File:J.KSimmonsG.O.O.D.jpg Jonathan Kimble Simmons (born 9 January 1955) is a real life actor and a supporting character in the 2013 webseries The G.O.O.D. He has appeared in every episode including a protagonistic role in the Season 4 premiere (September 3, 2016) episode "A Day in the Life of J.K Simmons". He is, of course, voiced by himself.

Despite his acting skills in the show, he has superpowers including the blast of life, the ladies' man attraction, the electronical slice of death, and he leads his own army of troops in particular for defeating antagonist heroes, villains, and anti-heroes. He has an alliance with many of the heroes in the show, including Yoda, Elastigirl, and Robin Dash.

In the Pre-Syndrome era, Simmons prepared his allies to defeat Syndrome but Syndrome ends up in prison and keeps breaking out of prison. Simmons was aware of this waiting for Syndrome, and wished to defeat him once and for all.

In the Post-Syndrome era, Simmons knew that Knuckles would betray the good guys as opposed to a voicemail on his phone saying that Knuckles would "bring a surprise" to the good guys, thus starting the era of Knuckles' villainy, known as the Knuckles Era.

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