Lolipop Candysugar (1)
Lolipop Candysugar (2)

Lolipop smiling

Laura Bsolete aka Lolipop Candysugar is the deuteragonist of 2001 disney film "My Star and I".

She is a 16 years old popular singer who's been kidnapped by Italian mobsters but rescued by a 10 years old admirer Billy...the two became best friends and both fall in love.

Lolipop was portrayed by Hilary Duff who is famous for playing "Lizzie McGuire".

Lolipop meeting Billy

Lolipop Candysugar meeting Billy for the first time


  • Billy is the only person who knows Lolipop's real name (she told him)
  • at the end of the film, Lolipop kissed Billy in the cheek (which confirms her feelings towards him)

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