ajin Jessica Buu, Kid Majin Jessica Buu, Young Majin Jessica Buu, Child Majin Jessica Buu, Teen Majin Jessica Buu, Preteen Majin Jessica Buu, Adult Majin Jessica Buu And Older Majin Jessica Buu Were Created By Chikura As A Response To Babidi's Intention Of Reviving Majin Buu Majin Jessica Buu And Kid Majin Jessica Buu Just Knew Something Bad Will Happen If The Female Buu Army Don't Intervene Immediately Much To Chikura's Excitement And The Female Buu Army Were The Most Powerful And Famous Army Of Them All Plus They Also Had A Huge Pod They Travel In As Well Majin Jessica Buu's Physical Description Is That She's Cute, Cuddly And Soft As Cotton Candy Majin Jessica Buu's Special Abilities Include

Her Signature Technique The Dangerous Liquid Bomb.
Majin twili by lyra saiyaelite-d6dq2z7

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