best person they can be. Maturin then asks why Gan and Jorli (the God of Consumption and Destruction, respectively) destroy things rather than protect them. Aslan comments that they do it to prevent overpopulation and that "the Macroverse can only get so big." While they are walking, Jorli, gives the lion a morning report. Maturin, bored, tries to practice flying. After some instruction from his brother, Maturin succeeds in pinning down Jorli. As Jorli is on his back, a pig-like creature pops up beneath him and informs Jorli and Aslan that there is a dangerous Hydra loose in Tirabidan (which, unbeknownst to them, was released by Gan), which Maturin, Jorli and Aslan attend to.

First Monster Kill 

After Aslan fails to calm down the Hydra and is almost killed by it, Maturin flies in, punching the Hydra to the ground. The Hydra surprises Maturin by approaching him from the back, forcing the hero into combat until the monster lunges at him and knocks him into the ground. Gan begins to watch the fight from the shadows, hoping the untrained turtle is killed in the fray. Maturin stuns the beast by firing lasers into its mouth through his eyes, but Maturin's powers, being weak from under-training, has no real effect of the hydra and it laughs. When the monster next strikes, Maturin holds its mouth open and slams it head into the ground, giving him time to grab his lightsaber via the Force. However, the Hydra wraps its tongue around his ankle, hurls him into the air, and swallows him. While in the monster's throat, Maturin decapitates it with his lightsaber from the inside-out. The hero is again lured into a false sense of security before, as Gan expects to happen, the Hydra sprouts three more heads. It chases down Maturin and causes the spectators of Tirabidan to scatter. Maturin then begins flying and fights back, to little avail. With each head he chops off, three more grow. Maturin is knocked off balance in air and falls into the the monster's forest of heads, he barely makes it through before he is send flying through the air. The Hydra then grabs him and as it is about to finishes the young hero off, Maturin notices a rocky cliff that he quickly punches which courses an avalanche of rocks to fall. The Hydra froze as both of its heads look up in fear, when it and Maturin are soon buried and crushed, finally killing the Hydra for good. All that is seen of the Hydra after the rock slide was it's right arm, Aslan, Shardik and Gan then thought that Maturin was now dead, however all the sudden the Hyrda's arm started moving, the people at first thinking that the Hydra is still alive, until it was revealed to be none other then Maturin who survived, using his indestructible shell as a shield from the rocks. Everyone soon started cheering for Maturin as the light shine on a new hero, much to Gan's utter anger. Maturin returns to Aslan amist a cheering crowd, hoping for praise, but Aslan scolds Maturin for foolishly running in to fight Hydra without permission before walking away. 

Aslan's Palace

Within Aslan's palace, Alsan calls Maturin in the throne room. Maturin hides in his shell when he hears that Aslan wants to speak with him. Jorli then comes to the young turtle, putting his paw on Maturin's shoulder, he wishes him good luck. A little scared, Maturin sends one last look at Jorli, who leaves. Aslan then calls Maturin to come to him. Once by the lion's side, Maturin is admonished by his brother, who expresses disappointment in him and anger that he'd disobeyed. Maturin says that he had been trying to be brave and heroic like him, but Aslan explains that even Guardians get scared, just as he had been that day because he'd almost lost Maturin. No longer so scared, Maturin jokes that the hydra should had been even more scared. In response, Aslan playfully says, "Because no one messes with my brother!" He then picks Maturin up and gives him a playful noogie. After wrestling together under the sky, Aslan tells Maturin about their father, the One, who is looking down on them from the stars. He reminds Maturin that whenever he feels alone, the One will always be there to guide him, as will Aslan.


A few months later, Gan, who had been planning to kill Maturin and Aslan in order to become leader, makes a deal with an invader named Jirnor and tells him to attack the new planet Tatoonie, which will trigger the Guardians to protect it which Jirnor agrees to. While Maturin dreams of being a hero, Jorli arrives to inform Maturin that Tatooine is under attack, much to Maturin's excitement, as it is a chance to prove himself to Aslan. 

Maturin and the Guardians arrive to fight Jirnor's forces (except for Aslan, who cannot fight due to his peaceful ways), which they seem to be easily defeating. However, as Maturin is fighting the forces of Jirnor, he see's Aslan's lifeless body on the ground. Seeing this, Maturin flies off to Aslan's corpse. Hoping that his brother isn't dead, he tries to revive him. Realizing that Aslan is neither moving nor breathing, he calls for help but starts to cry when he realizes that there is no hope. After a while of crying and regret, Maturin flies off into deep space in self-exile.

Maturin lands on the deserted  ice planet Shiek, where he promises to train himself and hone with skills for the next few years, swearing to the One that he will not fail the mortals like he failed his brothers.

Post-Training and Saving Shardik

45 years later, Maturin has trained relentlessly and became more powerful than he had ever been, letting his brother's death fuel his might. Maturin decided to fly for the first time in years and speeds across the entire planet within nanoseconds, breaking the sound barrier and flying around in empty space for awhile. 

Lightyears away, Gan's right-hand Jirnor knocks out Shardik the Bear and drags him to a volcano, tying him to the side of it with unbreakable chains. Gan arrives tells Shardik the truth about Aslan and that Shardik was next to die. Gan then revealed he also kidnapped Shardik's new-born baby and taunts Shardik, saying he could kill the baby but decided that father and son must die together. He chained the baby next to Shardik and, using his tail, loosened the piece of rock the two were chained on, causing the bear and his son to slowly descend into the lava. Gan watched with satisfaction before leaving. Little did Gan know was that Maturin, who had been training for the past years, had rescued his brother and his son after Gan left. Shardik hugs Maturin, thanking him and saying he missed him. He tries to explain to Maturin the fate of the Macroverse under Gan's reign, trying to persuade him to go back, since he is their only hope. Despite his desperation, he refuses. Disappointed with Maturin's new behavior, he tells him that he isn't the Maturin he knows, the mortals know and remembers, to which he admits that he isn't. Then Maturin asks him if he is now satisfied, and Shardik declines, saying while he is thankful for saving his life, he is just disappointed in his decision. Maturin tells him that he is starting to sound like Aslan, to which he replies, "Good! At least one of us does!" Enraged, Maturin yells at him and then flies away in a huff. Alone in a grassy field, he yells to the sky at Aslan for not being there for him when he'd promised years earlier that he would. Maturin then labels the blame on himself, hanging his head in shame.


Soon, Maturin notices his brother, Kree the Fish singing in a lake. Trying to get away from him, Maturin goes to lie down away from the fish. Kree spots Maturin and levitates to him in a water bubble for "air". Kree refuses to leave him alone, so Maturin asks him who he is, pretending to not know who he is. However, in response, Kree asks Maturin who he is. Maturin doesn't know anymore, and after Kree chants in his ear, the fish tells Maturin that he is Aslan's brother. Surprised to hear Aslan's name, Maturin chases the wise fish and asks him if he'd known his brother, to which Kree corrects Maturin and tells him that he knows his brother. After Maturin sadly tells him that Aslan had died a long time ago, Kree tells Maturin that he is wrong again and explains to him that Aslan is still alive. The fish leads Maturin to a stream, and as he remarks that he only sees his reflection, Aslan tells Maturin to look harder. The reflection ripples and becomes Aslan's face. At the same time, Maturin hears Aslan calling to him from the sky, and Maturin instantly recognizes him, astonishingly asking, "Brother?" In answer, Aslan accuses his brother of forgetting him, to which Maturin denies him and asks how he possibly could.

Aslan tells his brother that he has forgotten who he is and his own place in the Macroverse. He then reminds Maturin that he is his brother and the one true leader of the Guardians. Maturin chases Aslan's disappearing form in the sky, begging him not to leave him, with his brother repeating, "Remember."

Kree approaches Maturin again and listens to him discussing how he will have to face his past if he is to return. Kree then whacks him on the head with his tail, causing Maturin some pain, and teaches him the lesson that even though things are in the past, they can still hurt, but one should learn from them. As Kree swings his tail again, Maturin dodges it. Kree notices this and asks Maturin what he is going to do, to which Maturin tells the fish that he is going to take his tail off first. The fish playfully attempts the smack Maturin again, but Maturin blocks the swing and spins Kree in circles. However, as soon as Kree regains control, Maturin has already left to fight Gan and take back his place as the leader of the Guardians of the Macroverse. Overjoyed, Kree proceeds to cheer Maturin on from a distance, encouraging him to go back.

Confronting Gan

Arriving back home to Tirabidan, Maturin is shocked at the dry, barren condition that the once green and fertile land is in. As Maturin moves through Tirabidan, the Guardians (excluding Kree and Gan) catch up to help him battle Gan. As they make their way to Tirabidan, they find their way blocked by Arachnids, and Maturin instructs the Eagle and Wolf to divert the spiders so that he can slip past them. Maturin then tells Shardik to rally his bear army while he searches for Gan. He freezes in horror as he hears his brother Saramic's name yelled out by Gan, then watches as Gan and Saramic speak. Gan pretends to be concerned about the disappearance of Shardik as Saramic uses to force and begins to uncover Gan's attempted murder, to which Gan slices Saramic across the face, cutting his cheek. Gan then revealed to Saramic that he killed Aslan and that he was next. Upon seeing Saramic get struck down by Gan, along with hearing Gan admit he was responsible for Aslan's death via super-hearing, Maturin tackles Gan at super-speed, furiously punching him as they fly around the planet. 

Maturin subdues Gan in the middle of Tirabidan amongst a cheering crowd of people, putting him in a choke-hold. Filled with shock and rage, Maturin strangles Gan before loosening his grip. Maturin forces his brother to confess out loud, which leads to a tremendous battle. The spiders and Jirnor ambush Maturin, forcing the Guardians, including a returning Kree to charge in and wipe out the spiders. Maturin then chases his brother to the inside of Aslan's palace, where he finally corners Gan.

Gan vs Maturin

The old spider pleads for mercy as he puts the blame on Jirnor. Fed up with all the lies that his brother has told him, Maturin chooses not to kill Gan, because he doesn't want to become the monster that Gan is. Instead, he spares his life by telling Gan to run away and never return. Seemingly obeying Maturin's orders, Gan appears to concede, but then shocks his brother by unleashing a torrent of force lightning at Maturin. After Maturin powers through the lightning and attacks Gan, Gan teleports both of them to the volcano Gan previously tried to kill Shardik on. Gan engages in a fight with Maturin that ends when Maturin cuts off 7 out of eight of Gan's legs, causing Gan to fall dangerously close to the lava. As Gan slowly slides closer to the lava, Maturin, heartbroken over his brother's fall to the dark side, berated Gan, stating that Gan was a Guardian and was meant to save the Macroverse. Gan shouted back that he hated Maturin, his eyes pure red with hate. Maturin tearfully expressed his sadness over Gan's fate, telling him how he had loved him. As Gan's tail ignited, severely burning him, Maturin left him to his apparent fate and returned to Tirabidan as a hero.

Unbeknownst to Maturin, Gan was later saved by his minions and was thrown into the pool of Healing Waters and given a new, human-like body and would spend years afterwards plotting revenge.

Return as a Hero 

Maturin returns to Tirabidan and is commended by the Guardians as well as the mortals. They accept him as their new leader and thank him for saving them. Kree returns to the scene and declares the Macroverse is safe again, all thanks to Maturin. Maturin asks him not to thank him, as he and the people of the Macroverse are all on the same team. Maturin then flies off into space for further adventures, smiling at the audience as the movie ends.

The Turtle and the Bunny

Retirment and Creation of his Paradigm

5 years after defeating Gan, Maturin grew tired of being a hero, saying that he deduced mortals are fully capable of saving themselves and his was the Guardian of Creation, not "Guardian of Saving People". He decided to retire and relax in his own paradigm. Using his omnipotent powers, he created his own reality, a tropical island in the middle of an endless ocean. After 1 month of building the paradigm, Maturin created many universes, including our own, before finally settling down and enjoy his paradigm for the time being. 

Meeting Judy Hopps and finding out about Yeerl 

(Judy Hopps: Who are you?) Who am I? Lady, do you live under a rock? Who punched out the hydra Hematetes? Who pulled 7 planets away from a supernova and still had time to lift more? Who talks good, looks good and defeats evil? Maturin, that's who. That's right! I'm Maturin, the Turtle of the Macroverse, the God of Creation! Also, I seem to remember saving your life a few seconds ago. So what I believe you were trying to say.. Is thank you.
~ Maturin introducing himself to Judy Hopps.

800 lightyears later, while taking a bath upstream in a waterfall, Maturin, due to his super-hearing, heard the distress of a bunny, who was falling off the waterfall. Maturin attempted to save her by flying beneath her, catching her as she fell, but ended up speeding and completely missing her. However, before she hit the ground, Maturin flew back and caught her, bringing her to the beach of the island. After telling her how he found her, Maturin awkwardly pauses, feeling a tad disrespected, explains to the bunny exactly who he is and his gifts to mankind over the years. He does so through the musical number "You're Welcome". He then asks her her name and how she got into his paradigm, confused considering mortals can only enter Maturin's paradigm if Maturin lets them. She says her name is Judy Hopps of the ZPD and she came here the Deminsphere (a powerful device used to travel dimensions) to gain Maturin's help to fight off an incoming force. Maturin explains to her that he is retired and enjoys his paradigm and offers to fly her back home. However, before she can respond,  Garuda, the Eagle and Maturin's sister flies in and communicates with Maturin through loud shrieks that hurt Judy's ears but Maturin can understand. Garuda tells the turtle that Tekata, an ancient fire demon, is beginning to destroy planets in the Macroverse and is slowly becoming godly in terms of power, telling him that Maturin needs to stop him, as the other gods simply don't care about the problems of mortals and she is too weak to stop him herself before flying off. Maturin then, reminiscing on his days of being a hero, decides to stop Tekata and save the Macroverse. Judy asks to tag along, but Maturin decides not to take her along, saying that since she's a mortal, she would be useless if Maturin were to ever come into combat with her enemies. However she then shows him were Force Powers by force pushing a tree off the island. Maturin, although impressed by her powers, still refuses to bring her along. He then prepares to fly out his paradigm, telling Judy to stay in his paradigm for the time and "enjoy the sun". Judy, refusing to be treated like dead weight, quickly Force rushes onto Maturin's back as Maturin flies out of his paradigm and into space at light speed, arriving to another planet within the Macroverse.

Attempt to abandon Judy 

Here's my dilemma, a mortal bunny with minimal force powers decides to travel to the Macroverse, where monsters and powerful gods live and could kill her in seconds. Here, she decides she wants to team up with Maturin, a person who has done more than she's ever done, only to weigh him down and get both of them killed. And that's it, I'm sorry, but you're just not tough enough, y'know? I mean, you saved a city and all, but I saved the universe.
~ Maturin to Judy

As Maturin lands in a populated city, he takes the form of what appears to be a squid-bird hybrid before being confronted by Judy for attempting to leave her behind. He subsequently berates Judy on her failure as a hero, saying that while she has saved a city, Maturin has saved the universe, and gives her the "reality check" that saving lives is not about how heroic you maybe, but how powerful you are and your previous feats before subtly flying away while citizens look away. 

Later, Maturin finds Judy crying outside a building due to Maturin's words previously stated. This brings Maturin to go back on his words, claiming the opposite of what he said and that anyone can be a hero, no matter how small and weak. It is then there that he has Judy join him on his journey. 

The forest of Yavin 2

Maturin and Judy then teleport to the jungle of Yavin 2 and tells Judy they will need some fruit to store for their journey. After they split up to collect fruit, Maturin begins to hallucinate and see's a Crocodile-Bear-Moose hybrid lurking in the woods. The creature asks Maturin if he wants to have a rap battle with him, to which Maturin agrees. The rap battle is interrupted when Maturin hears Judy scream. He dashes to her and saves her from being devoured by an overwhelming force of wild monkeys, bringing her to the outskirts of the island. As Maturin reveals he collected over 5 gallons of fruit in 8 seconds, Judy gasps and covers her mouth at something behind Maturin. Maturin, confused, looks behind himself and sees a medium-sized Arachnid (half-spider half cheetah) that attacks them. Maturin attempts to stop it from killing Judy, but it uses it's incredibly fast reflexes to hit Maturin miles away. When Maturin returns to the scene, Judy had already killed the beast with her lightsaber and Force abilities. Maturin is amazed by this, but they as are attacked by more monkeys, Maturin grabs Judy and quickly teleports to a random location.

Jorli's Paradigm 

Maturin and Judy are teleported into a desert-like "planet", which Maturin compliments, claiming he's never seen the location before. He asks Judy how she gained her force abilities and she says her mother has them and passed them onto to her. However, Maturin sees tumbleweeds, dust-beaten rocks and cloudless blue sky, all things his brother, Jorli likes, Maturin tells Judy they need to leave because Maturin soon realizes that the planet isn't a planet, but a paradigm that belongs to Jorli, Maturin's brother and A Guardian of the Beam, who now hates Maturin for an unexplained reason. But before Maturin can fly away with Judy, Jorli's guards stop them and surround them both. They attempt to kill Judy, seeing her as a true invader, but she is saved by Maturin after he pushes her out of their line of fire, sending them both tumbling off an incline. Judy gets back up and hears Maturin calling for help. She runs over to Maturin, who is on the back of his shell, rendering him powerless and unable to move. She tries to use her force powers to lift him up and on his feet, but they are subdued by Jorli's henchman.

Meeting Jorli

Judy and Maturin were taken to a pyramid in the middle of the desert where they are seated in a throne room. The guards reveal who their boss is, Mansquito of the planet of Mosquito, which horrifies both Maturin and Judy. The monster then proceeds to stab Maturin through the chest with his mouth, sucking Maturin of his blood. However, it turns out that was just a hallucination and Jorli reveals himself to Maturin and Judy. He chastises an apologetic Maturin, and reveals that he has Utonium in case Maturin decides to step out of line, much to Maturin's horror. But then Judy steps in and insults Jorli for his treatment of Maturin, his own brother. Jorli then tells his henchmen to "melt them". The henchmen tie Judy and Maturin together and holds them over a pit of acid, preparing to dip them in it. Maturin, however, grabs Judy's lightsaber via the Force and cuts them out the ropes, flying themselves out of the way of the acid. However, while grabbing them out, Maturin accidentally cuts a small gash in Judy's arm, causing a small bit of blood to drip in front of Jorli. Jorli smells her blood and begins to enter a truly predatory state and chases Judy across the pyramid, while Maturin is being chased by Jorli's henchman, arned with Utonium-based weapons. While being chased, Maturin runs across the paradigm so fast, he knocks it off orbit, sending everyone on it flying into space. Maturin grabs Judy and flies away from the scene, leaving Jorli cursing Maturin.

Retreat inside a Cave

After escaping Jorli, Judy and Maturin retreat into a cave away from a violent rainstorm where they plan to sleep for the time being. Maturin lights a fire to keep a shivering Judy warm, much to her thanks. Judy, after debating with herself throughout much of the time, asks Maturin if she can be his new Padawan, but he declines. Judy demands to know why she can't be his Padawan, Maturin reveals that he had over 13 Padawans, all of which where killed (mainly from under-training and recklessness), one of them by Gan. After Maturin becomes a little emotional, Judy comforts him and tells him that she is okay with his decision. After a pause, Judy sees a clearing in the distance and asks Maturin why the sky is so dark, with no stars in the sky. Maturin tells Judy that there used to be stars so bright mortals could use them to guide their way in the dark. After reminiscing about how beautiful the stars were, he uses the force to open the clouds revealing one single star. Maturin finally states that when he was ruler of the Macroverse, Gan had destroyed all the beautiful stars, with only a single star remaining as a reminder of the demon's might. When Judy wonders why Gan would do such a thing, Maturin aggressively states that Gan is evil incarnate, therefore it is his disire to destroy all that is beautiful. They both fall asleep. 

Confronting Tekata 

After they wake up, Maturin decides it's time to confront Teketa once and for all and teleports the both of them to Joj, the volcanic planet Teketa resides. Maturin, however, is weakened by the negative and fearful atmosphere of the planet, but persists anyway. Maturin tells Judy to locate any mine workers to keep them safe from Teketa while Maturin goes to find Teketa himself. Judy, however after finding no one in sight, getting bored and also choking on the sulfuric air, Judy retreats into a large cave but is kidnapped by Teketa himself. Maturin hears Judy in distress once more, but upon revealing himself, he finds that he cannot use his powers properly due to the pure negative atmosphere. Teketa sadistically attacks and nearly kills Maturin, but Judy uses her lightsaber to attack Teketa and save Maturin. However, Teketa follows them in hot pursuit. He sends bolts of fire towards them, and though they make a break for it, Maturin is injured after shielding Judy from a blast shot by Teketa. Judy refuses to leave the injured turtle, and tries to carry him to safety, while at the same time trying to fend off the perusing Teketa. She fends off the demon by using Force Repulse, sending him falling back. Judy channels the Force and teleports off the planet with Maturin, as Teketa roars in anger. 

Healing from his Injury

Judy and Maturin retreated back to the cave they were previously in, Judy slowly healing Maturin's wound. When Maturin woke up after previously passing out from the blast, Judy asked him if he was okay and thanked him for saving her, to which Maturin replied "You're Welcome", as reference to his musical number. When Judy asked Maturin why Teketa seeked to destroy all worlds, Maturin states that Teketa was not always a monster. He then reveals that Teketa was once a brave and noble cheif who lived on a prosperous, happy island with his loving village and family, until one day Gan attacked his land. The man and his village tried to fight back to no avail since nothing they had could harm Gan. The man bravely attempted to fight Gan in order to die as a warrior and join his family in the afterlife, but as punishment for attacking him, Gan encased the man in a crystal prison and forced him to watch as he destroyed his island and killed his people, along with everything he loved. Gan then placed the man within a volcano, refusing to grant him a warrior's death.

For centuries, the warrior was trapped in the volcano, but the warrior found a way to manipulate the rock, and form a body in order to move. He then went to different planets to seek only the best warriors to fight, but all fell. Tekata would then destroy the planets in fits of rage as they had failed to release him from his torment. Maturin then states that the only way into the afterlife is to fall in combat to another warrior. Maturin also reveals that they are the only ones to survive. With his story told, Maturin tells Jack that his freedom was in their hands. Motivated to free the warrior and save the universe, Judy and Maturin agree and prepares to battle.

After three hours, Maturin had trained Judy to move at incredible speeds using Force Augmentation, much faster than she was previous. 

Final Battle with Teketa

Maturin and Judy arrived to Tirabidan, Teketa's next target for consumption. Maturin and Judy warned the public, the citizens amazed by seeing Maturin. However, before they can continue their warning, the fire demon had already began invading. Judy and Maturin fought off Teketa while citizens run off. Maturin, however, tries to talk to Teketa, telling him he wished to free him. Teketa continued to attack, not believing Maturin. Judy then began reminding Teketa of his past, declaring his village and family would be ashamed in his choice. Teketa then stops and begins talking to Judy and Maturin. The monster begged the two to continue fighting, reminiscing about his life before Gan. Maturin told Judy to stay back as he decided to resume fighting the Monster to try and free him.

The two fought a long and violent fight, and even though he was desperate to die, Teketa fought with all his power to defeat Maturin. After some time, Teketa managed to knock Maturin to the ground, injuring the turtle. Teketa bellowed for Maturin to stop holding back, as Teketa must be defeated honourably. Filled with righteousness, Maturin rose up and declared he hadn't even began to fight, flying back into combat. After a fierce second round, Maturin defeated Teketa by cutting Teketa down the middle with his heat vision and freed the Warrior of his shell. As the smoke cleared, the Warrior stood tall as he declared he was finally free, before he tragically began to rapidly age. The Warrior thanked Maturin and Judy as the two laid him to rest, and when he died, a beam of light shined on the warrior, removing his spirit from his body. Before he left to join his family in the afterlife, the Warrior nodded in thanks to Maturin and Just before ascending into the light. Afterwards, the Warrior's family necklace began to glow as a picture of the Warrior and his family appeared, along the word FREE in stylized runic.

New Padawan

As they rejoin each other on the ground, the citizens thank Maturin and Judy for saving them all. At that moment, Maturin picks up Judy's dropped lightsaber and gives it to her, telling her her abilities, will and bravery proved her worthy of being his new Padawan. Judy, shedding a few tears, takes the saber as she and Maturin embrace each other. She hops on Maturin's shell as they fly off in the sky. While in the sky, Judy asks Maturin if she'll ever meet her friends as Maturin responds he will, as she had already met his friends. The two begin playful banter as they reach light speed, heading off to Zootopia. 

Dawn of Hope

Stopping Black Zero

Brian Griffin was in Quahog, Rhode Island in the midst of an attack on the city staged by a global terrorist called Black Zero. As Zero attempted to terraform the Earth into a new planet, starting with Rhode Island, Brian took a helicopter to the outskirts of the city and witnessed the Black Zero destroying everything downtown. He took a vehicle, chauffeured by his brother Vinny, and made his way towards the Witness Protection Building, giving the order via phone for the people inside to evacuate. Brian's friend and employee Jack O'Dwyer gave the order to evacuate, but he remained inside the building. Vinny dodged several pieces of debris and falling buildings and jets before finally reaching a stop in front of an entire crowd of citizens. Brian exited the vehicle and watched along with the crowd as the Black Zero was attacked by Maturin and thrown into the Witness Protection Building. As buildings began to fall, Brian and Vinny made their way to the Witness Protection Building on foot and called Jack again, but got no signal. While there, he bore witness to the vicious duel between Maturin and Black Zero. As the mighty aliens fought high above the city, Zero's fusion bomb tore through the Witness Protection Building, causing it to collapse into ruins. A horrified Brian screamed for Jack and ran towards the collapsing building while everyone else fled. Brian searched for survivors, passing a group of frightened children and finding his employee John Keefe trapped underneath rubble. Brian and a few other employees there helped rescue the now paralyzed Keefe. Brian then noticed a little girl staring at the building's ruins and saved her from getting crushed by debris. He told her that she would be safe and asked where her mother was, but she could only point to the now destroyed building before breaking down in tears. Brian embraced and consoled the girl as he watched in tranquil hatred as Zero and Maturin continue their fight in the sky, coming crashing back down to Earth, in a mortal embrace.

Saving Nick and Judy

After Judy and Nick Wilde are kidnapped by the Nairomian warlord Amajagh (who had also murdered her fellow CIA agent), and threatened with death, Maturin flies to her rescue, flying right through the incoming missiles and drone of the CIA on the way. He smashes right through the roof of the building that Amajagh has Judy and Nick trapped in, arriving just in time. When the warlord holds a gun to Judy, she approvingly nods to Maturin, so he responds by tackling Amajagh away from the two in the blink of an eye, right through two walls.

However, moments before Maturin's arrival, Wallace Knyazev and his men murder Amajagh's men, and Knyazev then proceeds to mutilate the corpses with his flamethrower, making it appear as if they had been murdered by Maturin's heat vision (as per the orders of his employer, Jack Savage).

This incident generates quite a bit of controversy throughout the world, with Senator Leopold and her committee (responsible for studying Maturin), after interviewing Nairomian Kahina Ziri (actually an actress hired and blackmailed into testifying by Jack Savage), hold Maturin responsible for what occurred in the North African desert. However, Kahina pretends to take little solace from this, claiming that the US government would never be able to force Maturin to answer to them, since he seemingly answers to no one, not even (as she speculates) to God.

"End to Love Affair with the Turtle of the Macroverse"

On the morning news, while sitting on a building in Zootopia, Maturin see's a jumbo-tron TV displaying Nairomian Kahina Ziri being interviewed regarding Maturin, and she states that had Maturin been in her presence she would ask him how he decides: "which lives count, and which ones do not?" Maturin is visibly uncomfortable at the accusation. 

Later that same day, Maturin prepares travels to Quahog, to investigate vigilantism going on in the city, when the news reports on John Keefe vandalizing the Maturin Statue by spray-painting the words "False God" in red on the chest before he is arrested. Maturin is visibly saddened about this hate crime. 

Visiting Quahog 

Maturin then promptly follows through on his self-assigned mission, flying to Quahog, Rhode Island. He first visits Kahina Ziri's apartment complex, but is told by her neighbors (who are visibly stunned by seeing him there) that she left some time ago. One of the neighbors, an old blind man, claims that Kahina made the right choice by leaving Quahog, and recommends that Maturin leave soon as well before the night, unless Maturin wishes to run into the infamous Hellhound (actually Brian Griffin), who, according to the old man, is imbued with "a new kind of mean". Kahina's other neighbor, however, adamantly disagrees, stating that Brian should be feared only by those to have a reason to. Dismayed at this news of brutal terror-based vigilantism, Maturin heads back.

Meeting Brian Griffin and Jack Savage 

While observing other arriving guests at Jack Savage's fundraiser, Maturin has his attention swiftly attracted by renowned, decorated CIA agent Brian Griffin, just as the latter exits his car. While listening to Jack Savage's greeting speech, Maturin's super-hearing quickly picks up on the voice of Vinny, coming from Brian Griffin's earpiece. Maturin notices Brian sneaking away from the crowd, as per Vinny's instructions. Hence, a suspicious Maturin is quick to use his leadership status to interview Brian Griffin, as soon as the latter returns, asking Brian about his position regarding his vigilantism.

Brian (as he had intended to flirt with Twilight Sparkle) initially attempts to brush the reporter off, condescendingly referring to the ageless turtle as "son". Maturin, however, persists, claiming to have personally seen how Brian considers himself to be above the law (after his first visit to Quahog), with his actions trampling on people's civil liberties in Quahog, leaving them to live in fear of him (much like Kahina Ziri's neighbors). Brian, however, is quick to point out the hypocrisy in Maturin's words, noting that every time Maturin carried out a trivial deed, his friends are quick to shower him with praise, while in fact the godlike turtle should instead be feared, as there would be seemingly no way of stopping him, if Maturin were to suddenly decide to "burn the whole place down." Maturin is angered by this unexpected (and ironically personal) criticism, but calmly points out that most of the world doesn't share Brian's opinion on himself, but the canine responds by claiming that perhaps his view is based on the bad history that the world has with "freaks dressed like clowns." They both have a staredown, with the air around them becoming tense.

At that precise moment, however, they are abruptly interrupted by Jack Savage, who enthusiastically introduces himself and invites Brian to visit the Savage Industries research and development facilities. However, Mercy Graves comes up and lets Jack know that a governor wants to speak to him. As Brian walks off, a suspicious Maturin attempts to follow him (having heard Vinny's voice in the earpiece again), but he suddenly sees a TV news report of a female gazelle stuck in a burning house in Sahara Square, Zootopia, and is forced to depart.

The Turtle Question 

We're talking about a being, whose very existence challenges our own sense of priority in the Universe.
~ Jason Seagull discussing Maturin on his talk show.

After saving the gazelle, Maturin descends into the crowd of people in Sahara Square apparel, and the animals, prey and predator alike, all surround and stretch out their paws towards him, eager to touch the omnipotent turtle.

As the days go by, Maturin continues his heroic career, notably saving a family of rodents from a flooded house (after they paint his symbol on their house's roof), rescuing Russian astronauts from a rocket that collapsed during launch, and towing a half-sunken steamship through Arctic ice.

Meanwhile, however, the world continues responding to Maturin and what his existence means to the world (much like how Aslan had once predicted), with the media referring to it as "The Maturin Question". The question sparks quite a bit of controversy worldwide, with many being quick to express their opinions. Astrophysicist and cosmologist Jason Seagull, while seemingly not opposed to the alien superhero, remarks that Maturin's very existence challenges humanity and wildelife's sense of priority in the Universe. Seagull recalls how Copernican Heliocentrism displaced Earth (by disproving Geocentrism) and restored the Sun in the center of the known Universe, and how Darwinian Evolution established that humanity was just one among other lifeforms, instead of being special on Earth. And now, with the emergence of Maturin, humanity learns that it isn't even special in the entire Universe, as there is now an "alien" living among them.

Openly negative views on "The Maturin Question" are held by Andrew Sullivan (character), questioning Maturin's moral constraints, infamous mobster, Mr. Big and best-selling author Andrew Sullivan. Wodburn's concern is based on humanity having a horrible track record of following people with great power, down paths that led to huge human monstrosities (notably under the dictatorship of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong). Sullivan, in the same light, questions whether there are any moral constraints on Maturin, and that, due to there being International Law, every one of Maturin's acts is a political one.

However, documentary filmmaker Vikram Gandhi openly disagrees with their position. Remarking that every religion believes in some sort of Messianic figure and that humanity has been looking for a savior, Gandhi claims that humanity wanting to make Maturin, such a figure, abide by its rules, is incorrect. Gandhi argues that instead, humanity must understand that Maturin actually coming to Earth is a paradigm shift, and that humanity must instead start thinking beyond politics. He continues, stating that humans have always created icons in their own image, thereby projecting themselves onto Maturin. Gandhi concludes by saying that maybe Maturin is not in fact some sort of Devil or Jesus character, and is instead "just a guy trying to do the right thing".

Finally, Senator June Leopold is interviewed on the matter, with her interviewer wondering aloud if it is really surprising that Maturin, as the most powerful beinfg in the world, is viewed as a figure of controversy. He proceeds to ask her if, as a US Senator, Leopold would be personally comfortable with saying to a grieving parent, that Maturin could have saved his/her child, but that on principle, the US government had not wanted him to act. Senator Leopold responds by admitting that Maturin's engagement in state-level interventions (notably recently in Nairomi) should indeed give them all pause. However, she proceeds by saying that the problem is not Maturin's actions, but rather, that he should not be carrying them out unilaterally. This makes her interviewer conclude by saying that the overall question is in fact, “must there be a Maturin?”; to which she simply replies that “There is”. Maturin himself sees this interview on television, and is visibly dismayed.

Shortly thereafter, Maturin flies to the Macroverse to meet with Kree the Fish. Not having it in him to tell him about his problems right away, he instead asks him why Aslan had never retired from being a Guardian (like Maturin himself previously did). A bit confused, Kree says that this was so because his late brother had felt that he was "always on-duty", and he thus had no need to retire. Maturin sighs, saying that he wished things were simple. Kree, however, gently disagrees, claiming that "nothing was ever simple."

Dog brand of Justice

The next day while flying across Zootopia, Maturin sees another news story on a jumbo-tron TV, on how being branded by Brian is a death sentence among Rhode Island prison inmates, with there having been 18 reports of people getting severely burned by the ruthless vigilante's force lightning. He becomes angry.

Confronting Brian 

Next time they assign you a new mission, don't accept it. The Dog is dead - bury it! Consider this mercy!
~ Maturin threatening Brian

That evening, while Brian was intercepting Jack Savage's men transporting Utonium, Maturin interrupted the chase, damaging Brian's Prius after Brian tried running him down, and again when Maturin tore the roof off. With the "brand of justice" being the last straw, Maturin threatens the irritated canine, warning him to give up his crusade, to ignore the CIA the next time they assign him a mission, and that he should consider Maturin's warning mercy. As he turned to leave, Brian countered with a threat of his own, expressing his determination to make the godlike turtle "bleed". Not impressed with Brian's threat, Maturin flew off, while Brian promptly drove back to his villa in the damaged Prius.

Hearing in Washinton 

While the rest of the world is still busy debating on "The Maturin Question", Maturin visits Bonnie and Stu Hopps, the mother and father of Judy Hopps. There, Bonnie advises him that either way, he shouldn't be concerned with what others think of him, assures him that he is neither a threat, nor a killer, while Stu states that ultimately, he doesn't owe planet Earth a thing.

Despite much media speculation to the contrary, Maturin arrives to speak and answer at Senator Leopold's committee, at the US Capitol in Washington DC. While there are notably quite a few anti-Maturin protesters gathered there (with banners labelled "Angel of Death", a sarcastic "Thanks for the "Help"", "Earth Belongs to Mortals", "God Hates Aliens" and "Aliens Doom Nations", Maturin's symbol with a Nazi swastika, as well as an alien-shaped head on a pole), Judy stands there as well with the ZPD, for additional support.The trial is also attended by Jack Savage's personal assistant, Mercy Graves.

Right before the trial, Kahina Ziri approaches Senator Leopold, revealing herself to be an actress that Jack had hired to lie, so Leopold resolves to mention this in the trial as well, intending to clear her name. 

When Maturin enters, Leopold starts out by pointing out to him a witness/victim of Maturin's actions, John Keefe, who lost his legs during the Black Zero Event. After suddenly noticing a distasteful note left for her by Jack Savage (a jar of urine, labelled "Granny's Peach Tea"), a startled Leopold stops in mid-speech, before a bomb (hidden inside Keefe's lead-lined wheelchair by Jack) explodes, killing her, Graves, Keefe, and everyone else present, except for the invulnerable but mortified Maturin.

Right after the explosion, Maturin stays to help, carrying an injured female wolf to safety. He begins to look around him and sees dozens of dead bodies and injured civilians, he begins swelling with guilt, and throws a glance of sorrow at Judy, before launching off into the air.


My brother believed that if the world found out who I really was, they would reject me... out of fear. My brother died because he trusted me. Because he was convinced that I was a hero. That I wasn't ready. What do you think?
~ Maturin to Judy Hopps

That evening, Maturin flew back to Nick and Judy's new home and spoke to her on the balcony. While Judy assured him that he was not to blame and was about to tell him of Jack Savage's involvement (having learned it from Maturin's army weapons and ballistics specialist, Rainbow Dash), Maturin insisted that he hadn't been able to prevent the bombing because he hadn't been looking for a potential bomb in the first place. Now, mortified at how his actions had so far consistently lead to horrible consequences, Maturin claims that the whole idea of  "The Hero from the Stars" had never even been real in the first place, with it only ever being "the dream of a wannabe hero in the Macroverse" Judy insisted that this "dream" is all that most people have to give them hope, and she pointed to his Guardian glyph, stating that it still means something. However, Maturin sadly replies that while it did on Macroverse, it is not the universe they are in right now, and he then promptly flies off, into the Macroverse.

Meanwhile, in the news, many are suspecting that Maturin might have been involved in letting the Capitol bombing happen, so a mob of protesters assembles outside the building's wreckage, burning a large ragdoll of Maturin, while chanting in outrage.

Maturin flies back to the Macroverse to the planet Hoth, created by Aslan, and hikes up into the mountains. Much to Maturin's surprise, he suddenly experiences a vision of his brother, Aslan. The vision spoke to Maturin, telling him of how he himself had once believed himself to be a hero after saving the entire Macroverse from being swallowed by a super blackhole, yet inadvertently destroyed a few galaxies along the way. He encouraged Maturin, and let his brother know that he both loves and misses him.

Jack Savage's ultimatum 

And now God bends to my will!
~ Jack Savage to Maturin

Maturin arrives to the Cloud City of Bespin and rescues Sylveon just in the nick of time after Jack Savage throws her off of the roof, and flies back up to deal with him. Maturin angrily vows to bring the malevolent super genius in "without breaking him". However, Savage proceeds to tell Maturin about his views on both him and God, stating that "God is tribal." Jack then reveals that his father, Alexander Savage Sr., while seemingly affable in public, was egregiously cruel and evil behind closed doors, abusing his defenseless son with both fists and "abominations." Due to there having been no "man in the sky" to protect Jack from this unjust suffering, he subsequently became a misotheist, burdened by the theological problem of evil (that if God is truly all-powerful, then He cannot be all-good, and vice versa), and concluding that power cannot be innocent (with belief in an innocent power being "the oldest lie in the world"). Hence, Maturin (whom Jack compares to the gods Horus, Apollo, and Jehovah), due to his own godlike power, has the same problem of evil applicable to him in Jack's eyes, and Jack is now determined to prove this to the world by having him engage Brian Griffin in a mortal duel, the "greatest gladiator match in the history of the world." 

When Maturin attempts to refuse, Jack reveals that the former's Padawan and close friend, Judy Hopps, is held in captivity in a top-secret location by Wallace (producing several photos of a horrified,  tied up Judy as proof). An incredibly furious Maturin seems ready to destroy Jack with his heat vision, but the latter says that if Maturin attempts to kill him or fly away, Judy will be burned alive, and the only way for Maturin to save her, is to fly to Bioniip Labrotories, fight and kill Brian in a vicious duel to the death, and subsequently bring the vigilante's head to Jack. An incredibly furious Maturin is left with no choice but to comply with Jack's orders, and flies off, much to the delight of Jack, who gleefully muses that now "God bends to [his] will."

Maturin is shaken up by the power Jack's ultimatum hold over him, since, despite his disapproval of Brian's morally gray methods, Maturin recognizes him as a good (albeit mislead and unnecessarily brutal) man, so this conflicts with his morality. Hence, Maturin flies to Sylveon and briefly explains the situation to her, but then adding that he will instead try to convince Brian to help and if Brian refuses, Maturin will be forced to kill him. He then sadly tells the distressed Sylveon "no one stays good in this world", before flying off to Bioniip Laboratories 

Maturin vs Brian Griffin

STAY DOWN! If I wanted it, you'd be dead already!
~ Maturin to Brian

Maturin arrives at Bioniip Laboratories, where Brian is waiting for him. Maturin tries to reason with Brian, beginning with an apology for wrongly accusing him of being a criminal and trying to explain what Savage has done, however, the latter being enraged at Maturin, Brian refused to listen and attacked the former with various weapons (first sonic emitters, then automatic blasters), which Maturin is able to quickly dispose of with relative ease. Then, even while holding back, Maturin proves his dominance, when he proceeds to send Brian flying and bouncing down the street just by bumping into him, and grabs him, easily lifting Brian over his head with one arm, and sending him flying down a street with another light heave, after which he tackles Brian right through the building, to its top, and throws him across the roof, smashing Brian right through a railing. Maturin tries to plead with Brian, telling him that if he wanted to kill him he could easily and would have done so already.

Brian, loudly panting from his great effort, rises and hurls a smoke bomb, which Maturin just speed-runs through. Brian, having used that moment to teleport himself behind Maturin, proceeds to shoot a grenade at Maturin, which the latter easily catches. Utonium gas begins to come out of it. His power now diminished to mortal levels, Maturin is then thrown through a window on the roof of the building by Brian. Inside, the two begin to exchange blows. When Brian slams Maturin up against a Bacta Tank, breaking its glass and spilling Bacta liquids on Maturin, Maturin's powers begin to come back and Brian's punches no longer have any effect on him. Maturin again proves his dominance when he begins to throw Brian around until the canine uses another Utonium weapon on him.

Maturin's defeat and Brian's redemption

You're letting him kill Judy! (Brian: What does that mean? Why did you say that?) Find him! Save Judy!
~ Maturin to Brian

Brian throws Maturin several stories all the way down to the ground floor from a railing and using his force powers to spin Maturin around the room, knocking him into walls and columns. Maturin is then placed on his back, rendering him completely powerless and taunted by Brian, who claims that Maturin was not only never a God, but never even a man, before cutting the latter's cheek with his yellow lightsaber and raised it for the killing blow.

Maturin, realizing that he is about to die, implores Brian to save "Judy". Brian, confused and shocked by this (as "Judy" was the name of his own late mother who abandoned him), pauses his killing blow, and yells at Maturin, demanding to know why the latter had uttered that name. At that moment, Sylveon finally arrives, and explains to Brian that it is the name of Maturin's close friend. Brian then realizes his own hypocrisy - while he had previously accused Maturin of having the potential to become malevolently corrupted, Brian has ultimately become malevolently corrupted himself, as he has abandoned being a true hero following the Black Zero Event, and had allowed Jack Savage to manipulate him into sending Cloud City into chaos and anarchy and killing thousands. Hence, Brian hurls the lightsaber away in disgust, horrified at what he had almost become, and he is now prepared to help Maturin, whom he now better understands, while also redeeming himself in his own eyes in the process. The two then converse, and Maturin reveals Savage's plan, meaning that his friend is losing time every second. A repentant Brian, now finally seeing Maturin for the selfless being that he is (instead of an inhuman alien threat, since even when Brian had Maturin at his foot, Maturin had pleaded for Brian to save Judy, rather than his own life), tells him that they should work together to stop Savage, the true enemy that had been deviously manipulating both of them this whole time. After some persuasion from Brian, Maturin resolves to confront Savage, while Brian promises him that he will save Judy. 

Confronting Jack Savage 

Having partially recovered from the Utonium gas and exposure, Maturin flies to Jack Savage's penthouse and smashes through the building's ceiling to face Jack Savage, letting the latter know that Judy is safe, Brian is now an ally, and that Savage had lost. The malevolent supergenius, however was unfazed by the news of his failed plan, claims not to know how to lose, and he is quick to finally reveal his far more grandiose and extreme contingency plan - To release Gan's Arachnids into Bespin to destroy it and Maturin's Army- Bespin's "Doomsday". Jack gleefully added that now Maturin was "as good as dead". 

As the Arachnids swarm all of Bespin, they break into Jack Savage's penthouse and try to attack Savage, but they are stopped by Maturin, who flies out the building, fighting off as many Arachnids as he can. 

The Battle for Bespin

Maturin then joins his army, Brian and the recently arrived Trinity and Mane 6 on the grounds of Cloud City. Maturin then greeted the Mane 6 and Trinity, having heard of their talents and stories of their accomplishments. Twilight then assumed control: She ordered Nien Nunb to take a high vantage point and call out attack patterns and strays, along with sniping flying Arachnids; Maturin would lead an offense and try to wipe out as many Arachnids as he could without accidently destroying Bespin; The Trinity were told to go to Jack's penthouse and shut down the portal; Rainbow Dash could use her lightning to bottleneck the portal; Rarity and Fluttershy were to help out any civlians; Judy, Nick, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Brian, Sylveon, Toog, Erza and Xel would keep the fighting on the ground.

Maturin flew through the city, fighting and destroying many Arachnids and occasionally assisting his teammates. He saw a medium sized Arachnid heading towards Judy and raced towards her, however, by the time he got there, Judy and Nick had already taken it down. Maturin compliments her until a collasal Arachnid is seen heading towards them. Maturin grinned and flew towards the Arachnid, frying the nape of its neck with his heat vision, taking it down much to Nick and Judy's astonishment. 

After the Trinity closed the portal and most of the Arachnids were killed, Maturin joined the rest of the team in Jack Savage's penthouse to make sure he didn't get away. Savage, badly beaten by Toog, asked for the drink Brian offered him earlier; however, Brian ignored the request.

Brian's Initiation 

Maturin had invited Brian, along with all the CIA, the Trinity, and Mane 6 to become a member of Maturin's Army the next day, to which they accepted. After welcoming Brian in, Brian tells Maturin that Jack Savage had warned him of a dark being from beyond the stars has already entered Earth, asking Maturin what they should do. Maturin responded saying that they will already be ready for him if he attacks before he and Brian rejoin the two team's party. 

Maturin 2

Stopping the Bank Heist

Were you looking for this?
~ Maturin after stealing the terrorist leader's detonation device.

In Zootpia, a small group of reactionary terrorists take over the Old Bailey courthouse, taking several hostages including a school field trip. Maturin's Army storms the building, freeing the hostages and taking out any straggling terrorists. The reveals that their leader has a bomb powerful enough to destroy several city blocks while the world media watches. As he prepares to detonate the bomb, he realizes the button isn't in his hands, only to see Maturin floating above him, holding the button in his hands. The terrorist leader then tries to kill the hostages with a gun, but Maturin protects the hostages by deflecting bullets using his own skin before subduing the leader. 

Ceremony/Calm before the Storm

Hey, Zootopia. Hey. You know, I just wanna bring it down a bit. Boys, a little lower. Thank you, fellas.Let’s get real for a moment. That’s right, that’s right. Ha-ha. Although getting a whole museum is super cool, is super cool. You wanna know what the greatest honor you’ve given me is? Do you really wanna know? I’ll tell ya. The greatest honor you’ve given me is letting me serve you. The helpless people of Metro City. At the end of every day, well, I often ask myself; who would I be without you. [Random Malle voice from the crowd: I love you, Maturin!] And I love you random citizen!
~ Maturin's ceremonial speech

As a way of thanking them for their efforts, the city of Zootopia held a ceremony in Maturin's honor. Maturin flew into Zootopia Square, soaking in their affection and love. Maturin gazed in amazement at the statue the city had built in his honor, right inside the Zootopia Reflecting Pool. Maturin was given a microphone and told the audience that the greatest reward for his job isn't the attention and glory, but the honor of helping the citizens of Zootopia. 

Maturin and his friends then ate at Jumbeaux's Café after the ceremony is done. Maturin connects with Brian as the others leave the room, expressing a sort of jealousy as the others got no recognition for their duties. Maturin only expresses the same confusion.

Brian's party/Meeting Otto Zinski

Later that night Brian held a party at his mansion, inviting not just Maturin's Army, but other popular figures in Zootopia, including famed scientist Otto Zinski. He finds funding for his project from Brian himself under the leadership it's new head of research development. Brian also introduces Otto and his wife to Maturin. Otto informs Maturin that after attending the University of Zootopia, he dedicated his life towards researching and building a sustainable fusion power reactor with his wifes help.  Maturin is suspicious, believing that Otto may have slightly miscalculated and even the slightest miscalculation could cause a mishap. Otto insists that he knows the consequences of even the slightest miscalculation.

As the party went through the night, many of the attendees returned to their home, including Otto and his wife, leaving Brian, Maturin, and friends as the only remaining non-team members there. As the remaining group joked and drank together around a table, they began to discuss Maturin and his reputation to win most arm wrestling competitions As the debate went on, Nick Wilde decided to try to arm wrestle Maturin, with Maturin joking about him not being able to budge him. Brian then stepped up, joking that he wanted to rule the Macroverse if he won.

Brian initially tried to beat Maturin on his own, when that failed he called for the help of Nien Nunb to no more avail, even with the battle suit gauntlet. All the other members then each decided to have a go at arm wrestling Maturin, with Nick Wilde joking about Hulking out and Toog only slightly moved it while Judy Hopps refused it even try. 

Metallo's attack

As the group laughed, a sudden loud ring echoed through Brian's Mansion as they turned to see an unidentified robot stepping out of the darkness to confront them. While Brian tried to shut down the robot, it introduced itself as Metallo, claiming that it was there for peace in their time. When questioned about its true intentions, Metallo told them it intended to destroy Maturin in order to achieve peace as they listened in horror.

Metallo then opened his chest to reveal a Utonium crystal, instantly weakening Maturin. The team rushed towards the robot at once, but Metallo was able to fight them off all at once. In the wake of the brief battle, which concluded when Nien Nunb blasted Metallo out of the mansion with a missile launcher, Judy questioned what had happened and why it did. Brian reluctantly claims he had built Metallo months ago to combat Maturin should he ever turn evil, installing a Utonium crystal inside Mettalo to weaken Maturin. The team becomes angry with Brian for believing that Maturin would ever turn evil. Brian mysteriously claims nothing is impossible, and anyone with enough power could turn Maturin against everyone. 

Otto Zinski's experiment

The next day, Maturin attended Otto Zinski's nuclear fusion experiment alongside Brian. Otto approached the audience, jokingly asking if anyone had found a role of 20 dollar bills and a rubber band, claiming they had found the rubber band. To help him perform a sustained fusion experiment, Otto developed a set of artificially intelligent mechanical arms, which are impervious to heat and magnetism. After donning them and displaying them to the audience, Otto beings to experiment, starting with a successful nuclear reaction. Otto admired the power that he had created whispering "The power of the sun... In the palm of my hand". Maturin begins to sense something wrong as he sees a paperclip get sucked into the small artificial sun. Eventually, jewelry watches. and any metal objects in the audience is soon sucked into the sun. It becomes clear the experiment is being overloaded and has become unstable as others leave the room in fear. Brian demands Otto shut the machine off, but Otto refuses to halt it, insisting it is only a spike in radiation and will soon stabilize itself. In the argument, Brian is almost killed by a flying shard of glass, only for Maturin to, fortunately, save him. Brian runs to the control box and attempts to shut the experiment down, but Otto hits Brian across the room with his mechanical arms. Suddenly, the fake sun causes a nearby window to explode, sending shards of glass into Otto's wife, killing her. Distracted by her death, a ray from the sun flies out and knocks Otto down. Maturin flies to the sun and grabs it, throwing it into outer space where it explodes lightyears away.

Otto is then taken to a hospital to be examined before surgery, but Metallo shows up, donned with the arms from Otto's experiment and brutally kill the surgeons. Otto wakes up, horrified by the dead bodies surrounding him. Metallo takes Otto to an abandoned warehouse in the docks to avoid police attention. Otto admits he should have listened to Maturin, and contemplates suicide now that his wife is dead and he has nothing left. Metallo, however, is able to encourage Otto to finish the experiment by claiming it would be a crime to not finish it.

Losing his powers

The next night, Maturin stops a high-speed chase between two criminals and the police. After zapping their tires with laser vision, Maturin grabbed the two criminals and threw them in the back of a police car before flying back off. However, the police called for Maturin's arrest under suspicions of murder, Maturin is confused at first before seeing that rumors had begun that Maturin caused the lab accident and killed Otto's wife. Maturin claims he didn't do it before flying off. While flying, he see's many protests calling for his arrest and that the statue of him had been vandalized; Zooeffectivelyfecttively turned on Maturin. 

During his flight, Maturin's found himself suddenly falling to the ground, landing on top of a building. Maturin was heavily confused, realizing his powers had somehow stopped working. Maturin took the elevator down the building, joined by a wolf who claimed to work for Weisenhower, Anderson, Nichols & Knudsen on a local late-night show. The wolf asks Maturin if he wants to try TV for a potential animated show or reality TV show. Even though Maturin stayed silent, the wolf began brainstorming ideas for merchandising, including a book, a line of hammocks to mimic Maturin's shell pattern, and a men's line of clothing called "Snapper". The wolf attempted to give Maturin his business card, only to realize Maturin doesn't have any pockets.

Fight with Metallo at the Zootpia National Bank

The next day, while Judy Hopp's and her parents are collecting credit for their farm, Otto enters the bank and signals Metallo, who breaks into the vault and has his robotic henchmen, name Metalloids, hold people hostage while he gathers money. Maturin's Army arrives in time, with Maturin fighting Metallo himself. Metallo uses the Utonium on Maturin, sending Maturin falling to the ground. Metallo picks up Maturin and tries to crush his head with his mechanical arms. Summoning enough willpower, Maturin blasts Metallo out the bank with his laser vision. Cornered by the ZPD, Metallo quickly grabs Judy Hopp's mother, Bonnie Hunt, using her as a hostage while he makes a getaway.

Metallo scales a nearby building, only for Maturin to stop him halfway up. Maturin demands Metallo hand her over to him, Metallo appears to comply before intentionally dropping Bonnie. Maturin tries to fly to her rescue, but Metallo grabs him and repeatedly slams him into the building. Bonnie manages to grab the hand of a nearby angel statue dangling from the side of the building. Maturin manages to punch Metallo away before coming to Bonnie's aide. Before he could get there, Metallo grabs Maturin and they continue their fight. Now free-falling, the two exchange blows before Maturin slams Metallo into the building. As he's being pummeled by Maturin, Mettallo gains the upper-hand by grabbing Maturin's head with a mechanical hand and slamming him into nearby walls before throwing him out the window, only for Maturin to hold onto the arm, causing Metallo to fall with him. Metallo manages to grab Maturin and throw him into the building across from the one they were fighting on. Metallo grabs Bonnie again and threatens to kill her if Maturin tries to stop him. When Maturin towards them, Metallo prepares to impale Maturin with a Utonium-tipped knife hidden within one of his arms. Before he can, however, Bonnie hits Metallo on his sensitive eye-plates, scrambling Metallo's vision and allowing Maturin to dodge the attack. Metallo drops Bonnie, but Maturin is able to grab her mid-air and fly to the ground to safety. With the money in hand, Metallo, Otto, and the Metalloids make their escape. 

Emotional Breakdown

Why is this happening to me?
~ Maturin upon his powers failing him again.

Maturin attempted to attend the Zootopia Anual Ball hosted by Mayor Lionheart, only to discover he had been banned by Lionheart due to the murder allegations. Maturin watched the party from afar, longing to be with his friends. Looking off, Maturin had seen that the city official issued for Maturin's immediate arrest and the statue of him is to be taken down. Devastated, Maturin went for a night flight to contemplate his current predicament, before his powers began to fail again. Maturin attempted to fly again, managing to lift himself off the ground a few meters before falling back down. 

Maturin No-More

No, Aslan. I want a life of my own. I can't live your dreams. I am Maturin.... No more.
~ Maturin giving up on his life.

The next day, Maturin called a local psychologist to discuss his problems. He faked a story of a friend of his having a dream about being Maturin, but losing his powers and constantly failing to fly. The psychiatrist tells him he needs more strong focus on what he wants, and he has to find out who won't let him have it, why, and then confront the person, and let him hear his way of things. And above all, to make sure he's right about what I want. The doctor then says that his "friend" possibly shouldn't be Maturin flying in the skies.

Later that night, Maturin has a dream of being with Aslan in the Macroverse. Aslan express he thought he had taught Maturin the meaning of responsibility, Out of those times, he counted on him to have the courage and to take those dreams out into the world. Aslan extends his paw out for Maturin. Maturin refuses and states that he cannot carry Aslan's values with him before stating he is "Maturin no more". Maturin then flies up in the sky, looking at the city of Zootopia one last time before flying into the sky. 


  • Ji'op (deceased): Killed by an Arachnid.
  • Kip (deceased): Killed in a gladiator match. 
  • Galora (deceased): Killed trying to save a family from a fire.
  • Gazor (deceased): Killed after a building collapsed on him.
  • Hi'lip (deceased): Killed in a war. 
  • Gol'tui (deceased): Died in a solar storm. 
  • Dina (deceased): Killed by a hydra. 
  • Ma-ti (deceased): Killed in a lightsaber battle. 
  • Eil'hi (deceased): Death stick overdose. 
  • Well'ie (deceased): Devoured by Arachnid. 
  • Hic'ker (deceased): Killed in a volcano explosion. 
  • Ashik (deceased): Killed by a heart attack.
  • Jor'ui (deceased): Captured, tortured and killed by Gan.
  • Judy Hopps (currently)

Powers and abilities

Maturin is a being of unmatched, omnipotent, limitless power. He is the most powerful Guardian (aside from the deceased Lion) and the most powerful character in the whole series. 

Powers and abilities 

  • Blue Star Absorption: Maturin's godlike cells absorb only blue solar energy and this in turn fuels all of his powers and abilities. His cells also store solar energy as well, allowing him to retain his powers under roofed structures or even at night, although he eventually needs a blue star to recharge his powers. In fact, direct exposure to starlight can allow Maturin to recover and heal almost instantly from most of his weaknesses, notably otherwise incurable Utonium-inflicted wounds and damage, giving him powerful regenerative healing capabilities.
  • The Force: Although he is rarely seen using it, Maturin is a master at using the force.
    • Force Push: Maturin has a force push strong enough the knock planets off-orbit.
    • Force Dash: Maturin is capable of using the force to quickly dash from one place to another. 
    • Force Pull: Maturin is capable of using force pull to telekinetically pull targets to him.
    • Force Mind-Probe: Maturin can use a force mind-probe to read ones mind. 
    • Force Repulse: Maturin's most powerful force ability. Maturin can use Force Repulses strong enough to disintegrate solar systems. 
    • Electric Judgement: Maturin can emit powerful white lightning from his fingertips that can melt beings instantly and destroy stars and planets.
  • Limitless Strength: Maturin has an unbelievable amount of strength that is virtually limitless. As an untrained Guardian, he was able to knock Hemotetes, a giant hydra to the ground with one punch. While training in exile, even while considerably limited by his mental block, Maturin was still incredibly strong, enough to swiftly destroy a mountain simply by flying into it, coming out the other end unharmed. After finally reaching his full potential, he became considerably stronger, with his punches being powerful enough to generate large shock waves, with him now able to effortlessly kill mortals (tearing the heart from Brian's chest in a nightmare vision of a possible future), to effortlessly hurl cars and trucks extreme distances, to instantly destroy mountain tops, cause an earthquake with a light punch, break an unbreakable chain, to tow a gigantic steamship by its anchor chain through Arctic ice without any strain, to shift an entire tectonic plate (to stop an earthquake), fight off a fully-powered Gan even when severely weakened, and most impressively, pulling 13 planets, all attached to a cosmic chain, across the galaxy effortlessly (which, judging by the mass of the planets, is well over 700 tresexagintillion tons.) Maturin was even able to hold his own in a prolonged ferocious battle with the slightly stronger and much larger monster Gan (sending him flying with the tremendous might of his blows, even in a extremely weakened state), ultimately bringing the seemingly unstoppable monstrous juggernaut down, albeit only succeeding at the cost of his own life. Hence, even while holding back, Maturin still swiftly and easily beat the heavily armored Brian Griffin to the ground three times - first sending him flying over 60 feet with a light push, then lightly tossing him down an alleyway, and finally hurling him at the roof of Bioniip Laboratories, shattering it and a large portion of the surrounding roof. Even before fully recovering from a Utonium gas attack and regaining only a small fraction of his strength, Maturin was already strong enough to block a mighty kick from the armored Brian, and to hurl the latter through a bacta tank, both without any strain.
  • Flight: Maturin can fly due to him being able to manipulate his own gravity field (since our universe's gravity is considerably lighter than the Macrovese's). Combined with his speed, Maturin can fly at tremendous supersonic speeds (beyond the speed of light or sound), allowing him to take off into the atmosphere and even outer space and land safely back onto the planet's surface with ease. He can also maneuver with precision in any direction, as well as hover in one place.
  • Super-Stamina: Maturin has an endless amount of stamina, allowing him to train for years with no need to eat, sleep, or use oxygen. He can also breath underwater.
  • Super-Speed: Maturin can run and fly at tremendous supersonic speeds. During his first flight has years of training, Maturin traveled to one side of a dead solar system, across 2 other surrounding solar systems and then to another planet, all in half a minute. At full speed, he was able to fly right through a uninhabited, long-dead planet and destroy it. Hence, Maturin managed to tackle an armed terrorist away from Judy Hopps before he managed to shoot her in the head. Maturin flew back from the Macroverse (which is a different universe entirely) and back to earth in less than a minute, which easily makes his speed greater than the speed of light. Maturin was even able to use his speed to knock an entire planet off-orbit by running around it at full speed, circling the planet in a nanosecond. Maturin is thus the second fastest member of the Guardians of the Macroverse, with the only known being capable of moving a few nanosecond faster than Maturin being the Eagle, the Guardian of the Monument of Aslan.
    • Super Reflexes: Maturin's speed seems to extend to his reflexes as well, as he managed to easily catch a bullet shot at him by a henchmen of Jack Savage at close range, caught a punch from a Minotaur while being pinned down by him and his companion, from whom he also managed to catch a punch, and, in his more inexperienced years, was able to avoid a couple of strikes from the equally fast and far more skilled Hydra.
  • Heat-Vision: Maturin has the ability to fire thick beams of intense heat at a target by looking at it with the conscious act of activating this power. Visually, this power manifests as two thick laser-like beams of blue light firing from his eyes. These beams can be made less intense, rendering them invisible, allowing Maturin to use the ability undetected. He has extremely fine control of this ability, as Maturin was able to swiftly cauterize Judy Hopp's wound without fatally burning her, for instance. At full power, Maturin can utilize his heat vision to instantly disintegrate humans (Brian Griffin's allies in a nightmare vision of a possible future), instantly melt a thick steel beam, momentarily stun other Guardians (causing them burning pain on the impact), destroy the Savage Genesis Chamber, and even bring down an entire planet in one blast (as evidenced by him doing so on a dead planet).
  • Immunity: Maturin is most durable Guardian and is virtually indestructible. Hence, Maturin can withstand the extreme heat of the sun, the extreme cold of the Arctic and liquid nitrogen, an exposure to the vacuum of outer space, falls from great heights, a collision with a tank (causing it to harmlessly glance off of him), a high-speed collision with a planet (sheering it off in the process), high-caliber bullets (from both military jets and automated machine guns), anti-tank depleted uranium rounds, Maverick missiles, plasma bolts from Jack Savage's dropship, contact with extremely hot constructs of Liquid Geo, numerous mighty blows from fellow Guardians (notably surviving a tremendous beating from Gan.) and even many tremendously mighty blows from the stronger Guardians whilst sparring with them, attacks of other Guardians' heat vision (though it does cause him burning pain on contact), and even the full force of a Gan's darkmatter supernova which swallows two galaxies and is equal is 500 nuclear bombs (although it did weaken him as well has damage his shell), as well as the stupendously destructive electrical shock wave and thermal blasts, and the full force of a nuclear bomb. While Maturin can be affected by the considerable force of powerful impacts, they only at most cause him to stumble and briefly knock him down, leaving him unscathed. The only things capable of breaking through Maturin's invulnerability and actually harming him are Lightsabers, Force powers, the tails of Arachnid's (which even then, can harm their tails), and beings of comparable incalculable strength (such as other Guardians), as they are strong enough to physically break through his invulnerability without the need of Utonium, and when Gan killed Maturin by stabbing right through the latter's otherwise invulnerable turtle with his tremendously hard and sharp spider legs.
  • Magic Shield: Maturin has an invisible shield that protects his body from being manipulated from mind control, telekinesis and body manipulation. 
  • Longevity: Maturin is approximately 50 lightyears old and shows no signs of aging and only seems to become faster and stronger with age, while not completely immortal.
  • Teleportation: Maturin has the ability to teleport anywhere from across the world to different dimensions. However, he cannot teleport in stressful situations due to the fact he needs concentration to teleport. This does not hinder him, however, as at Maturin's full speed he is well over the speed of teleportation.
  • Atom Manipulation: Maturin can manipulate the atoms of mortal bodies or even other God-like beings and can move them to his to liking or even make them disintegrate on contact.
  • Super-Smell: Maturin possesses a powerful sense of smell, as he was able to track Judy Hopps when she was kidnapped by Yarrl. 
  • Super-Hearing: Maturin has incredible hearing at extreme variances of sound and pitch frequency, allowing him to pick up numerous sounds (including both infrasound and ultrasound) and noises from immense distances. In his youth, this along with his superhuman vision overwhelmed him, but he eventually learned to control it. After honing his senses, he has shown enough control to block out ambient sounds to focus on a specific source or frequency. Hence, Maturin was able to clearly hear Vinny's voice in Brian's earpiece, clearly hear General Monger and Dr. Badger's voices and heartbeats from within a soundproof interrogation cell, clearly heard Saramic the Hare in distress at Tirabidan even when Maturin was in a completely different planet, and even heard Judy Hopps drowning miles away, over all of the noise of his ferocious battle with Gan.
    • Lie Detection: Maturin people are lying or not, as by the rate of their heartbeat. When Jorli the Badger said he missed Maturin, Maturin was able to detect he was lying, to which his brother revealed he was. 
  • Adaption: Despite being a turtle: Maturin can survive in all temperatures to the heat of the sun to the cold of liquid nitrogen. 
  • Air-Intake: Maturin can access his energy stores, is capable of surviving without the need to breathe, allowing him to breath in poisonous or dangerous gas/air with no problem, travel at tremendous supersonic speeds, remain underwater, and in the vacuum of outer space, all for lengthy periods of time without suffocation.
  • Healing Factor: Maturin, in the rare instances when he is hurt, is shown to heal at superhuman speeds, such as when he received severe burns when hit by Yerrl's energy blast, and taking a tremendous beating from the fellow Guardian Saramic the Hare. He almost instantly recovered from a full power blast of a hydra during the battle of Bespin. A wound on his face inflicted by Utonium left Maturin with degraded cells within the wound, and this did not disappear until Maturin was exposed to a blue star. After being hit by Gan's darkmatter bomb,. which power was equal to 100 supernovas, Maturin survives the tremendous explosion, but is greatly weakened, with his body desiccated into a slightly disintegrated corpse-like state, but as soon as he is exposed to  a blue star's radiation, his cells are reinvigorated almost at once, allowing Maturin to recover to half his full power in mere seconds, and resume fighting Gan. However, if the injuries are serious enough to instantly kill him (such as when he himself was mortally stabbed by Gan), his healing factor will not be able to save him.
  • Creation: Maturin can create life out of nothing and has the power to create and build entire universe's which he compares to "making a sandcastle". 
  • Absolute Manipulation: Maturin can control every substance in the universe such as fire, water, the sky, stars, gas, air, ice, temperature, etc:  
  • Size-Shifting: Maturin can increase and decrease his size at will. This is seen when he lowered himself to Brian's height in their fight and afterwards when back to normal size.  
  • Dream Manipulation: Maturin can enter and manipulate other people's dreams. This is seen seen when he entered Judy Hopp's dream and began playing around with it. As if it was his own.  
  • Fourth-Wall Awareness: Due to his godlike omniscience, Maturin seems to be aware that he is in a fictional universe as seen when he briefly communicates with the audience during a rap battle with Crocabearamoose and smiles at the audience at the end of Maturin.
  • Life Detection: Maturin can detect whether a planet is inhabited or even if someone is pregnant. 
  • Evil Detection: Maturin can sense whether or not a person has bad intentions or bad "vibes". 
  • Camoflauge: Maturin can camouflage himself while hiding in his shell.
  • Plasma Blasts: Maturin can create energy blast powerful enough to stun a person or at it's full power, destroy a solar system. 
  • Omni-Lilingual: Maturin can communicate in every language and can communicate with humans and other animals.
  • Good Will: Maturin cannot be harmed by being who are pure hearted and vice versa, allowing him to train with other good-willed beings without harming them.
  • Posthumous Omnipotence: Even if Maturin's physical body is destroyed, he can become one with life and become an officially unstoppable force of nature powerful enough to wish beings from mortals to gods away from reality.
  • Warm Aura: Maturin possesses an aura that makes everyone around him feel warm, safe and calm and can even cause savable evil-doers to re-think their life.

  • Skilled Combatant: Maturin, despite not having any formal combat training, is an extremely formidable fighter when battling against most opponents, due to his tremendous godlike strength and powers. When pitted against mythical beasts like Hydras, Minotaurs, Cthulhu, ect. with more combat skill, Maturin was shown to be a quick improvisational learner and effective brawler. Hence, when forced to battle against the combined might of Randall Flagg and Jirnor, both incredibly power Force users, Maturin was able to effectively use his powers of flight and heat vision (not yet acquired by either of them) to his advantage, allowing Maturin to gain the upper hand. Maturin proved to still have immense strength even in is inexperienced youth, as when Maturin then proceeded to use his superior speed and agility to swiftly take out Bironic the Wolf whilst training with him, and, despite him initially struggling to keep up with the equally fast and much more skilled Saramic the Hair in a straight-up fight and initially losing to him, Maturin managed to ultimately also defeat Saramic by catching him off-guard. Hence, Maturin (after being severely weakened by Gan's darkmatter explosion) fared better in his final duel with Gan, himself, since despite the latter maintaining the upper hand throughout most of it, Maturin persisted, and only left the fight to save a drowning Judy. After Gan took over the Macroverse, after 45 years of experience, Maturin's fighting skills considerably improve, to the point that he is even able to hold his own against his brother Gan in a prolonged duel, with it ultimately ending in Gan's defeat. Even when Maturin was temporarily weakened down to human levels (by a Utonium gas grenade) and pitted against the extremely skilled and Jedi Knight Brian Griffin, Maturin still temporarily held his own, and even dominated the dog for a bit, driving the latter to abandon physical combat and rely on his second Utonium grenade for victory.
  • Indomitable Will: Maturin has tremendous determination and strength of will, since, much like Brian, he refuses to ever hunker down and give up, even when placed against seemingly insurmountable odds. Hence, despite under exposure to Utonium for a week, in his fight against the combined efforts of Randall Flagg and Jirnor, his battle with the Arachnids, and his final duel with Gan, and taking a tremendous beating from all of them, Maturin promptly rose up and kept on fighting, persisting until he eventually managed to gain the upper hand. Maturin later refused to back down when faced by the immense numbers of Arachnids Jack Savage unleashed into Cloud City, and proceeded to team up with The Liberty Team, Brian and Maturin's army to take the seemingly unstoppable and numbered giant spiders down, persisting with his utmost until the Arachnids were defeated. Maturin also never gave up against his final  fight with the more powerful Gan, persisting even after being himself mortally stabbed by the monster, persisting defiantly up until his own dying breath (to further plunge his lightsaber into Gan), much to Brian and Judy's admiration and respect. In fact, Maturin's determination and willpower were so great, that he was even able to temporarily overcome the weakening effects of the Utonium for several seconds. 

  • Utonium: Maturin's greatest weakness is this radioactive whiteish-blue xenomineral, as it is extremely deadly to him. The substance was created by the One to counter Maturin in case Maturin was to ever turn evil. It does so by degrading his cells, causing them to degenerate and decay on contact. Utonium exposure makes Maturin instantly lose his powers and invulnerability, and induces somewhat fever-like sickness symptoms in him (including nausea, weakness, dizziness, vertigo, fatigue, immense amounts of pain, and near loss of consciousness), which collectively weakens Maturin to almost human levels, to the point that Maturin was relatively quickly incapacitated, defeated, and almost killed by a heavily armored Brian Griffin.In addition, wounds inflicted by Utonium will not vanish after the xenomineral is removed from proximity to him (making Maturin unable to regain full power even after his superpowers subsequently return), and they will only heal upon Maturin being directly exposed to blue solar radiation. However, with a tremendous amount of determination and willpower, Maturin was able to overcome the weakening effects of the Utonium Man (a being literally made entirely of Utonium) long enough the fight back against the weakening effects and defeat the Utonium-powered villain. When Maturin absorbs enough blue star radiation, he can become immune to Utonium for a period of time.
  • Lightsabers: Maturin is also weak to lightsabers as they can easily cut through him and his shell. 
  • Beings of equal power: Despite his godlike power, Maturin can be overpowered by other beings with godpower, such as the Guardians. This is seen when a youthful Maturin was having difficulty beating Saramic the Hare while training with him and nearly lost to Gan in their many fights. 
  • Being on his back: Due to small legs and hands, Maturin cannot move or fight back if he lands on his shell.
  • Dark-matter: Maturin can be weakened by darkmatter as seen when both he and his shell were harmed and weakened by Gan's darkmatter explosion. 
  • Hallucinations and Visions (formerly): Due to being isolated from society before meeting Judy, Maturin suffered from hallucinations whtat would happen without warning, often distracting him from the task at hand. After being accociated with Maturin's army and becoming more social, he eventually overcame these hallucinations. 

  • Shell: Maturin has a nigh-indestructible shell that can endure as much as he can. It is so powerful, it can stop high-speeding tanks running at him at full force. However, the shell can be broken by darkmatter explosions and the tails of Arachnids. 

  • Tier: 2-B | 1-C | 1-B | High 9-B | Low 7-B | High 1-A | 0
  • Age: As old as time itself.
  • Attack Potency: Solar System Level, likely much, much higher | High Hyperverse (damaged Gan) | Likely Outerversal | Wall Level, likely a bit higher | Small City Level | High Outerverse+ | True Infinity
  • Speed: Massively FTL, likely higher | Immeasurable | Below Human | Likely Supersonic+ | Immeasurable| Irrelevant
  • Striking Strength: Class XPJ, likely much higher | High Hyperversal | High Outerversal | Class H | Class PJ | High Outerversal+ | True Infinity
  • Lifting Strength: Immeasurable (juggled four orb-sized multiverses effortlessly) | Immeasurable | Unknown | Superhuman (lifted the 700 hundred pound Metallo) | Immesurable | Irrelevant
  • Durability: Planet level, likely far higher | Multi-Galaxy Level+, likely much higher | High Hyperverse Level | Street Level | Unknown | High Outerverse+ | True Infinty
  • Stamina: Limitless (went 45 years without food and water while also training endlessly the whole time, never tiring and only sleeping when he desired to)
  • Intelligence: Very wise

Key: Before Training | After Training | Base God Power | Under effects of Utonium | Under Effects of Utonium (willpower) | Full Power | Rebirth (Non-Canon)

  • Towed an entire solar system on his back without losing any stamina.
  • Defeated Gan, a fellow powerful Guardian, on two separate occasions.
  • Broke time and space with just his speed.
  • Lasted 45 years in below sub-zero temperatures, all without food, water and sleep.
  • Read a 4,000 page book in 5 seconds.
  • Heat vision react across dimensions.
  • Lifted the Orb of Time (an orb that weighs the mass of 4 omniverses).
  • Survived Gan's dark matter bomb, an explosion that consumed and destroyed multiple solar systems.
  • Broke time and space and punched Death in the face (non-canon).
  • Defeated the entire Dul counsel with low to mid difficulty (non-canon).
  • Destroyed a dead planet simply by flying into it and coming out unharmed.
  • Lifted an entire island made of Utonium with extreme willpower.
  • Continuously fought back against Gan (who was gaining more power with every minute) while in a weakened state and losing stamina at the same time.
  • Destroyed two dead solar systems by punching a planet, all while claiming to have held back while punching.
  • Knocked Jorli's paradigm off-course by running around it at the speed of light.
  • Effortlessly beat Rainbow Dash in a race even after giving her a head start.
  • Flew from Zootopia to the Macroverse (a different omniverse entirely) in 10 seconds.
  • Toyed around with Hulk in a Marvel/DC cross over.
  • Not even Rainbow Dash is fast enough to punch Maturin.
  • Juggled three large stars.
  • Tossed a dead planet around like a ping pong ball.
  • Maturin balanced two microscopic universes (both weighing infinite tons) on his pinky.
  • Defeated Hercules in an arm-wrestling contest with just his pinkie.



  • Maturin is very fond of fruits and lettuce, much like that of a real turtle. 
  • Barring the One, Maturin, at full power, is the strongest and most powerful character in the entire series. 
  • Maturin, along with Yerrl, are the only characters in the entire series to have full musical numbers. 
  • In concept art, Maturin has blue eyes instead of green. 
  • There is a sand statue of Mickey Mouse within Maturin's paradigm. 
  • Maturin presumably suffered from a form of PTSD, as he frequently saw hallucinations of his past mistakes, his appretences being killed, or just random creatures when under heavy stress, and whenever the situation was similar. 
  • Sometime before Dawn of Hope, Maturin stopped an earthquake by shifting the Earth's tectonic plates. 
  • While Maturin doesn't like killing people/monsters, he will if the situation calls for it or if the person in question pushes him to the point. 
  • Sometimes, whenever Maturin stomps or simply walks on the ground, the ground rumbles slightly. 
  • Maturin appears to be friends with Clawhauser as, during the end credits of Return of the Spark, he can be seen arm-wrestling him, a match that is clearly is in Maturin's favor. 
  • One of the statues in Maturin's paradigm is Elsa's castle seen in 2013's Frozen
  • According to the book A Day in the Life.
    • Maturin likes to play with children in Zootopia's many parks in his free time. 
    • Maturin occasionally flies Nick and Judy to work so they don't have to drive. 
    • Maturin knows the name of 2/3 thirds of the population in Earth. 
    • Chief Bogo seems to be a fan of Maturin, as Clawhauser states he owns Maturin pjs. 
    • Maturin has a "home away home" locatated in the North Pacific ocean. 
    • Maturin likes to play cards with ZPD officers and always wins. 
    • Maturin likes taking selfies with his "fans."
    • He, Nick and Judy enjoy pranking Brian. 
    • Maturin receives over 300,000 peices of fan mail every day. 
  • Despite being a god of unmatched power, Maturin occasionally deals with street-level crime. 
  • Maturin doesn't like spiders because of his past with Gan and the Arachnids.

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