Isen during Arc X


Ezra Woods
Isen the 28th (alias)




Indeterminable (approx. 23 billion+ years)


6 ft 1 in, middle aged, pale skin, long red-blond hair, golden eyes, moustach and beard. Wears long overcoats, traditionally trenchcoats


Control over matter and energy
Control over the flow of space-time


United Voltz Federation
Syndicate of Outliers (formerly)


Consul of the UVF
Grandmaster of the Syndicate (formerly)


Xera Sicarius
The Master of Doom
IssyBot00 (Missy)


God of Ps
Darkness (Karklmä)


Mary (wife, deceased)
Elise (daughter, deceased)
Darkness (Karklmä) (self-made son)
Baby Isen (piece of his consciousness, deceased)
Julia Redwell (goddaughter)

I am Isen! I am a god! You cannot defeat me! What? Yes I know we're just playing chess
~ Isen the 28th

Isen the 28th, better known simply as Isen or Issy (real name Ezra Woods) is one of the 88 Cosmic Beings known as Isens and a major character in the Voltz Wars Roleplay. Isen survived the Apocalypse which destroyed the entire universe except for 88 humans, who were saved by the mysterious River Isen. As a result of this he became a self stylized god, taking the name Isen from the river. He is best friends with Xera Sicarius, and has traveled with her on many adventures. He is also prominently founder of the United Voltz Federation, and current Consul of the UVF alongside Arze Gnik. Isen has a long and storied past, having been around for over 23 billion years since the start of the New Multiverse. Though sometimes taken by depression and anger over his destroyed homeworld, Isen is typically playful and kind, while maintaining a touch of wit and genius. He now endeavors to protect the creatures of the multiverse to the best of his ability from destruction.


Physical Features


A stylized version of Isen

Isen stands at 6 feet 1 inch and has a lean body with broad shoulders. His has pale skin which can sometimes glow with multicolored energy when Isen calls upon it. He has relatively long red-blond unkempt hair, along with a short beard and mustache of similar color. Because he does not age, Isen appears to be in his late twenties to early thirties, despite being billions of years old.


Not being a normal biological organism, Isen's body is more of a living nebula that anything else. The inside of his body is comprised of plasma around crystallized "bones", and a cooled outer crust as his skin. Where his organs would be is a large cloud of super-condensed matter and energy which distributes energy to parts of the body that need it. In the place of his heart is a small black hole called The Nothing, along with a crystalline orb that contains his soul. Isen can survive even after his body and soul are destroyed due to having a dispossessed spirit that can posses other hosts to survive.


Isen is known for wearing long flowing overcoats, particularly trenchcoats. These all share the similarities of having large collars and long coattails. Isen's most prominent coats are the Deus Tunicam and Deus Turnicam II. Both coats were sewn out of Fabric of Imagination by Isen himself. The Deus Tunicam (god cloak) was a double breasted tan trenchcoat which could store portions of Isen's energy for later use and amplify his abilities. It was later passed on to Xera Sicarius. The Deus Tunicam II is a black trenchcoat with a red collar, grey shoulder flaps, silver cufflinks, and particularly long coattails. It operates similar to the Deus Tunicam I, but with more enhanced features.


Isens have many variable powers, but they all fall under four categories: dimensional powers, matter powers, energy powers, and the Nothing
~ Isen

Dimensional Powers

Isen can control the flow of space-time to an extent. This allows him to teleport, travel between dimensions, time travel, control gravity, among other similar feats.

Matter Powers

Isen can also control matter. He can cause matter to explode violently and can use some of his own stockpile of energy to create matter and form objects at will.

Energy Powers

Isen's most used powers are his control of energy. These include the release of blasts of pure energy, the formation of miniature "stars", and controlling the flow of energy around him. He can also release a powerful bright light which cleanses corruption.

Nothing Powers

Using the Nothing in his chest, Isen can also acheive additional powers. He can suck in and destroy objects with the Nothing, as well as fire black holes.


Isen is apparently immortal as he does not age. Furthermore, his body can heal wounds as long as his inner energy producing nebula is intact. This includes even massive injuries such as his head being blow off. Isen's spirit can further survive past the destruction of his body by living in other hosts for energy, such as the long time he spent living in Xera Sicarius's mind.



It was all so fast, I barely had time to react. The fire was everywhere, falling from the sky, erupting from the ground. People were screaming and running, but none could escape its path
~ Isen talking about the Apocalypse

Before becoming an Isen, Isen the 28th was known as Ezra Woods and was a young businessman in the 1970s. Ezra was married to Mary Woods and had a daughter, Elise Woods. At this time he had more tan skin, shorter and blonder hair, and tended to wear a black buisness suit. When the Apocalypse occurred Ezra was separated from his family and they died. However, Ezra himself was saved by the River Isen when the rest of the universe was destroyed and became the 28th Isen.

Dark Days

Following the Apocalypse, Isen wandered the vast expanses of darkness which were left in the place of the destroyed universe. Consumed by sadness over his lost homeworld and family, Isen descended into madness. In this state he used his powers to create a god-like being similar to himself called Darkness (later named Karklmä). Born from Isen's deranged psyche, Darkness twisted and coerced his father into trying to destroy all that remained after the universe was destroyed. This led to him committing genocide against the race of Void Dwellers who lived in the shadow outside the universe.

Return to Light

Isen eventually overcame his madness and exiled Darkness. From there he left the shadow of the old universe to find the New Multiverse, a vast collection of smaller dimensions that had replaced the old single universe. From there Isen met the hive-mind known as The Duum and was quickly captured by them. However he was saved by the time-traveling mechanical genius Olivia Redwell. Isen begrudgingly teamed up with Olivia (her sparky personality often clashing with his still dark and brooding one) against the Duum. With the help of Olivia's companion Vi, Isen destroyed the Duum entirely.


Following the defeat of the Duum, Isen created a dimension for himself called The Isenhome. He isolated himself there for four billion years, mourning the losses of everyone in the old universe. However, at the end of this, Isen emerged greatly changed. His depressed mood lightened and he became known for his lighthearted sarcasm and playful personality.

Syndicate of Outliers

Having returned from his time of mourning, Isen set about founding the Syndicate of Outliers, an organization of Interdimensional Beings such as himself. The Syndicate quickly fell into conflict with Cloulus-Wu, a similar organization attempting to create a unified Interdimensional Government. Cloulus-Wu attempted to dismantle to Syndicate as to achieve order under their control. Naturally the Syndicate fought back. The ensuing Second War of Space-Time lasted for another 2 billion years. The Syndicate eventually defeated Cloulus-Wu and it collapsed, but Isen left the Syndicate shortly after.

Coming to the Wiki Universe

Isen wandered the universes for a period of time following his departure from the Syndicate of Outliers. In this time he also met Olivia Redwell again, however she had grown old and died shortly afterwards. Isen then settled down in a Ski Resort Dimension. Elsewhere, another Isen (Isen the 1st) was living in the Wiki Universe. However, while fighting with the parasitical "grey goo" hive mind known as the Ps, Isen the 1st was mortally wounded. Isen the 28th was eventually called to take Isen the 1st's place. In doing so Isen the 28th assumed Isen the 1st's memories and became the Isen watching over the Wiki Universe.

The Rise of the United Voltz Federation

In the Wiki Universe, Isen inherited the large nation of The United Voltz Federation, founded by Isen the 1st. Isen also quickly made friends with Xera Sicarius, another inhabitant of the area and current Empress of the UVF, and The Master of Doom. Isen became Xera's advisor and together they grew the UVF into a powerful nation. This also resulted in a war breaking out with the tyrannical rival Kingdom of Psdonia, led by the Ps. Isen led the UVF armies through what was called The Fourth War of Ps, eventually securing victory.

Life in the Wiki Universe

Isen proceeded to settle down in the Wiki Universe as Consul of the UVF and oversaw its technological advancement into a galactic superpower. When a new nation, Sezonia, rose up and threatened the stability of the world, Isen once again led the UVF armies in defeating them. Over time the Ps returned as well, leading Isen into many confrontations with them. To assist with his battles, Isen built a small robot version of himself controlled by a highly powerful AI known as IssyBot00. IssyBot00 soon nicknamed itself "Missy" (from mini-Issy) and helped Isen and Xera. Isen further met up with Isen the 11th, better known as Sirius, who had trapped himself in the star of the same name. Although Sirius belonged to the "Lost Isens" who believed the new universe should be erased in order to give eternal peace, Isen and Xera managed to calm him and prevent him from destroying the Wiki Universe.


While in one particularly violent battle with the Ps, Isen and Xera were infected by the Psionic Plague. The plague slowly weakened them to the point of death. Isen used his remaining energy to cure Xera from the plague, but as a result died himself. The Ps later ascended into their own reality, now unopposed by Isen. Without Isen the UVF slowly declined and while Missy continued to help try and keep order, without an energy supply from Isen he eventually deactivated.


Although Isen appeared deceased, fractions of his spirit managed to survive and escape into the Ps Reality as it was being created. There Isen slowly too control of the Reality and used it to revive himself. However, the Ps Reality corrupted him, transforming him into a rampaging monster bent on world domination. Xera eventually calmed the beast and for a while lived with it peacefully. But at this time Isen's "son", Darkness, returned to life and drove him to madness. Sirius was eventually forced to kill Isen to stop him, however this actually freed the real Isen from inside the monster. Isen then defeated Darkness and returned to the UVF with Xera.

Rebuilding His Empire

After adventuring with Xera for some time, including one instance which inadvertently revives the God-King of Ps, Isen begin to run for his former position of Consul of the UVF. He succeeds, but shortly after the UVF in embroiled in numerous wars, particularly against Darkness, Psdonia, the new Ipsen nation, and the Inquisition. Isen leads the UVF through much of the fighting, securing peace with the Ipsens and Psdonia, and holding off the other factions.

The Return of Fate

The War of Supremacy is stopped short when Fate, the personification of the Apocalypse which destroyed Isen's home world, returns. Isen teams up with Xera and Ps to investigate, taking on the task of finding Fate's weakness. The trio find mixed success, learning portions of a riddle which may reveal Fate's weakness, but are caught up in a war between Infardáe (zombies raised by Fate) and those trying to hold them off.

Relationships With Other Characters

Xera Sicarius

Isen and Xera are both good friends, to the point that Xera considers them de facto siblings. The God-King of Ps seems to believe they are in a romantic relationship but this has been denied. Both Isen and Xera team up frequently, and are seldom seen apart in their many adventures. Isen can become very protective of Xera, to the point where he decimated an entire planet when he learned the God-King had assaulted her when she was weaker. Isen also acts as Xera's mentor in many ways, having helped her acclimate to her new powers and the absurdity of the Multiverse.

God-King of Ps

You are the goddamn God-King of Ps! You're telling me you're just gonna grovel at someone feet because they made you!? I damn well expect more from you!
~ Isen to the God of Ps

The God of Ps is Isen's primary rival. In this, the two are constantly butting heads, yet nonetheless the two often end up working together. The rivalry between Isen and Ps stems from years worth of fighting between Psdonia and the UVF, most stemming from ideological differences. Each has defeated the other on numerous occasions. Despite this, Isen does hold some respect for Ps however, even defending him in some situations. Ps also seems to have a similar rival respect for Isen.

The Master of Doom

Isen and the Master of Doom have a complex relationship. While neither seems to dislike the other much, indeed both teamed up on numerous occasions, they seem to have little in the way of a personal relationship. Unlike with Ps and Xera, Isen mostly only deals with Doom in a professional manner.


Flanimal is a idiot. But he is all the more dangerous for it
~ Isen on Flaninal

Isen often regards Flanimal as an idiotic nuisance, yet unlike Flan's other adversaries, Isen appears to give consideration to Flan's merit as well. Whereas most others simply ignore Flan or attempt to drive him off with bombastics (which often fails), Isen is the only one who has consistently attempted to use diplomacy against Flan. None the less, it is Isen who has to defeat Flan in the end regardless. On Flan's part, he seems to harbor some admiration of Isen, though this is not returned.


As Darkness was created from Isen's psyche, they know eachother better than anyone. They both also wholeheartedly hate eachother for this very reason, as each stands for exactly what is the opposite of the other. Isen is implied to be the only being which Darkness fears in any way, stemming from the fact Isen is the only one to ever truly defeat Darkness. Despite this, Darkness often attempts to turn Isen back into his vassal.

IssyBot00 (Missy)

Meet IssyBot00! I've hooked up the VUCO's supercomputer to a mini robot me!
~ Isen unveiling IssyBot00

Missy was designed specifically by Isen to compliment his personality, and they are good friends as a result. Missy does differ in some respects, often being the one to chastise Isen (along with Xera), and keep the two in check. Isen trusts many of his duties to Missy when he is unable to preform them.


Isen and Sirius both tend to avoid eachother, and their interactions and usually quite curt. Even though they both fall of different sides of some issues, the Isen code prevents them from actually fighting. The two still do team up against threats like Fate and Darkness occasionally.

River Isen

Isen reveres the River as his loving mother, even though he can not actually see her. Isen used to hate River for not letting him die in the apocalypse, but this stance has long since softened.


As the Apocalypse itself, Isen both hates and fears Fate. He knows Fate's power first hand, and will do anything it takes in order to stop him.

Lunia Sicarius

My lord... do my eyes deceive me or is that really you, Lunia?
~ Isen finding the Infardáe Lunia

Lunia respects Isen greatly, and follows him very loyally. In return Isen is very trusting of Lunia, and is the first to defend him when the others have doubts about his motives. Though Isen and Lunia were not especially close when they Lunia was alive, Isen was the one who took up and trained Lunia in combat. In Lunia's second life Isen has become closer, welcoming him as a member of his "family".


Arc II

Isen the 28th debuts in the end Arc II following the death of Isen the 1st. Initially known as "Other Isen", he assumes Isen the 1st's memories and place in the Wiki Universe. Following this he transforms the God of Ps into a pink ferret.


The Ps will not stop until they have everything, so we must stop them first
~ Isen

Initially being confined as a spirit in Xera's mind, Isen plays only a minor role in the establishment of the Holy Kingdom of Psdonia and Republic of Truce. However, after having custom built temporary bodies constructed for his spirit to control, Isen takes a more active role in the UVF Government. Isen organizes the military alliance which defeats the Republic of Sezonia in the Great War. He furthermore helps form the United Intrests Coalition to help keep Psdonia in check.

Isen orchestrates the events leading up to the Fourth War of Ps, distributing Ipsium, a powerful but addictive drug that protects the user from Ps Mind Control and feeding Psdonia false information. He also makes a secret alliance with the Master of Doom against the Ps (who had believed Doom and his Republic of Truce were on their side). When Psdonia launches an invasion of the Western Continent and captures Xera Sicarius (later revealed to have been a robot used to trick Ps), Isen responded by organizing his allies in a full military response and defeates Psdonia.

Following the Fourth War of Ps while Xera is dealing with the problems caused by the depressed God of Ps, she leaves Isen in complete charge of the UVF, during which time he enacts the Edicts of Ise.

Arc IV

Early in Arc IV, while still in total control of the UVF, Isen starts advancing the country in space technology. This begins with his funding of the Horizon and Heaven Missions to launch people and satellites into orbit. After discovering a wrecked alien spaceship in the Flint Deep Space missions, Isen initiates Operation Resurrection, where UVF engineers reverse engineer the alien tech for the UVF's own uses. This also sets off a space race with the Republic of Truce and new Holy Psdonia Empire.

After Xera returns as Empress, Isen advises her to continue his space plans. Isen negotiates with the Master of Doom to combine the RoT and UVF space agencies into the IsenClean-Trucian Soace Agency (ITSA). With its combined support, ITSA launches the Ascender Missions using new alien-tech space ships. They manage to barely avoid a malfunction which would have caused them to attack the Psdonia Space Station.

Isen eventually starts working on the Transcendence Project to colonize extraterrestrial planets. As the Ps have already started colonizing Mars, Isen sets his sights on the distant fertile planets of Darren-4 and Iop-11. He launches the massive Transcendence Colonizer ship with escorts of new Behemoth Class Space Battleships and sets up the colonies of Taft and Vronch.

As UVF and RoT ships start exploring the universe, Isen invents a new device to assist in the expansion. He constructs a series of hyperspace rings allowing ships to easily travel between parts of the Galaxy. The control center for all of these hyperspace rings is the massive Solifugae Intergalactic Travel Hub (SITH), a massive space station above the UVF. Isen starts the construction of hyperspace rings throughout the Galaxy, however is unable to set up rings in Psdonian Controlled Space.

After a series of unexplained "accidents", including the realease of the deadly Blood Flu into the Western Continent, Isen discovered a secret cult called the Order of the Blazing Eyes that appears to be trying to cause widespread chaos. Isen later deduces that they worship the star Sirius for some reason.

In the final act of Arc IV Xera, Doom, Ps, and MasterXera team up the retrieve the peices of Isen's soul so that his original body can be revived. However, just as the last peices are being collected Ps betrays them and tries to steal all the pieces for himself. This however backfires as instead the soul pieces are corrupted by Ps and revive Isen as a Isen-Ps hybrid known as Ipsen. Ipsen claims he is the superior Ps and attempts to take over the Ps Hive Mind. Taking control of the Ps Birthing Facilities, Isen creates the new Ipsen species of Ps. Xera and Doom are able to defeat Isen, but he is destroyed. However, with all of the soul pieces now returned they are able to revive the origonal Isen.

Arc V

Always remember... I beleive in you... You can be stronger... You can fight... I beleive it with all my soul... Keep our legacy alive
~ Isen to Xera as he dies

Arc V begins with the return of Sezonia, now known as New Sezonia and based in the Western Sea, invading the Gummy Bear Wiki and Republic of Truce. Isen attempts to negotiate a Sezonian withdrawal with their leader, Flanimal. The negotiations quickly deteriorate and Sezonia declares war of the UVF. With the help of the Republic of Truce and other allies, the UVF fights Sezonia to a standstill. A ceasefire is eventually called by the intervention of Psdonia and Sezonia abandons its conquered territory.

Around the time of the war, called the Greater War, Isen builds an Interdimensional Space Station/Palace called the Voltz Ultra Comsmic Observatory (VUCO). He and Xera move into the VUCO as their home. Isen further builds a miniature robotic version of himself controlled the the VUCO's AI called IssyBot00. IssyBot00 renames itself "Missy" from "Mini-Issy" and becomes Isen and Xera's caretaker/advisor.

Following the Greater War, Isen realizes that the star Sirius has quadrupled in size. He then realizes that the star is actually another Isen who has been sleeping. The chaos caused by the Order of the Blazing Eyes and the Greater War has apparently been slowly rousing the Isen from his slumber.

After further investigation Isen finds that the Isen within the star is Isen the 11th, one of the Lost Isens bent on destroying the New Multiverse. Fearing that if awoken Isen the 11th would destroy the Wiki Universe, Isen sets out to try and calm conflicts. However, the rapidly expanding Psdonia and Sezonia continue to cause problems in their quest for more power, frequently coming in confrontation with eachother.

To make matters worse, a new breed of Ps starts to rise. Calling themselves Ipsens, they claim to be the offspring of when Isen (in his Psified form of Ipsen) took control of the Ps birthing facilities. The Ipsens quickly rebel against the rest of the Ps Hive Mind and make it clear they wish to take over control from the Pure Ps. The Ps Civil War only further rouses Sirius.

Isen looks into the origins of the Ipsens and realizes, too late, that they were not born of a fusion between him and Ps, but between Ps and Isen the 11th. The Ipsens then sacrifice themselves into Sirius, awakening Isen the 11th.

The God of Ps, who had been planning this all along, quickly takes advantage of the situation and steals a portion of Isen the 11th's power as he awakens. As a result Isen the 11th does not have enough power to destroy the entire Wiki Universe. Taking the name of Sirius, after the star which had formed around him, Isen the 11th proceeds to rampage through the Galaxy, destroying planets. Isen and Xera, however, confront Sirius and eventually calm him down enough that he stops and leaves for his own dimension, Dimension X.

The God of Ps uses the powers he stole from Sirius to create Ps Infinity Energy. He gives some of this energy to Xera, which through an odd reaction creates a baby version of Isen called Baby Isen. Using this new energy source, the God of Ps defeats the cosmic entity known as The Warrior of Infinity, which has possessed the Master of Doom. Ps then uses his powers to unleash the Psionic Plague. Isen attempts to stop him and free Xera from Ps' psionic control. While Isen succeeds in freeing Xera, he is infected with the Psionic Plague.

Under the effects of the Psionic Plague Isen relives the events of the Apocalypse and the death of his home universe before becoming an Isen. In this state he attacks and almost kills Xera before she manages to bring him to his senses. Afterwards he explains his origins to Xera.

As it is cured, Psionic Plague combines with the remains of Darkness inside of Isen and hops to Xera, fusing the Darkness with her and eventually creating a new entity called Dark Xera. Though initially defeated by Isen, Dark Xera infects Xera with the Psionic Plague, driving her to madness as well. Isen once again is infected as well, and in both their madnesses Xera and Isen kill eachother. However, Baby Isen is able to revive them and cure the immidate effects. Dark Xera returns with Dark Isen to try and finish the weakened Xera and Isen off, but Baby Isen drives her away with his remaining strength before fading away.

Dark Xera and Dark Isen retreat away where they form more dark duplicates, including Dark Dano, Dark Missy, Dark MasterXera, and even a Dark VUCO. As Xera, Isen, and Missy battle the Dark Duplicates, New Sezonia and Psdonia gather more power. Flanimal attempts to enlist the help of Sirius, however, Sirius is only angered by this and causes major damage to the Sezonian controlled dimension of Droom as well as multiple planets.

Isen learns of the destroyed planets and starts sewing the Deus Tunicam out of the fabric of imagination. Using the Deus Tunicam Isen is able to amplify his power and recreate many of the destroyed planets. In the wake of this, to try and lighten the mood in the dark times Isen starts the United Cultures Festival, a massive celebration throughout the UVF.

Isen eventually tells Xera that as a result of the lingering effects of the Psionic Plague he is terminally losing power, and she may be in danger of death as well. Isen, however, uses his Regalia, a powerful relic from before the Apocalypse, to cure Xera of the plague. As a result he is unable to save himself and dies soon afterwards, ending Arc V.

Arc VI

Due to his death in Arc V, Isen only minorly appears in Arc VI.

During her battle with Dark Xera, Xera uses Isen's Regalia to aid her in the fight. She notices that one of the spirits summoned by the Regalia resembles Isen. Later Xera views bits Isen's past through his Family Portrait.

When Xera initially meets the Piano Man, he briefly takes the form of Isen. Also, the final vision the Piano Man creates shows Isen's body mangled and destroyed. After Xera discovers that the Piano Man is actually a manifestation of her own concousness, what appears to be Isen's ghost shows up and congratulates her. It is unclear if this was actually Isen or just another hallucination.

While attempting to gain access of Isen's Brownie Vault on the VUCO, Xera finds a series of pre-recorded messages made by Isen and Missy regarding how to enter the vault. However, most of these are just tricks to trap potential brownie-thieves.

A warped version of Isen from the Ps Reality, known as Warped Isen, is sent to attack Xera by Ps. Xera defeats the warped clone, who is later taken under her wing after rebelling and escaping from Ps.

When the space-time continuum is accidentally disrupted by The Master of Doom, Xera is sent to an alternate reality where she never existed. Without her guidence, she finds that Isen has taken over the world as a tyrannical dictator. Xera confronts him and manages to fix the space-time continuum.

While the universe reverts back to its original self, Xera briefly meets with the actual Isen, who has been able to return for a moment due to the disturbance in space-time. Isen tells her that he is proud of everything she's achieved in his absence before fading away again.


Perfection is in assimilation. If everything in the universe is one, everything is equally perfect. I shall become this perfection. I shall assimilate the entire universe!
~ Reborn Isen

During Arc VII, Isen manages to bring himself back to life. Using bits of his energy distributed throughout the Pure Ps, now ascended as Spectral Ps in the Ps Reality, Isen is able to slowly corrupt the Ps Reality with his spirit.

Isen eventually takes complete control of the Ps Reality, forcefully exiling the God of Ps from it. He then uses the Reality to manifest a new crimson red body and a similarly colored new form of Spectral Ps known as Red Specters.

However, the Ps Reality corrupts Isen just as much as his spirit does to the Ps Reality. Driven by a fanatic desire to become the "perfect being", Isen (known as Reborn Isen in his current form), embarks on a crusade to assimilate all other life in the Wiki Universe into himself.

Xera, The Master of Doom, Warped Isen, Sirius, and Lilly enter the Ps Reality in an attempt to stop Reborn Isen. However, Reborn Isen uses his newfound powers to defeat and trap them in the Ps Reality. Reborn Isen furthermore assimilates the powers of the Pslants and the powers of Nothing into himself from the group.

Reborn Isen then escapes to Earth with his army of Red Specters. The nations of Earth attempt to stop him, but most of them are brought under Reborn Isen's psionic mind control. Most notably Psdonia and Kanto manage to avoid this fate due to their psionic protection (Psdonia by its Psionics Technology and Kanto by its Ipsen II Allies). Reborn Isen attacks Adventureland and assimilates all of the powers of the Adventurers Party into himself. He also defeats the attempted Sezonian invasion of Earth, assimilating the Sezonian light powers into himself as well.

The Ipsens IIs (a new less aggressive variant of Ipsen led by Sirius) and Psdonians ally against Reborn Isen but only manage to stave off his attacks and contain his forces on Earth. Xera, Warped Isen, The Master of Doom, Sirius, and Lily manage to escape their prison in the Ps Reality and badly damage it, weakening Reborn Isen. They then travel to Earth to fight Reborn Isen again. However, due to all of his new assimilated powers Reborn Isen defeats them. Flanimal attempts to challenge Reborn Isen but is similarly defeated and Pearl takes up the fight. Using mysterious Warp Powers, Pearl is able to vanquish the Red Specters and liberate Earth from Reborn Isen's mind control. Enraged and weakened by this, Reborn Isen attacks Warped Isen, infecting Warped Isen with his deranged spirit. This causes Warped Isen to mutate into a new creature, Alpha Isen.

Alpha Isen, a large hulking red monster, battles Pearl to a standstill, eventually retreating after being badly wounded by Olivia Redwell. Xera lements the loss of Warped Isen and a dark voice starts talking to her and Pearl. Initially calling itself "What you see in the rafters", the voice is later revealed to be Darkness, a demigod-esque creature born of Isen's lements following the Apocalypse. Darkness states his plans to cause widespread chaos because "nothing really matters in the end".

Darkness attempts to attack Xera, but she is saved by Alpha Isen. Although initially scared, Xera soon realizes that neither Reborn Isen or Warped Isen is in control of the body and "Alphy" is really just a lonely deformed creature searching for a friend. However, while Alpha Isen sleeps Xera is "saved" by The Master of Doom, who rescues her from Alpha Isen in a Trucian jet. Upon waking Alpha Isen flies into a fit of rage, tracks down and attacks the jet, and escapes with Xera.

Alpha Isen builds a little home on the coast of the Gummy Bear Wiki for him and Xera to live peacefully in. Unfortunatly, Darkness and the Warp start attacking various locations. Xera is caught up in battle against both a Darkness-controlled Loopa and Warp-controlled Pearl on seperate occasions, but each time is saved by Alpha Isen.

Alpha Isen's home is attacked by a bunch of cultists apparently worshipping Sirius. When Sirius actually shows up and scares them off, Darkness reveals himself with Dark Xera, Dark Dano, and Dark Isen. Xera, Alpha Isen, and Sirius defeat the Dark Duplicates and Darkness retreats temporarily.

Darkness eventually fully manifests himself and drives the people of the world into madness. During the ensuing massive war, known as the Great Chaos, Xera and Alpha Isen fight Darkness directly. Darkness causes Alpha Isen to go insane and attack Xera. However, Sirius intervines and apparently kills Alpha Isen. Sirius is then defeated by Darkness and Xera battles him. Although Xera seems about to be finished off by Darkness in the end, she is saved by the actual Isen.

Isen then reveals that the combination of his reborn spirit with Warped Isen's body caused him to regain his orinonal personality, but it was trapped inside of Alpha Isen's body. When Sirius killed Alpha Isen it allowed the real Isen to escape. Darkness, weak from his fight with Xera, and suprised by the appearence of Isen, retreats.


Isen rebuilds the VUCO and starts going on missions with Xera again, just like old times. He does, however, initially conceal his identity from outsiders to avoid uproar over his return.

It quickly becomes apparent that bits of the Reborn Isen personality remain in Isen. During a trip to Perssia to help the Pslants, Isen turns red and rampages through their grove when insulted. Xera does eventually manage to calm Isen down.

When concerns are brought up by Lunia about mysterious forces gathering in the Ps Reality following the defeat of Reborn Isen, Isen helps lead the team to invesigate. Isen rebuilds Missy to help pilot the VUCO during the mission. Isen most notably helps defeat the giant serpent in Versa during the mission.

In the conclusion of the mission, where the God of Ps returns in the Ps Reality, Isen once again is transformed into Reborn Isen. However, this time he is defeated and expelled from the dimension by the God of Ps.

Critically wounded by the encounter, Isen is brought the River Isen by Xera, where he is rejuvenated. This also washes away his residual Reborn Isen personality. When Isen makes it back to Wiki Universe he announces his return and that he is now running for Consul of the UVF.

Isen easily defeats his opponent, McDonald Rump, in the elections and becomes Consul, replacing Maman Durand. Within the first days of this Consulship Isen passes numerous bills to reform the UVF. Among these are bills that reduce corruption, give representation to millions in UVF controlled territory, and fund military operations against Psdonia and the Inquisition.

Through his new policies, Isen quickly falls into conflict with the new Psdonian state of West Psdonia. When war breaks out between the Inquisition Controlled Western States and West Psdonia, Isen authorizes the UVAF to intervene. Although the UVAF takes control of the Inquisition States, it is unable to liberate West Psdonia. Xera arranges a treaty with Samuthal, but this angers Isen, who believes that Samuthal is trying to drive him and Xera apart. In his rage Isen almost destroys West Psdonia, but stows when he realizes Xera has been captured by Darkness in the meantime. In a rampage, Isen attacks Darkness and he retreats again. Xera returns home with Isen.

Isen starts initiating the Ayarin Protocol, building the luxury planet of Debesis, the Emojology Sciences and Engineering Institute, and the Sangus Towers. However, in the process Darkness starts ramping up his levels of attacks due to Isen's distraction.

Darkness succeeds in kidnapping and brainwashing Loopa to become his "daughter". With her he successfully attacks Mars before Isen, Xera, and The Master of Doom can arrive to fight him. Darkness later creates Dark Perssia and uses it to attack Perssia. Isen helps with the defense, holding off the Dark Pslants so Doom can cut Darkness's life-stealing roots.

Isen also participates in the Second Battle of Twin Perssia, creating the fake Ps DNA and battling Loopa in the ruins of Dark Perssia along with Doom and Lunia. When Darkness raises the Dark God of Dark Ps at the end of the battle, Isen helps evacuate everyone before the Dark Ps can attack them.

In the days leading up the the start of the War of Dark Ps, Isen organizes the assembly of allied forces. In the ensuing Battle of the South Wall Isen directly leads the UVAF against the Dark Ps forces.

Soon after, Isen discovers Xera's Jounrnal. Inside he finds that Ps had repeatedly sexually assaulted Xera without his knowledge. In blind fury Isen destroys half of Nova Pstopia and attacks Mars demanding to see Ps or he'll kill everyone on the planet. Once the God of Ps manifests himself Isen attacks him, eventually wounding the God of Ps enough that his manifested body crumbes.

Isen is initially absent in the Battle of Siceria against the Dark Ps due to injuries. Once recovered, Isen goes with Maman Durand and most of the United Voltz Navy to transport the Kantonese Army to Siceria. When Xera becomes ill from her encounter with the Dark Psmind during the battle, Isen helps knock her out and leads MasterXera and Zim through her body to cure her.

In the meantime while preparing to invade Dark Psdonia, Isen holds a trial for Flanimal of Sezonia for his war crimes. This eventually ends with Isen executing Flan.

As a result of the damage to her body, the secret carnival the God of Ps built inside Xera's body is destroyed. Some Blood Flu housed within a zoo breaks free, infecting Xera. While seeming in a dire situation, Isen manages to save her through the creation of the miracle drug Ipanacea. This also causes Xera to be fused with some of Isen's blood, giving her some of his powers.

Once the Battle of Psdonia begins, Isen leads the UVF Army alongside Xera. He is the first on the beaches in the landings and personally destroys two of the Dark Ps's Psionic Towers in the battle. Isen and his allies forces eventually defeat the Dark Ps, causing Darkness to flee with the Dark God of Dark Ps and Loopa. Unexpectedly, the battle actually transitions to space, with the arrival of the now hostile Ipsens and Inquisition attack the allied armies (as well as each other). Isen commands a UVF Battleship through the battle, but is forced to escape with Xera when faced with fighting Sirius.

Arc IX

Is it? Because as I speak to you I am commanding a fleet which has captured Zerth II and is landing Xerxes II with 3 full armies. It is surrounded.
~ Missy to the God-King of Ps

The attack by the Ipsens and Inquisition breeds an even greater war than the War of Dark Ps, known as the War of Supremacy. Isen, Xera, The Master of Doom, and their allies Cheif Dowowo and Lord Dubwub travel to the UVF Outpost of Weiy-20 to investigate a distress signal. They find the base overrun by Ipsen forces and the group manages to fight their way out.

It also becomes apparent around this time that long dormant Psmans are becoming active again in the UVF and more prominently in the Republic of Truce. One such Psman attempting to impersonate Empress Xera is tracked to RITA (the now defunded Re-education Institute for Treasonous Acts). Finding a separatist cult of Amalgomates inside, Isen shuts the facility down and eventually imprisons the Psman.

Shortly afterwards Isen receives another distress call, this time from the UVF-Allied Syidd Region. Isen Xera, Cheif Dowowo and Lord Dubwub (reagents of the Syidd planets) arrive there to find that the God of Ps has once again returned to the physical world. He has apparently used the planet as a breeding ground for his new race of Pstriders.

While Xera engages in negotiations with Ps, Isen tries to kill off the Pstriders. Although he kills one colony, Xera's negotiations deteriorate. She ends up battling the God-King, who injures Cheif Dowowo and captured Lord Dubwub. When Isen resurfaces the God of Ps transformes into Isen's long dead wife, Mary Woods. Entranced by the sight of his wife Isen becomes conflicted, although Xera manages to free him from the illusion. Distraught, Isen almost causes the two planets to crash into eachother. However, in a moment of clarity he manages to reverse the effects before the planets hit. The resulting taxing use of his energy sends Isen into a coma.

Arousing from his coma a week later, Isen finds the world in dire straights. Psdonia has invaded the outer rim and won striking victories, Ipsen fleets harrow the UVF boarders, and Psmans in the Republic of Truce have created a Cult of True Lore, rebelling against the government and starting the Trucian Civil War. Isen sends some UVF support to the Trucian Government and Xera eventually convinces him that she should go and attempt to make peace with Sirius and the Ipsens while he works out various domestic and military issues.

Xera eventually succeeds, securing a peace deal with Sirius. However, the God of Ps attacks the Amalgomate State, capturing Archbishop Dano and transforming her into a Pano. Using Pano he alters Xera's emotions, causing her to lash out at Isen. Severely demoralized, Isen goes to the dimension of Bersabee where he proceeds to get drunk at the giant bar. Realizing her mistake, Xera finds him and brings him back home intact.

The God-King continues on his rampage, attacking Vronch Colony with his new Psooms. Isen and Xera once again confront him, only to end up meeting Darkness and Loopa as well. Darkness and Ps attempt to play off the other to get Isen to fight with them, but in the end neither are successful and they both retreat.

Ps then moves on to attack Magmatonia, which he completely destroys using Pano's powers. Isen sends a division to apprehend them, but this ultamatly fails. Back on the VUCO, Xera gets into another fight with Isen, later revealed to be the result of Pano's powers again.

This time when Isen leaves he is found by Darkness, who uses Isen's temporary instability to enter his mind. Under Darkness's control, Isen becomes Emperor if Darkness's new Dark Darkness Empire. With Isen's tactical knowledge the Dark Darkness Empire successfully attacks the surrounding area, capturing many civilians and even the Psdonian city of Pskylantis. Xera (now cured of Pano's influence by Missy) arrives and duels with Isen, who fuses with Darkness to become even more powerful. During the duel, Isen's spirit manages to escape his possessed body and aids Xera. Although defeated by Isen's body, Isen's spirit regains control via an emotion redirecting device, and Xera only incurs a non-lethal chest wound.

Without Isen in charge, the Dark Darkness Empire is driven back by UVF Forces. Isen himself starts planning an offensive against Psdonia, citing the recent attacks by the God-King as reason to take action. Meanwhile, Xera discovers that the God of Ps has infiltrated the VUCO and is planning to investigate some stange temporal distortion. To get him to leave, Xera, Missy, and Doom agree to help him find it.

Xera coaxes Isen into taking a nap, allowing her and the others to aid Ps without Isen finding out. The temporal distortions evidentially leads the group 5 billion years into the past. There they encounter a younger Isen, still leading the Syndicate of Outliers against Cloulus-Wu in the Second War of Space Time. Xera talks with the younger Isen for a short period, telling him to "never stop smiling", before returning to her own time with the help of Olivia Redwell.

Back in the present, Isen's plan has already taken affect. UVF Forces have invaded Psdonian space, a joint UVF and RoT Army capturing Xerexes II and Zerth II. The South UVF Space Fleet begins an attack on Mars, but encounters a massive Psdonian fleet ready to defend it. It becomes apparent that the God-King used the trip to the past to garner powers over time and alternate timelines. Using these powers he had joined the fleets of Psdonia through multiple timelines into one giant fleet. He also succeeds in poisoning Isen's wine, causing him to lose his eyesight. Ps ends up fighting an enraged Xera and Missy, while making unreasonable demands (including the withdrawal of UVF forces) in return for Isen's eyesight back. Though not gaining any of his demands, Ps eventually leaves after restoring Isen's eyesight.

Recovering from his blindness, Isen and Xera take a vacation to the dimension of Grair. There they meet Isen's goddaughter (Olivia Redwell's daughter), Julia Redwell. The two spend some time relaxing (and drinking... a lot), before they are interrupted by a robot searching for an "Artistic Masterpiece". Xera procures one of Isen's dimensional paintings at take this to the art show, which turns out to be a trap the Ps God Leaps. Isen quickly defeats Leaps with IsenClean and traps her in a jar.

Isen and Xera return to relaxing, as the UVF continues the Battle of Mars. The South UVF Space Fleet defeats the much larger Psdonian Fleet in a tactical maneuver, and both forces come to a standstill after calling reinforcements. Eventually, God-King of Ps sues for peace after being betrayed by the Ipsooms, and a peace deal is signed between him and Isen, in which Ps cedes Xeraxes II to Xera. Later, Ps returns again, this time leading Darkness in an attempt to surprise attack Isen and Xera. Ps, however, betrays Darkness and joins with Isen and Xera to fight Darkness, the Dark God of Dark Ps (now known as Lemmy and working for Darkness), and Loopa. Isen fights with Loopa and "kills" her. Darkness then puts Loopa's soul into Xera's body, before being driven off by Isen.

Isen and Xera the travel to The Circus, where they use one of The Ravenmaster's scarecrows to remove Loopa's hitchhiking soul. Loopa then possesses the scarecrow and escapes The Circus. The duo officially end their vacation following this last endeavor, and return to the UVF. Isen now takes up leadership, implementing tax reforms while directing war efforts.

While Xera is in the Gummy Bear Wiki with Arze Gnik, holding a political meeting on Isen's behest, she is attacked by Inquisition Agents attempting to assassinate her. Though their attempt fails, the Inquisition and their new ally, the New PVIB, invade the Northeast UVF. Isen and Xera personally lead the defense of Slom Outpost, where they manage to evacuate the UVF base before it is overrun.

While back on the VUCO, Xera goes insane, taking on an alternate personality known as True Xera, which manically causes chaos before being stopped by Missy. Isen begrudgingly agrees to let Xera go to a psychiatric ward in the RoT. While there Xera is attacked by an insane member claiming to belong to the "Red Circle". Upon hearing this Isen storms the psychiatric ward and kills off the other Red Circle members.

Arc X

With Xera now staying back on the VUCO for safety, a surprising occurrence brings an early end to the War of Supremacy. An intense force rocks the entire dimension, and Isen quickly learns it is being caused by Fate, the Apocalypse Incarnate, who has returned again to cause the End Times. Isen leaves Missy in charge of the UVF as he and Xera leave their dimension to go to investigate. The God-King Ps follows them, but Isen does not stop him, seeing Fate as a bigger threat.

As Isen, Xera, and Ps approaches Fate they find he is destroying entire dimensions. Fate takes notice of them and attacks. Isen is able to form an energy shield to protect the three, but is unable to keep it up against Fate's power. He does manage to prevent the blast from killing them, but they are each scattered into Fate's massive cloud of smoke. Isen's right arm is burt off by Fate's flames, and does not regenerate, and he is knocked out. Infardáe, Zombie-like beings raised from the dead by Fate, attempt to attack Isen's fallen body, but are driven off in time by Xera.

The three are rescued from Fate's Cloud by Julia Redwell, Dr. Isen (Isen the 15th), and Sirius. They are then brought back to the dimension of Grair, where a refugee camp is set up. Isen the 28th, along with numerous other Isens, decide to visit the River Isen to learn what to do about Fate. There an Anmasihàn (a demigod follower of The Author) called Spinner appears, revealing that the reason Fate has returned is because The Author has stopped delivering souls to him. The reason The Author has done this is because of a dispute with River over her saving the Isens from the last Apocalypse, and such Spinner blames the Isens for his return. She briefly attacks them but is driven away.

The Isens decide to split into three groups, one to form a massive energy shield to contain Fate, one to help defend the Multiverse from Infardáe attacks and Spinner's forces (who have taken up arms to kill the Isens and stop Fate themselves), and one group to search for any weakness that would allow them to defeat Fate. Isen, Xera, and Ps join the third group.

Upon returning to Grair, the Isens are immediately attacked by Spinner again, this time with an army of Ps and other Abominations. Despite the loss of an arm, Isen aids in the defense and alongside local forces they defeat the attackers. Isen then takes up replacing his lost arm with a new mechanical one.

First on their quest to find Fate's weakness, Isen leads Xera and Ps to the Golden Empire, where he knows someone who can see the future. There they meet the God-Emperor of Gura'din, who gives them a prophecy in the form of a riddle. With little idea what it means, the trio return to Grair.

While still on Grair, Xera is afflicted by another bout of madness, and turns into True Xera again. She initially defeats the God-King, before turning on Isen. Isen battles her to a standstill and Xera manages to regain control of herself.

Following the clues in the God-Emperor's riddle, the three then venture to the dimension of Nemua, but find it overrun by corrupted beings. Their search ends when they find the Marker, which according to legend will give a final passage during the End Times. As they find the Marker, the three are stopped by a Ps One, who attempts to take the knowledge as his own. Isen easily scares the Ps One off though. The Marker reveals that Fate has a weakness, but it will only appear at the right moment.

The Trio, still without much to go on, travel to the Lightime Turnpike, where Isen hopes to ask Bob and Phil (Isens #63 and #55) for help with the riddle. Though Bob has little to actually help them, he directs them to Stradivarius, who may know more about one passage. Isen knows where Stradivarius lives, having fought alongside him during the Great War of Time and Space. When they go to meet Stradivarius, he indeed reveals that one of the passages about a setting sun refers to the Song of the Moon, which lulled the Sun to sleep on Stradivarius' home world. Stradivarius proceeds to teleport them there.

Stradivarius' home dimension, Archelefsi, is soon discovered to be less than hospitable. Apparently the Moon has dissipated and with it has gone the Sun, leaving the world a frozen wasteland. Isen attempts to fly into the sky to find it but disappears without a trace. Soon after, two native brothers named Withey and Gurico come across Xera and Ps. Unbeknownst to everyone, Withey is actually Isen, who's memories got mingled with the real Withey's when he heard the Moon's Song. When he returned to the land, Isen fully believed himself to be Withey, though it is unknown what happened to the real Withey.

Isen (as Withey), offers to give Xera and Ps safe transport to the nearest town for a small reward (implied at first to be a sexual favor, though Xera quickly rejects this idea and instead pays with the God-King's crown). As Withey and Gurico lead them across the frozen plains, they are hunted by a bounty hunter called The Bloodhound, who is after a ransom on Withey and Gurico. The Bloodhound corners them in an abandoned farmhouse, but the group escapes after a shootout.

Xera and Ps then safely make it to the town, where they learn a little information on where the Moon went. Here Xera comes to the realization Withey is Isen, after hearing some of his backstory (which has become a mix of Withey's scattered memories and Isen's history). Xera manages to hunt down Withey, who has already skipped town. The Bloodhound also catches up, and a bloody battle ensues, where Gurico is killed by one of The Bloodhound's Dire Wolves. Xera and Ps eventually force The Bloodhound to retreat.

The God-King of Ps then psionically enters Withey's (Isen's) mind, where he manages to repress Withey's memories so Isen can become himself again. This works, and Isen is returned to himself, but as a side effect cannot remember the Moon's Song. Deciding to cut their losses the group prepares to leave through Stradivarius' portal. However, as they make their trek back the dimension starts to be consumed in fire. The trio barely escape in time and it is revealed Fate had destroyed that world.

As the three return to the Lightime Turnpike, they find it under attack by Infardáe. Unlike the earlier Infardáe, these are the returned soldiers of Cloulus-Wu, the ancient Supernation Isen defeated in the Great War of Time and Space. The Infardáe Cloulus Army is repulsed after attacking the Turnpike's tower, with Isen and Bob using their powers to shoot down the Cloulus Battleship.

Next on the riddle pertains to the city of Keirden Stald, the long abandoned capital of the long fallen Kierdien Republic. The three set out to the city, where they search through the records for a reason "The Kierdiens lost their names". In the process they are attacked by 0E, a Kierdien Robot which is still active, but they manage to reason it out of killing them. However, Spinner then attacks, taking control of the God-King. Along with this the Infardáe version of Karath the Bloodcurdler (a long dead infamous mercenary) attacks Isen. Luckily Karath retreats for unknown reasons.

With 0E's help the trio finds a secret city built under Keirden Stald, which a machine called the Varzazgrion in it. The Varzazgrion can take people's mental energy and convert it into machines of amazing power. Spinner attacks again, disabling 0E and attempting to use Xera on the Varzazgrion to make a weapon to stop Fate with. To save Xera, Isen is forced to destroy the Varzazgrion.

While the three escape, Xera is infected by microbots, causing her to return to Spinner. Another Anmasihàn has created these microbots out of 0E's fellow robots, and uses them to recreate the Varzazgrion. However, as Spinner is going to use Xera on the replica Varzazgrion, Isen has Missy hack into the microbots controlling Xera's mind and upload Isen's Complete Guide to Multiuniversal Botany in place of the device. As a result the Varzazgrion attempts to create all of Isen's Complete Guide to Multiuniversal Botany, but the complete guide is so large that it causes a massive ocean of books to shoot out, destroying the new Varzazgrion and overloading the microbots, thus curing Xera.

As Isen and Xera return to the Turnpike again, they find it under siege by a massive Infardáe Cloulus Army. Along with Ps they aid in the defense, but are unable to repulse the attackers. Isen fights his long dead rival Cservus-Nu to a stalemate during the battle. Isen also notices Lunia, an officer of his who died in the Great War (and also is a distant relative of Xera's) , amongst the Cloulus, and finds he had accidentally be revived with them. Though the others are initially sceptical, they eventually welcome Lunia's help. After the Infardáe Mother of All Gerbils is summoned and destroys the outer wall, the three decide they must go find help to break the siege.

The God-King and Lunia travel to the Golden Empire, to enlist to the forces of the God-Emperor of Gura'din to help. While they are gone, Isen and Xera investigate the tunnel which the Mother of All Gerbils had emerged from, and find it leads to a portal inside Fate himself. The two just barely manage to escape being killed by Fate and go to meet up with Ps and Lunia after warning the other Isens of the breach.

Isen and Xera find that Ps and Lunia have not only gathered a massive army of the Golden Guard led by an old war friend of Isen's, Helba'sun, but that 0E has apparently survived by uploading his data into a Kierdien factory and produced an entire army of miniature versions of himself. In addition, Stradivarius and The Bloodhound (now under the God-Emperor's payroll) have also joined.

To preempt the attack, Isen decides to go with Helba'sun, Xera, Ps, Lunia, and some Royal Scouts into the Straits of Centrifi to see if the way to the Turnpike was clear for the army. While returning they come across the Infardáe of Hadrach Masson, a psion who betrayed Isen during the Great War of Space and Time. Ps also reveals a personal vendetta against Hadrach because Hadrach has taken some of Ps' body to experiment on. The group falls into Hadrach's trap, however, and wake up in the Straits at night separated from each other.

Isen finds himself alone with Lunia, and they quickly run into Hadrach and Fél Bularc (another Infardáe from the Great War). The two duos fight until Isen realizes Xera and the others are being attacked by Beggar's Minotaurs. Isen hurries off and saves Xera by using a flash of light to stun the beast. Later they they find Ps, Helba'sun, and Lunia had come across Hadrach and Fél looting the Key of Nets, an ancient crystal with psionic power, but had failed to stop them.

The next day the army marches on the Turnpike, and Isen personally leads the charge on the Cloulus Army. Isen takes up command of the left flank alongside Lunia, but while advancing is confronted by Cservus-Nu. To prevent Cservus from holding up his other forces, Isen duels him one-on-one in a viscous battle. Cservus seems to get the upper hand, but Isen is saved by Xera. With his army crumbling, Cservus is forced to retreat.

In the down time as the army is recuperating, Isen meet Ellilia Ro Ahlil, Princess of Var'ad, who he had saved as a young girl and tutored for a time. Isen is also briefly attacked by Herthles, a traitorous soldier who Isen had ordered executed long ago but had been saved by a Ps One.

As the army leaves, now heading to attack the Infardáe Cloulus stronghold itself, Isen decides to join them along with Xera, Lunia, and Ps. They travel first to the city of Goldpeak, where they are attacked by Cloulus Stealth Bombers known as Screechers. Isen makes Dslienine Dust, and goes to blanket the city in it, but is shot. Xera finishes his task, and the dusk short circuits the Screechers.

Afterward the army sets out for Hekreéd Urgon, and during the march Isen sings the Waylander's Song. They manage to cross the shattered Bridge of Ker with the powers of the Key of Nets, which Xera rescued from Fél in the Battle of the Turnpike.


The Blind See All
~ Isen
The acme of human experience is the epiphany, for it may change human experience itself.
~ Isen on epiphanies
Damn you Doom!
~ Isen to the Master of Doom, multiple occasions
All life is weak. I have seen it. But do not despair in your weakness! Because life is weak it must strive to become strong! This is why it can evolve to survive in this dangerous universe!
~ Isen on the weakness of life
I am fluent in over 6 million flora, thank you very much. I can water your garden.
~ Isen on gardening
War is won with four things: Speed, intelligence, will, and resources. With all four victory is assured. With none it is doomed. Maintaining at least two of these at all times is essential, for then victory can still be a possibility to fight for.
~ Isen on military strategy
Oh good. I think you can help me with something. Just come over here... and...


~ Isen in fury
Make with your feet the thunder to rattle the most hardened bones! Make with your horns the hope to lift a thousand forsaken souls! Make with your blades the light to pierce the darkest catacombs and strongest shields!
~ Isen before the Battle of the Turnpike


  • The name "Isen" is derived for German "Eisen", meaning iron.
  • Isen's total power is equivalent to 1/89th of all the matter and energy in the Old Universe
  • Isen loves brownies, especially the ones baked by Xera
  • Isen is a certified botanist and has memorized almost all plant life in the Multiverse.

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