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Look like you lost, Klug *Grins*
~ Luka PepperJunkCure
Luka PepperJunkCure with a Gun

Luka PepperJunkCure is A Major Protagonist In Margra Batto And Kyra Verbeten, And One of the Main Protagonists In Its Spinoff, The Punkettes.

She is Celestia PepperJunkCure's Older Twin Sister, A Master At Cards, And The Current Heiress of The PepperJunkCure House.



Luka Has Mint Green Hair, Gold Eyes, A Dark Blue shirt with a Pink shirt Between her breast, A Red Skirt, Blue And Blood Striped Socks (Sometimes Light Blue), A Violet Bracelet, A Red Bow, Red Fingernails, And Purple Diamond Earrings.


On Her School days, She wears Red Vest, a Green Turtleneck with sleeves, A Cyan Tie. She wears A dark Blue skirt, And Cowgirl Boots,


Luka is the fun, sometimes Strict, Nice, Calm, And Friendly older Twin Sister Of Celestia PepperJunkCure. She Is the Master of Cards, And Takes Things seriously.

She was Considered Tomboyish a few Times.


Luka is the heiress of the head of the PepperJunkCure Family, and is the leader of one of the Oten City Academy School Clubs. As the Strict Disipline of the class, she is the Class Representative, often shortened to Class Rep. She is the granddaughter of the current PepperJunkCure head, Samiku PepperJunkCure, Because of her Parent's Deaths,  the heritage was passed immediately down to Luka, as she was the next oldest female. As the PepperJunkCure family is Extremely rich, it is obvious that Luka Might has a large allowance. The 1.000,000 yen that was announced as the winning Prize, at a game tournament is said to come from her own pocket.

Luka is 16, But was 20 Minutes Older than Celestia, According to Margra Batto and Kyra Verbeten: New Heroism, with their Birthdays in a late January.

Due to being the next heir, Luka was branded with the Devil tattoo on her back. The tattoo is a right reserved for the oldest child and thus the heir.


Celestia PepperJunkCure

Celestia PepperJunkCure is Luka's younger Twin sister, who is shunned by the City and Mistaken to be the Older twin. They do not bicker about the family heir conspiracy and often switch places at meetings without the family members noticing. In all versions of the series, they are shown to be very Close, despite not seeing each other often. It is shown that despite their constant bickering in public, Luka opens up to Celestia about many personal subjects and both are quite close to each other. In Burning Blood, Celestia is implied to actually be a much more difficult opponent than Luka in their Club games and Pranks; when Spyro Doomfire asked Celestia to join a club game, Celestia replied "Oh, I wouldn't want to ruin Luka's reputation as club leader. Hey Luka, how about a showdown?" resulting in Luka Blushing and Escaping the Conversation, with Celestia hiding her True Nature from Spyro.


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