Heroic Organization
If insignia

Full Name

Investigative Force


Investigative Federation


Space Monsters


2020 (exact date unknown)


Stuckholmes City, Oregon, United States of America


General Baxter


Special operatives


Various military weapons


Eliminate the alien invaders and restore humankind

Type of Heroes

Military Heroes, Freedom Fighters, Evil Exterminators

Investigative Force (shortly known as I.F.) is a heroic military organization founded by its main ringleader who is responsible in main leadership, General Baxter. Besides, it is served to be the protagonist group of other military operations force units in Space Monsters series, mostly in the first or original installment and onward.

Like any Recom organizations. When the time comes on to the future, this group focuses on investigating several cases caused by doomsday scenarios or global threats to hopefully protect humanity just like in the events during the Long Passage Incident of the spectacular year 2025. So it is importantly capable of resistance over the dangerous timeline and includes dealing with purposes of military weaponry.


Main Leadership

Other members

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