Judge Peckinpah

Full Name

Joshua Delightful

Other Aliases

Bird Judge, Judge Peckinpah (adoptive name)


Bird (disguise), 1/2 Human-1/2 Powerpuff (formerly)


Bird Court Judge (formerly), C.E.O. of Buy N' Large (briefly), Member of the Myles Bots (currently)


To enforce power throughout the Island (formerly), to get revenge on Zachary and outright kill him and his teammate for his actions (potentially false; formerly), to stop Forthright from taking over the planet (currently)


Zachary Delightful, Graphite Ranger


Shelby Forthright


Zachary Delightful (father), Xara McIntyre (potential mother), Carmen Delightful (grandmother), Victor Delightful (grandfather), Miwa Delightful (aunt), Auburn Delightful (aunt), Mal Delightful (uncle; occasionally deceased), Xibalba Delightful (uncle), Owen Delightful (uncle)


Officially turns from bad from good following Joshua's defeat (July Arc) Attends the cast's thank you and sings "Summer Belongs to You" with them (August Arc)

Type of Hero

Villains turned to the Good Side

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