The Fair Wolf


Wolf Boy (by Luxuria, Ira, Invidia, Acedia, Superbia, Wauna, Ashchel, Howe, Saumya, and Gaphna)
Pup (by Gula, Ammorina, Avarice, and many others)
Puppy (by many)
Ole Buddy (by Ciar)
Little Brother, Little Bro, Li'l Bro, Dirt Digger, Baby Brother (by Caritas)
Fur Face (by Bonfilia, Li Hua, Saumya, &)
Blind Pup (by Ammorina, Tappen, and Avaritia)
Papa (by his children)


Good Wolf


Class pet of the Sorcery class at Moonlighter School for Magic


No information


Veritas and Caressa (parents)
Caritas (older brother)
Kama (sister-in-law)
Dace Mona Corpysis (girlfriend, later wife)
Silaine (daugther)
Mint (son)
Channary (daugther)
Rosamie (daugther)
Quintessa and Ulf (twin daugther and son)

Humilitas "Hummie" is the main wolf protagonist of the video game serie franchise Good Wolf. He a yellow teenage wolf that freedom fights for the proof hat wolves can be innocent. Hummie is magicblind so he needs glasses to see magic. He's Caritas' younger brother and (along with Dace and the little pigs) is a founding member of the Good-Hearted Howlers.


In the beginning of the series, Humilitas acts somewhat like an indifference kind of guy, shallow, uncaring, and emotionless. Since the first game through, that personailty was obviously a façade, as the real Hummie is shown to kind-hearted, passionate, caring, and considerate. He is also very sensitive, as he pretends to be a jerk in order to satisfy others for he is damaged and heartbroken of how others in Onyxlyn say about wolves like him, and is tearful and depressed over his lifelong status of an outcast.

Through spending more time with the Howlers (especially Dace, Caritias, Benevolentia, Ciar, and Muraco) that continues to make Hummie more and more open to sharing his feelings and wise, as it he gives him his life-long need of love.


Good Wolf






Super Smash Brothers Generations

When  Good Wolf



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