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Lord Solaris appearances

An old colleague to Princess Celestia and a Protagonist on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 6. During after his death, He's merges as a newly synthetic being born and merges of the lighter side of a 20 year old and with Optimus Primes based code as well.


When he was a rash but protective colt, he, like Celestia, had teaches the elements of friendship and becoming a knight, until he met Celestia at Equestria University. Through years and years, with his brother Artemis and Celestia's sister, Luna, They're consists of becoming King and Queen of Equestria. When Solaris and artemis died of making sure Celestia safe and to Equestria, as well. His ponified body is frozen in the chamber; aside that he was dead during the aftermath of the explosion.


He's good-natured, gentle and very brave and very determine and has shown absolutely responsibility of becoming a king of Equestria even when the times gets too rough and hard. He's very protective and cautious whenever Princess Celestia in danger and becoming self-aware of becoming king.


  • Lord Solaris is named after planetary rotation.

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