Joker is the one of the main protagonist(s) in Twist Fate (inspiration of Deviantart). He appears in alternate dimension of Twist Fate. Unlike his evil conterpart who is a comedic and murderous sociopath being a Complete Monster, he is stoic, cold, unemotional, cool, compassionate, emotionless with Pure Heart but also kind-hearted, and shows no emotions, except when he smiles to save certain citizens. He saves spiritual creatures when his mortal enemies are against him. Despite this, he has permanent facial paralysis which he does not frown or smile (almost technically) after the accident).

Here, he finds Lichtseid who teams him up to find what Krypton planet has gone far evil. He finds out why Superman went far evil for destroying the earth.

In Mister C F's idea. Joker must find out why Injustice League has wreaked havoc on Earth.

He does not kill any people. Yet he fends of twisted creatures in Krypton and he and Lightseid/Lichtseid must face.

Differences/similarities of his original evil counterpart.

- Both have green hair. The good one has white streak on his hair.

- Both have in common. The evil one is a Complete Monster, but this one in Twist Fate, is a Pure Of Heart.

- Both have red lipstick and face. The good one has scar on his mouth with red paint.

- Both have different feelings: The evil one has evil grin and laugh while the good one has permanent facial paralysis also known as Bell's Palsy, he is in fact similar to Chuckles In Toy Story 3.
Joker of Twist Fate 2

Joker of Twist Fate is completely different from Batman universe in parallel universe. He may be a hero. Artwork by by CoolPsycheBaT of DeviantArt.

Joker of Twist Fate

In parallel universe of Twist Fate. Joker takes all his good qualities. Art by meena-chan7 of DeviantART